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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Best Mobile Phone Service Ever Offered

The one industry which is constantly changing is the telecom industry. With so many dynamics coming into picture, telecom operators have their hands full with meeting the growing demands of the end users. Every individual uses his mobile phone for different purpose and hence has different requirements for his use. Some people use internet services while some make plenty of STD calls. Especially in India, where huge population comes into picture, a network provider is expected to meet the demands of large number of people. A successful telecom company is the one which manages to provide different mobile phone services while keeping its profits intact.

Uninor, one of the leading telecom companies for prepaid phones, has a wide range of mobile phone services to offer to its customers. It currently provides services in six circles in India with great network coverage, economic mobile tariff, and other value added services. It also provides with easy and simple online recharge facilities for its users to recharge their prepaid accounts online. This is absolutely secured and easy method to recharge your phones at the comfort of your home. One of the standout features of Uninor's online recharge is that they provide extra talk time on recharge of certain amounts. That essentially means you get to use for more than what you pay for. This is exclusively available on its official webpage and you cannot avail it at any other third party website.

Other plans offered by Uninor are combo packages, which as the name suggests, are combination of two or more services, like STD calls and SMS, or internet and local calls. These services help reduce your mobile tariff to great extent. As local calling rates have reduced, and SMS services are used less by general public these days, the focus is now on internet, 3G services and STD and ISD call rates. Uninor offers ISD call rates at as low as 2p/min to certain countries with a minimal recharge value. If you wish to know more about plans and offers by Uninor, head on to to get more details. 

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New Uninor Mobile Phone Service Connections to be available for purchase online soon

Amidst rising numbers as far as online recharge is concerned, Uninor will soon give consumers option to buy new Uninor prepaid sim cards and phone services online on
It has been a long time since we first started seeing, observing and following the rise of the online mobile recharge culture amongst the Indian prepaid users, especially the youth. If you look at the earlier blogs, we have also been trying to find all the permutations and combinations of causes & reasons, and advantages & disadvantages of the telecom operators pushing the prepaid mobile customers to visit their respective online portals to recharge and to find out more about other phone services. But the hard true fact is that, well, the customer is continually becoming more accustomed to purchasing (almost) everything online, and the numbers prove that. So here is our “talk more, pay less” network again – bringing to its web site the only thing which was not available online before – the prepaid sim.
If reports are to be believed, the national telecom network will soon be offering new connections on its website. It must be kept in mind that Uninor deals in and offers only prepaid sim cards, so the offering is a tangible one – without the hassles of billing and crediting. Here is how might be done when it is actually done.
The whole new prepaid phone service would be kept as short & sweet as possible for the user. So within a few clicks you would have applied for your new Uninor prepaid sim card. The user would have the freedom to choose the new number – you may be thinking that this is no big deal as you can do the same when buying a number from a vendor, but wait – it’s not the same! It will show a list of random available numbers, but additionally buying a prepaid sim card online gives you the freedom to actually search a number of your choice – if it’s available, it’s yours! Also, while giving in the other necessary details, you also choose the store nearest to you, and if it is within a particular distance of that Uninor store, you can get your prepaid sim delivered to your home for free!
All that remains is to wait and see when this mobile phone service is actually activated by Uninor, it will be good if it is online especially in the summer months, when getting out of the house is a real terror & pain – especially for students, who form one of the major target audience for prepaid mobile user population.