Monday, 19 December 2011

India Sim Cards and Mobile Deals

Think about mobile deals and you will be transported to the terrain of Uninor. Yes, amid the mobile deals available offered by the different India sim cards providers, this service provider is one of the best. This is substantiated by blog posts and reviews on web not to mention the increasing count of subscribers. You get the A-Z of services including mobile internet connection.

As the mobile deals are segregated into categories ranging from combo, local, STD to ISD, mobile internet connection, and SMS packs, it becomes easy for the user to choose the right pack. For example, if you make local calls frequently, you can go for the local packs that offer free minutes to same operator and other operators. In the STD mobile deals pack, you enjoy free STD minutes according to the chosen denominations. I have used other India sim cards but I don’t hesitate to say Uninor is the best!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Uninor Prepaid Plans and GPRS

Pre paid plans of which mobile service provider are the best? Read reviews and about the available pre paid plans offered by the different mobile service providers. Ask the person at the nearest mobile store that offers mobile service of all network operators. If you choose one of the best pre paid plans, you can enjoy free phone calls, low cost local, STD, and international calls including cost effective prepaid GPRS and SMS packs.

When we speak about Uninor prepaid GPRS in india, there are at least six options to choose from, viz. MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90. With every of the aforesaid prepaid GPRS plan, you do enjoy free browsing limited to validity. For example, if you opt for MyInternet 90, you enjoy the benefits of 200 MB / day for 30 days. With MyInternet 59, you enjoy 100 MB / day capping for 30 days.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Uninor GPRS Prepaid and International Call Rates

What subscribers have written volume about Uninor prepaid GPRS, low international call rates, free phone calls, and more is no wonder true. Now I am myself a Uninor subscriber and I regret why I did not switch to this prepaid card provider when it first started offering services. Staying connected to people who matter to me online now has become so easy; thanks to Uninor prepaid GPRS. Well, there are numerous Uninor GPRS prepaid plans to choose from. With every plan, you avail free browsing with validity limited according to the denomination spend. Few of the Uninor GPRS prepaid plans worth mentioning are MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90.

Uninor international call rates to United Kingdom Fixed, China, Hong Kong, Canada, and USA start at 1 paise per second. Yes, the international call rates vary from country to country, the highest being 25 paise per second.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Roaming in India with the Best Prepaid Plan

You will certainly go for a prepaid plan that not only facilitates cheap calls, free phone calls but also low cost roaming in India. The Indian government has no wonder declared about doing away with charges for roaming in India. Till the move is implemented, you will always be charged for roaming in India once you go out of your circle. There are reasons why you should consider choosing Uninor. The best prepaid plan comes with Uninor only.

You have a wealth of options to choose from for local, STD, and ISD calling including Internet plans and SMS packs. Each Uninor plan can no doubt be termed the best prepaid plan. Charges for roaming in India start at 60 paise per minute.Generally call rates in India in STD circles are 50 paise per minute. And for roaming in India, you pay Re. 1.50 paise. Uninor charges for roaming in India are lesser.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Uninor Mobile Service and Tariff Plans

Irrespective of whether you make frequent local and STD calls not to mention international calls often, one mobile service provider that will always satisfy you with a range of cost effective tariff plans is Uninor. If you are residing in any of UP West (including Uttaranchal), UP East, Bihar (including Jharkhand), Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, West Bengal, Kolkata and Gujarat, you gain a competitive advantage of using Uninor.

Though new in the Indian mobile service industry, this telecom company has already carved a niche in its circles. You will always find tariff plans that well suit your tariff expectations. Imagine talking non-stop with your beloved or with people who matter to you. Yes, there are tariff plans, one of which facilitates Uninor to Uninor calls at 2 paise per minute. This mobile service provider will never disappoint you in the true sense of the term!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Cost Effective Calling Cards

I envy my friends and colleagues who have Uninor India sim cards. Though I have a post paid connection, I am all geared up to get a new prepaid connection from Uninor. Call rates in India and overseas are so low with this operator. No wonder, now I know why so many users are using Uninor India sim cards and the count is only increasing by the day.

With Uninor, there are various calling cards to choose from. If you make frequent local calls, choose one of those local calling cards, especially those plans that offer free minutes. And similar should be the choice for STD calls. You need not then bother about call rates in India. This is because you get fixed free minutes against the denomination you pay.

Generally call rates in India for STD is 50 paise per minute. With the STD calling cards packs, you enjoy more minutes.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cheap and Free Phone Call with Uninor Calling Cards

Looking for calling cards that facilitate free phone call including cheap calls in India and overseas? There can be no better calling cards provider than Uninor. In all of the 21 of 22 circles that it has a presence, commercially in 13 circles encompassing UP West (including Uttaranchal), UP East, Bihar (including Jharkhand), Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala , Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, West Bengal, Kolkata and Gujarat, Uninor has a large count of subscribers including me.

It is after I heard about Uninor calling cards and the various benefits associated that I switched to this operator. With the general packs, you will no doubt enjoy cheap calls in India no matter whether it is for local or STD circles. But you will love availing the different tariff plans that facilitate free phone call for the denomination you pay. You can enjoy free phone call even with denomination of Rs. 5!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Going for a Uninor Phone Recharge

If you are a Uninor user, you are entitled to a whole lot of benefits. There are numerous mobile tariff pans to choose from in categories ranging from combo, local, STD to ISD, Internet, and SMS packs. So, whenever you go for your phone recharge for any of the categories, you again have myriad options in denominations.

For example, with the local phone recharge, you have igain-17, igain-26, igain-33, igain-37, igain-46, igain-99, igain-22, igain-38, igain-197, igain-198, igain-550, and igain-551. Depending on your pocket and call preferences, you can choose any of the aforesaid Uninor mobile tariff plans. And then with the STD phone recharge pack, you again have an almost similar range of options to choose from. Benefits you gain are unmatched in the telecom circle. The figures denote the amount against each of the phone recharge options. Visit to browse through all available mobile gprs in india before you go for recharge.