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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tariff plans and online recharge offers

If I say STD rates differ according to tariff plans you choose, I am not wrong. Those who are using a Uninor prepaid connection must be well familiar with all available tariff plans from this network operator. Here are few tariff plans worth mentioning, online recharge of which lets you enjoy low STD rates.
• STD igain-29 for Rs. 29: 165 min STD at 25p/min, after that at 40p/min for 30 days
• STD igain-36 for Rs. 36: All India STD at 30p/min
• Combo igain-26 for Rs. 26: All local and STD calls at 1 paise/second for 30 days.
When we speak about online recharge from Uninor, you do enjoy various benefits. Yes, with online recharge of denomination starting from Rs. 50, you enjoy unlimited music for 15 days for free. And then, you also enjoy extra talk time with online recharge at Visit for more information.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Uninor STD rates and roaming in India

Here is a calling prepaid operator in India that has always slashed its local and STD rates with time. International call rates and roaming in India are no exception. This is the reason why GSM subscribers are increasingly choosing Uninor, making it the leader as of January 2012 statistics with it alone registering 2.49 million subscribers amid the total count of 8.44 million new subscriptions! Uninor calling prepaid cards have been witnessing active operations in only 13 of the 22 regions, yet recording maximum customers.

With Uninor calling prepaid, you can enjoy STD rates at 30 paise per minute, applicable for most of the regions of the country. When it comes to roaming in India, charges are less compared to its competitors. Yes, for incoming calls, charges for roaming in India starts at as low as 60 paise/min. If you happen to get an STD plan, you can enjoy low STD rates.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Uninor Mobile Service

How much do you know about this mobile service operator called Uninor? So, you have been availing its tariff plans for quite some time and yet you do not know about the operator. Let me throw light on this mobile service provider. This company is a joint venture between Norway based Telenor Group and India based Unitech Ltd. The company provides mobile service in each of India’s 22 circles; services are currently available in thirteen circles.

All tariff plans offered by Uninor provide real mobile service value for money. Right from best value plans (discount, talk non-stop) to special offers and internet plans, you will love availing all. Discount tariff plans are available in denominations of Rs. 12 and Rs. 28; internet tariff plans in denominations of Rs. 5, Rs. 9, Rs. 14, Rs. 24, and Rs. 90 with differing validities; and more. To get the plans, visit a Uninor store or go online.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

U & Uninor

In the early years of 21st century, calling prepaid cards were an expensive deal to purchase, but nowadays with technology becoming common, rates have come down considerably. Uninor callings cards have introduced STD rates package; one can make calls for virtually free. Calling prepaid cards of Uninor range from 26 to 76 rupee, which includes talk times, reduced local & STD rates and free SMS service for a certain limited period. Stiff competitions from rival companies have helped Uninor to innovate and market new tariff plans or callings cards to suit customer needs better.

Discounts on Uninor calling prepaid cards have an unmatchable price discount ranging from 10 to 60%. Customer satisfaction survey report 2010 suggests that pricing of Uninor products are impeccable and appropriate. Especially, when the STD rates are 1paise/min, people can’t question Uninor for price projections. Along with GSM technology for mobile phones, it caters to wireless and internet communications too. Callings cards for all network zones in India are customized according to local needs and knowledge. Uninor reads its customers well and acts accordingly. Probably, the reason why Uninor is soaring up the popularity charts is because it is always– ‘U & Uninor’. 

Monday, 21 February 2011

Low Mobile Tariff and Increasing Users

A companion of all times or a necessity, a mobile means a lot to everyone. Today, various mobiles are available in the market and so are different mobile services. What everyone wants is maximum talktime and free text messages at minimum charges. Various telecom companies have made it possible for today’s generation to own a mobile and reap innumerable benefits from it by getting free minutes to talk and free text messages. There are a number of prepaid mobile recharge options available in diverse denominations ranging from rupees ten to thousand and more.

Amongst others, Uninor too has attracted the customers through its unique mobile tariff plans and reduced local and STD rates. Call it a strategy or a business move, the numerous telecom companies are ready to do anything to have maximum customers on its side. Lucrative mobile tariff plans, highly reduced local and STD rates, and umpteen mobile prepaid recharge options. One can easily recharge his mobile online and without even having to pay extra for it. Through the Internet, we can also choose between the various mobile prepaid recharge options and see which all are the best plans suiting our needs.