Sunday, 27 May 2012

Banking upon Uninor for low-cost phone call

It is no surprise today if you find any network operator offering sim cards prepaid connection for free along with few minutes of free phone call. Gone were the days when for buying sim cards prepaid connection, you needed to pay big. Thanks to competition prevailing amongst network operators! Subscribers are only gaining a competitive advantage.

Making a phone call is no big deal; what matters is staying connected for long. If you are worried about your pocket and hence stay away from extended phone call, you are not familiar with mobile prepaid recharge options available in the market.

Choose a network operator that offers a whole lot of benefits such as special tariff plans, extra talk time with mobile prepaid recharge, and more. Uninor is what you can bank upon. With online mobile prepaid recharge at, you can enjoy several minutes of extra talk time depending on the denomination you choose.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tariff plans and online recharge offers

If I say STD rates differ according to tariff plans you choose, I am not wrong. Those who are using a Uninor prepaid connection must be well familiar with all available tariff plans from this network operator. Here are few tariff plans worth mentioning, online recharge of which lets you enjoy low STD rates.
• STD igain-29 for Rs. 29: 165 min STD at 25p/min, after that at 40p/min for 30 days
• STD igain-36 for Rs. 36: All India STD at 30p/min
• Combo igain-26 for Rs. 26: All local and STD calls at 1 paise/second for 30 days.
When we speak about online recharge from Uninor, you do enjoy various benefits. Yes, with online recharge of denomination starting from Rs. 50, you enjoy unlimited music for 15 days for free. And then, you also enjoy extra talk time with online recharge at Visit for more information.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Competitive cost advantage with Uninor

If you want to enjoy free phone call for local and STD circles, you can get it with Uninor. Yes, this fastest growing telecommunications company has a range of tariff plans meant for dedicated local calls and STD calls. Worry not if you need to call overseas frequently. Uninor has tariff plans for international calls too. Without worrying about your pocket, you can stay connected for long. Visit to browse through the various tariff plans in detail and get an online recharge done right at the same platform. You will earn extra talk time and other benefits.
Prepaid roaming with Uninor is inexpensive. Unlike the usual Rs. 1.50 paise/min charges for prepaid roaming offered by almost all network operators, with Uninor, it starts at 60 paise per minute. Get informed about prepaid roaming charges from Uninor and also ask the customer care executive where this feature is excluded in the STD tariff plans.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Call cheap with Uninor prepaid card sim

Which prepaid card in India lets you call cheap to people who matter to you the most? Ask people around and you will find ‘Uninor’ ruling the lips of many. It is the prepaid card sim that determines whether you can enjoy various schemes and offers to your advantage for the long term. And there can be no better prepaid sim card provider than Uninor. If you go by the latest subscriber addition records, you will find that it is Uninor that is ruling the roost. Yes, the market of mobile prepaid in India at present is of course dominated by Uninor. I have been a Uninor subscriber ever since it was launched and since then, I have never changed plans to change my Uninor prepaid sim card. I have even recommended most of my friends, relatives and colleagues to subscribe to this network operator. To call cheap is what matters!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Where cheap calls and extra talk time matters

Enjoying cheap calls continuously not to mention free phone calls and more can happen best with Uninor. Use the Uninor prepaid card and you will know the difference. And yes, availing the online recharge offers from this prepaid card provider, you can enjoy several minutes of extra talk time! Even recharging with Rs. 5, you can enjoy cheap calls with validity for a day. So, enjoying extra talk time of Rs. 10 can indeed let you stay connected with your near and dear ones for several minutes. It is not only Rs. 10 but more that you get to enjoy with Uninor online recharge offers. With online recharge of Rs. 80, you get Rs. 10 extra talk time, with Rs. 200 you get Rs. 30, with Rs. 410, you get Rs. 50 and with Rs. 580, you get Rs. 90. This is only one part of the prepaid card story from Uninor!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Special tariff plans from Uninor

If you are a Uninor subscriber, you must have availed most of the special mobile tariff plans offered by this best prepaid connection provider. There are reasons why Uninor is deemed the best prepaid card provider. Here are few of the reasons:

• Pocket friendly and cheap mobile tariff plans for local, STD, and international calls

• Free phone call facility with special mobile tariff plans

• A range of value added services

• Extra talk time with online recharge

• Low charges for roaming, and the list goes on.

Making free phone call with a Uninor STV (special tariff voucher) depends on the denomination you choose. For example, if it is an igain-17 STV for local call, you enjoy 61200 local Uninor to Uninor seconds. With igain-99, you enjoy 60000 local Uninor to Uninor free phone call plus 18000 local off-net seconds. You will be spoilt for choices for the STVs!

Extra talk time and other facilities

When you get extra talk time with every online recharge, you will certainly not miss the opportunity! After all, who doesn’t want to stay connected for long with people who matter to them? Making phone calls cost effectively, enjoying extra talk time with online recharge happens with Uninor mobile service provider. Yes, you can enjoy these and more services. If you are not yet a Uninor subscriber, visit the corporate site of this mobile service provider and browse through the details of the company, the offers, the tariff plans, value added services it offers, and lots more. You will only get magnetized to subscribe to this mobile service provider right away. Making phone calls with Uninor can make a huge difference on your pocket! With Uninor online recharge offers, you enjoy Rs. 90 with Rs. 80, Rs. 200 with Rs. 170, Rs. 410 with Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 with Rs. 470.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Call rates that are comfortable for the pockets

Making cheap calls today is a reality. You can enjoy calling at 1 paise per 2 minutes or even 2 paise per minute. These cheap calls facilities are available with Uninor. With this network operator, you enjoy low charges for roaming. Outgoing STD charges for roaming are higher compared to incoming STD and local.

International call rates for staying connected to Nepal may be a costly affair. But with igain-27 for Rs. 27, you can enjoy calling Nepal at at Rs.5.99/min for 30 days. What about international call rates for other countries? Well, call rates differ according to the country. For example, at 1 p/sec, you can call friends and family located in the United Kingdom, Canada, and USA. For Greece, Singapore, Spain, China and Hong Kong, cheap calls start at 2 p/sec.

View detailed information about tariff plans for making cheap calls, value added services, international call rates, etc. at

Friday, 11 May 2012

Extra talk times and cheap calls

If you are a Uninor subscriber and have not yet done an online recharge at its corporate site, you are far from enjoying extra talk time. Yes, with online recharge at you enjoy extra talk time depending on the denomination you choose. You get Rs. 90 talk time with recharge of Rs. 80, Rs. 200 talk time with Rs. 170, Rs. 410 talk time with Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 talk time with Rs. 470. Subscribers not only get to call cheap but also enjoy extra talk time.
It is but a fact that you cannot call cheap while roaming in India. Charges for roaming in India for all network operators are almost the same. Of course, with Uninor, you can expect to enjoy roaming at 60 paise per minute for local incoming and outgoing calls. Depending on the circle, charges may further vary from 80 paise/minute to Rs. 1.50 paise/minute.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The many benefits with Uninor prepaid

You will agree with me if I say that the best prepaid plan comes from Uninor only. I am myself a Uninor subscriber and have been availing many benefits. Whether it is enjoying a free phone call or low cost international call rate, getting extra talk time with online recharge or enjoying other value added services, you will never regret using the best prepaid plan from Uninor.

I have relatives in Canada and the USA. Using the Uninor STV igain-18 for Rs. 18, I enjoy international call rate to these countries at 1 paise/second. When it comes enjoying free phone call, there are dedicated STVs for local and STD circles. For example, igain-23, igain-29, igain-36 to igain-41, igain-53, and igain-123 are STVs for STD circles. Depending on the denomination you choose, you get several minutes of free phone call. Just visit to browse through the different offers and STVs.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mobile tariff and cheap calls

Making cheap calls in India is an advantage for the natives. Call rates in India are cheaper compared to other countries. There are numerous mobile service providers in India offering different mobile tariff plans to the subscribers’ advantage. According to February 2012 statistics of new subscriber additions, it was Uninor that topped the list. This proves Uninor as the fastest growing mobile service provider in the country at present. No wonder cheap calls in India and Uninor have become synonymous terms.

Want to know in detail about all the mobile tariff plans from Uninor? Visit its corporate site or visit the nearest Uninor store. You can also gain information from mobile stores that sell prepaid cards and recharge vouchers. STVs from Uninor are the most affordable plans. You can get a recharge done at denominations as low as Rs. 5. Free phone calls are the uniqueness of most of the STVs.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Extra talk time and roaming in India

Have you heard about the online recharge offers from Uninor? Yes, just recharge online at and you get extra talk time. The larger the denomination amount, greater is the talk time. For example, you get Rs. 90 talk time for Rs. 80, Rs. 200 talk time for Rs. 170, Rs. 410 talk time for Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 talk time for Rs. 470. Uninor subscribers are already availing the benefits of these online recharge offers.
Call rates in India with postpaid or prepaid roaming go high. No matter which network operator you choose, postpaid and prepaid roaming charges are levied. Of course roaming charges differ from one network operator to another. Uninor offers roaming call rates in India at 60 paise for incoming and local outgoing calls. The rates do go up for STD circles. If you happen to get an STV, no roaming charges may be levied.

Tariff and internet plans to the subscriber’s advantage

If you are a Uninor subscriber and if you want to call cheap in all circles – local, STD, and ISD, you should go for the STVs. These are dedicated tariff plans meant for local, STD, and ISD calls. Against the denomination you pay, you get several seconds/minutes of free phone calls as is applicable. Few of the tariff plans for local calls include igain-17, igain-21, igain-22, igain-26, igain-33, igain-37, igain-38, igain-99 igain-17, igain-197, and igain-198.
So, you not only want to call cheap but also enjoy low-cost internet connectivity. Uninor offers a range of mobile internet plans to the subscriber’s advantage, all at meager denominations. You can get a mobile internet plan for even Rs. 9. MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90 are the mobile internet plans offered by Uninor.

Visit Uninor’s corporate site, i.e. to know about the whole range of offers.