Friday, 27 January 2012

Uninor ISD and India GPRS plans

Uninor, one of India's largest mobile service providers, continues to be a leader in the telecommunications industry by providing affordable mobile plans that fit every budget and lifestyle. From personal plans to business plans, and mobile India GRPS solutions, Uninor offers prepaid cards and coverage that are at par with other players in the industry.

Regarding plans for prepaid card users who make international calls, Uninor currently offers a variety of choices that can reduce international call rates hugely. The company's classic ISD packs range in three varieties- ‘i gain-18’ (Rs. 18/-), ‘i gain-34’ (Rs. 34/-) and ‘i gain-111’ (Rs. 111). ‘i gain-111’ is the most advantageous one as it offers a talk-value of Rs. 100. With Uninor ISD packs, you can call UK, China, USA, @ 1P/Sec, and Greece, Singapore, Spain @ 2P/Sec. For more info on reduced international call rates, visit

Uninor at the moment appears to be the cheapest of the providers, to offer India GPRS plans, coming in at just Rs. 9.00 that gives you 60 MB of GPRS usage for three days plus full talk time! MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90 are the other India GPRS plans offered by Uninor.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Exciting offers from Uninor

Uninor is a prepaid service provider that consistently ranks as one of the best network operators in the nation. This comes as no surprise though, thanks to Uninor's superior coverage, low prices and flexible tariff plans for all prepaid users.

Uninor tariff plans start as low as Rs. 5/- that gives you full talk-time with validity of one day. Or you can go with the Uninor prepaid mobile recharge of Rs. 500/-, which comes with full talk time and lifetime validity. For those who want to call cheap, Uninor offers a number of calling cards and STVs such as Combo Packs, Local Packs, STD Packs, and ISD Packs.

Uninor’s new ‘Kickstart’ prepaid mobile recharge is priced at Rs. 551/-. With this, you get 120000 Local Uninor to Uninor Seconds/Month for 3 months, and 42000 Local Off-net Seconds/Month for 3 months. ‘i gain-26’ priced at Rs. 26/- only is one of those ‘call cheap’ plan from Uninor that is now most popular among the hip and the young cohort of people. 5% to 60% discount on 1p/sec Local calls, and 85% to 96% discount on 1p/sec Local Calls, and a validity of 90 days, are the exciting benefits that are associated with this plan.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Get The Tariff Plan Of Your Choice At Uninor

The world has gradually shrunk, thanks to the revolutionary progress in telecom industry. Today, every individual owns a mobile. Now buying a mobile is not a hassle but choosing out of the hundreds of mobile tariff plans is. Your mobile tariff plan should be according to your usage. Today, there are diverse prepaid tariff plans not only offering unique discounts but also distinct facilities.

Uninor has lately become one of the top telecom service providers. Multiple tariff plans for both pre-paid as well as post-paid users are available at Uninor. To get a suitable mobile tariff plan, users can browse through the unlimited list of tariff plans and alongside get their phone recharge done instantly. With online phone recharge facility, you no longer need to fret about low balance or no balance at all. So choose your mobile tariff plan and get your phone recharge all at the comfort of your home.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cheap Calls In India Just A Click Away

Uninor has taken the mobile users by surprise by offering cheap calls in India. Users can now buy calling cards of diverse denominations the lowest being Rs. 5 and also enjoy unlimited free phone call. The free phone call plan available at Rs. 197 lets users get 2000 local Uninor to Uninor minutes and 700 minutes local to other networks in a month.  Similar free phone call plans are also available for Rs. 37, Rs. 38, Rs. 198, and more.

While you can make cheap calls in India, you can also text for relatively low or no price availing the free SMS. These free phone call plans and free SMS plans have already created a buzzword in the entire nation. The users can buy the Uninor calling cards at the nearest dealers or online as well. So without worrying about your pocket, you can enjoy making cheap calls in India.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Lifetime Validity and Call Rates

The upcoming telecom providers have revolutionized the telecom world and this has given the mobile phone users a great reason to smile. The call rates in India are dipping at a faster pace given that the market is flooded with competitive plans to attract maximum users. Uninor is one of major competitor for the other established brands. Be it prepaid, postpaid, roaming or STD, the Uninor calling cards rates are very affordable and cost very light on customer’s pockets.

India sim cards offered by Uninor come with lifetime validity, and the provided call rates in India cost 1p/sec. The calling cards denominations range between Rs. 5 to Rs. 500. Not only this, Uninor India sim cards also incorporate free phone calls. So with Uninor calling cards getting connected to the near and dear ones is not a costly affair any more. So grab your Uninor India sim cards today and enjoy cheap calling.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Unlimited Talktime at Affordable Prices

Lately Uninor has emerged as a name to bank upon in the mobile service sector and has already created a huge base of users across India. Being more than a satisfactory mobile service provider, Uninor has launched a number of tariff plans each with its own distinct quality. The tariff plans vary from being free phone calls plan, GPRS and Internet plans, free SMS plans, and 3G Mobile service.

There is a bounty of options that this mobile service operator has to offer to the user world and every offer that is rolled out is more attractive than ever. Once you decide to use Uninor mobile service, you get lifetime validity as a starter gift and then affordable tariff plans and an excellent customer service. With Uninor tariff plans, you don’t need to cut your stories short, talk freely, SMS freely without worrying about cost. Get going with Uninor’s special tariff plans.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Uninor Rolling Out Best Prepaid Plans

Using mobile at a very affordable price is now in our own hands. We can choose the best prepaid plan out of the hundreds of options available. But the question is what the best prepaid plan is for you. The one that offers unlimited talktime, free messages, Internet at low prices or one that offers roaming in India at the lowest prices.

The obvious answer would be the one that has it all. Uninor has rolled a number of prepaid plans, and one could be the best prepaid plan for you. If you travel a lot, then your best prepaid plan should be one that offers you roaming in India at the lowest rates. The Uninor plans for roaming are concise and roaming in India will cost you in accordance with the duration and network that you are called from or you call to. So what would your best prepaid plan be?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Use Prepaid Gprs And Avail Low International Call Rates

The world is gradually shrinking into a small place. If the high international call rates are what are keeping you from calling abroad, it is time to switch to Uninor. The special ISD plans like igain-18 and igain-111 help you call abroad at low international call rates. With the igain-18 plan you can call for as low as 1p/sec to Canada, US, UK, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, 4p/sec to Thailand and Malaysia, and so on. Uninor also brings a bounty of prepaid GPRS plans which help users use Internet at very affordable prices.

The GPRS prepaid plans range from MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 59, MyInternet 90 and the users can choose as per their requirements. With these prepaid GPRS plans, you can enjoy free Internet browsing up to 6 GB for a month. Once the free usage limit is crossed the charges are 20p per 20 kb.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Avail Exciting Prepaid Plans With Uninor

Mobile service providers across the world are thinking of ways to get maximum users. Uninor is one such mobile service provider which has lately entered the race and has in a short span of time climbed the ladder of success. The bounty of mobile services offered by Uninor include prepaid GPRS plans, international call plans, pre paid plans for calls, etc. which have nonetheless attracted a lot of users across India. Uninor pre paid plans range diversely between Rs. 5 to Rs. 500 and allow you to enjoy roaming at a relatively low price too.

It has been successful in garnering the trust of its users across the nation with the innovative and affordable prepaid GPRS plans and other pre paid plans. Among the many prepaid plans Uninor offers, one worth mentioning is ‘Dynamic Pricing’, where you can grab a distinct promotional offer every hour every km of distance that you cover.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Browsing Internet is now Less than Affordable

Uninor has brought for its users an array of mobile deals to choose from. Uninor mobile deals are not only low on your pockets but also extremely flexible. With Uninor mobile Internet connection you can avail specially designed data packs and internet plans. Uninor India sim cards come with lifelong validity but with so many mobile deals, you just cannot help but smile.

Be it about making free phone calls, sending unlimited free messages, or unlimited browsing, with Uninor India sim cards you can do all and that too at affordable prices. Browse through the special offers that Uninor mobile deals have in store for you and choose the one that fits your requirement and budget. The Uninor mobile internet connection plans range between Rs. 5 to Rs. 500. The wide range of mobile internet connection plans offer free browsing up to 60 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB, and more.