Sunday, 27 March 2011

Uninor Sim Prepaid and Recharge

Looking for a sim prepaid that ensures low call rates, free SMS, low charges for roaming, and lot more benefits? Go for Uninor sim prepaid. You won’t regret! In fact, you will only wish why this service provider was missed by you! This telecom service provider, holding a pan-India UAS licence to offer telecommunications services in each of India’s 22 circles, is already creating ripples in the market with its unique ‘Dynamic Pricing aka Badalta Plan’ offered in its sim prepaid. With discounts for every call, it is equivalent to making most calls for free! Moreover, charges for roaming are less. No matter where you go in all of its 22 circles, you can enjoy the low charges for roaming.

How do you recharge Uninor prepaid? Visit any of your nearest Uninor store or your local Uninor retailer. It takes seconds to get your Uninor recharge done. So, you never stay out of balance. The denominations for Uninor recharge starts from as low as Rs. 10. There are a number of pack options; go for your chosen pack and walk out! You can also recharge Uninor online; there are many online platforms providing recharge facilities.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Dynamic Pricing aka Badalta Plan’ and Uninor GPRS

The use of prepaid in India is now the talk of the towns and cities with Uninor offering attractive plans and offers. Be it GPRS prepaid or just the simple prepaid in India in all of its 22 circles covered, Uninor is being able to garner the trust of many a mobile users. Amid the prepaid India offers provided, one worth mentioning is availing a different promotional offer every hour every kilometer of distance you cover. Isn’t it a competitive advantage? This Uninor prepaid India plan is called ‘Dynamic Pricing aka Badalta Plan’. Initially, the basic plan of 50p/min is offered followed by discount on the calls in different areas of the same city. This is the first plan of its type to be launched in the category of prepaid in India.

With prepaid GPRS from Uninor, you can avail Internet access round the clock. Other facilities include push to talk over cellular (PoC/PTT), multimedia messaging service (MMS), instant messaging and presence, and lots more. Inter-networking with the Internet (IP) is also facilitated in the prepaid GPRS for Uninor. There are two GPRS prepaid plans for Uninor - MyConnect 9 and MyConnect 90.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

U & Uninor

In the early years of 21st century, calling prepaid cards were an expensive deal to purchase, but nowadays with technology becoming common, rates have come down considerably. Uninor callings cards have introduced STD rates package; one can make calls for virtually free. Calling prepaid cards of Uninor range from 26 to 76 rupee, which includes talk times, reduced local & STD rates and free SMS service for a certain limited period. Stiff competitions from rival companies have helped Uninor to innovate and market new tariff plans or callings cards to suit customer needs better.

Discounts on Uninor calling prepaid cards have an unmatchable price discount ranging from 10 to 60%. Customer satisfaction survey report 2010 suggests that pricing of Uninor products are impeccable and appropriate. Especially, when the STD rates are 1paise/min, people can’t question Uninor for price projections. Along with GSM technology for mobile phones, it caters to wireless and internet communications too. Callings cards for all network zones in India are customized according to local needs and knowledge. Uninor reads its customers well and acts accordingly. Probably, the reason why Uninor is soaring up the popularity charts is because it is always– ‘U & Uninor’. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Unique Uninor

Mobile technology and SIM cards prepaid are getting sophisticated with new entrants entering the Indian market. In this respect, Uninor has carved a distinctive niche. Its SIM prepaid card offering cheap calls India is creating a rage in many cities. Though Uninor is fairly new yet rates for cheap calls India, such as ‘Talk longer @ 29p/min’, ‘Call more @ 29p/min’ and ‘Starter Pack’ has managed to capture a large chunk of Indian telecom market share. In fact, majority of the 22 Indian telecom circles operate with SIM cards prepaid by Uninor telecom. This rampant growth rate and wide acceptance narrates the Uninor success story.

A Uninor SIM prepaid card is available free of cost from any authorized retailer. Moreover, the call charges are as low as 1p/sec on almost all packages. And, SIM cards prepaid are generally bought with cheap calls India ‘call packs’ like ‘Unlimited Talk Plan’. Uninor specializes in catering regional specific services on its SIM prepaid card such as regional language selection, local news subscription voucher, and regional event displays. Uninor has made a significant impact in 2 years of its operation. It’s as if every single inventive Indian seeks the Unique Uninor USPs.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Uninor Your Mobile Networking

Uninor – A mobile telephony company was launched in 2009 and it is owned by a leading Norwegian service provider.  Focusing on call rates India, tariff plans for Indian customers and innovative phone recharge packages, Uninor is operating in all 22 Indian circles across India. Its low cost tariff plans have already captured majority of the market shares in Kochi, Guwahati and Goa. The 26 Rupee Uninor Phone recharge package in Mumbai offers 90 days validity, local and STD call rates at 1paise/min. Such ‘call rates India’ would definitely attract many customers across India.

Uninor is not only a mobile service provider; it offers wireless, internet and other auxiliary services too. There are separate tariff plans and phone recharge options for using internet on mobile or laptop via Uninor wireless or internet. On the company’s official website, one can find all the relevant details about tariff plans and cheap call rates India and much more. And, not to forget that it is a GSM technology provider, hence, it is most likely to launch broadband connections through modems in near future. In all aspects, Uninor is unique and it makes you feel – ‘My Uninor, My mobile networking’.