Thursday, 18 September 2014

Oh So Expensive! Not Anymore

The goal of mobile communication is to make world a smaller place to live in. Even if there is a physical distance between you and people you care about, mobile phones ensure that you keep in touch with them, not only for personal matters, but also for business purposes. The ultimate aim is to connect people without burning a hole in their pockets. With the advancement in technology, we are getting close to achieving this aim. STD calls have seen a sharp decline when it comes to pricing, and with Uninor ISD packs in Gujarat, international call rates are also becoming affordable.

ISD call rates are primarily dependent on the country you are making a call. There are two Uninor ISD offers in Gujarat. The first one is priced at INR 19. This offer allows you to make ISD calls to countries like USA, Canada, Alaska, Dominica etc. at just 2p/sec. This includes calls made to fixed line connections in Canada, USA and Puerto Rico. The offer lasts for 28 days. At such low call rates, even local calls can be considered expensive. In the same offer, calling rates for other countries vary accordingly. Calls made to United Kingdom fixed and United Kingdom are charged at just 3p/sec whereas calls made to United Kingdom mobile, United Kingdom special and United Kingdom premium are charged at 30p/sec.

Another Uninor ISD pack available in Gujarat is worth INR 111. This recharge gives you a talk time of INR 100 which can only be used for ISD calls. The calling rates are similar to the above plan. You can make calls at just 20p/sec to countries like Ukraine, Philippines, Russia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates region, etc. These rates depend upon the destination of your calls as well, whether they are made to fixed lines or to mobile phones. The validity of this pack, too, is 28 days. The most expensive call rates from Uninor ISD offers in Gujarat are that made to Libya Mobile and even they are just mere 35p/sec. You can check out rates to other countries of your preference at these new viable offers from Uninor for ISD calls, they have truly made world a smaller place to live in. 

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Improving Communication, Simplifying Costs

There has been a significant shift in the paradigm with respect to the way products are marketed and moved in today's economy. Not so long ago, any product due to be launched by a big brand was subjected to heavy publicity and marketing, typically on TVs and print media. Customers who were attracted by it, needed to buy the products from retailers and there was practically no other way available. But with the advancement of digital media and internet banking, the scenario has completely changed. Along with TV advertisements and print media, companies are also heavily investing in marketing on social and digital media as this proves to provide equally good, if not better, return on investments to the brands. As the online forum is available to all at free of cost, and the fact that it is continuously on a rise, more and more companies are using the online portal and digital medium to increase the sales of their products. Joining the bandwagon, telecom companies also have started providing prepaid mobile recharge online.

Online availability of recharges has greatly improved customer experience in terms of awareness and helped simplify the process of recharge altogether. As a prepaid mobile customer, you don't need to manually make a walk to your nearest recharge vendor and face the risk of unavailability of your preferred prepaid recharge pack. All you need to have is a credit or a Debit card or internet banking enabled for your bank account and you can recharge your prepaid mobile account, anytime, anywhere. It goes without saying that you also need an internet connection. But with internet becoming a household requirement just like TV did some years ago, it is not very difficult to get started with online recharges. Another advantage that comes along with this whole process is that the customer becomes aware of new recharges and plans available in his circle by referring to the official website of the service provider. It is quite possible that some of the plans marketed by telecom companies are region specific and not available for your region. You can always refer to their website and check out plans and offers within few clicks.

As more and more number of users is getting inclined towards online recharges, many websites, along with the official ones have started providing better incentives for doing so. This includes discount coupons to food outlets and other shopping portals they are affiliated with. This way you can get your prepaid mobile phone recharge done as well as avail great offers that you wouldn't have got otherwise. This becomes possible essentially as companies save a lot of money in distribution channel and a part of it is provided as discounts to their customers. Not only websites, but even smartphone apps provide you with similar functionalities. You can avail any prepaid mobile recharge online using an internet enabled smartphone with right apps. Not only that, you can store your money in virtual wallet that some of this app provides and recharge as quickly as you can imagine. You don't need to enter your account details every time you have to make a prepaid recharge. All these factors have made online recharges a fairly simple and convenient process which proves to be beneficial to customers as well as service providers.