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Monday, 22 April 2013

Uninor ISD, International Roaming services in UP East

Let’s look at the ISD Plans that help the subscribers of the UP East Circle connect with loved ones across the globe for less….much less!

In a world that is constantly plagued by increasing prices and decreasing bank balances, how many times have parents hardened their hearts and shortened their conversations with their son based in the United States or their daughter working in the United Arab Emirates? Truly, international call rates follow the ballooning ways of the world – they did not seem to bog down for mobile phone subscribers.
international call charges
Enter Uninor into the expensive, pocket burning, bill churning ISD scenario.

Now, you need to understand that the setting of call charges, and especially international call charges & international roaming charges, is not limited to your home telecom network provider. There are additional costs, taxes and charges involved based on the usage of various telecom technologies. So as much as the telecom operator wants to reduce the international call charges, it can only reduce the costs that it controls; and there are only a few that the telecom actually can. There is no way around it!

But taking to the international level, its commitment to provide its customers with the “Sabse Sasta” plans, Uninor has introduced the Rs.28 ISD pack for the UP East circle. Whereas normally the customer would be charged as international call charges Rs.6.4 per minute for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Singapore among others; and as high as Rs.11 for the United Arab Emirates; with this ISD pack costing Rs.28, international charges would be drastically reduced for most countries of the world (United Kingdom Fixed, Canada, USA @Rs 0.6/Min; Greece Fixed, Singapore, Spain Fixed, China and Hong Kong @Rs 1.2/Min; Malaysia, Romania Fixed and Thailand @Rs 1.8/Min; Russia Fixed, South Korea and Bangladesh @Rs 2.4/Min; Turkey fixed @Rs 3/Min; Nepal, Romania mobile, Greece Mobile, Bahrain, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia @Rs 6/Min; Philippines Fixed, Russia mobile, Sri Lanka, Japan, IRAQ, Oman Fixed, Bhutan, Kuwait and Australia @Rs 6.6/Min; United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Spain Mobile, Turkey Mobile, Yemen, Qatar Fixed @Rs 9/Min; UK Mobile, Philippines mobile and Qatar mobile @Rs 10.8/Min; Oman mobile, Myanmar, LIBYA mobile, Afghanistan and LIBYA Fixed @Rs 15/Min)

The Rs.28 ISD pack is available in the UP East Circle through both instant mobile recharge as well as online mobile prepaid recharge on the telecom operator’s website (where they have just introduced the all new Express Online Recharge Page to reduce make the online instant mobile recharge speedier).
Now that Uninor has managed to extract an instant mobile recharge pack to reduce international call rates. Uninor also offers cheap national roaming charges compare to any other network. international roaming charges is not too long a shot to expect. We’ll have to wait and see!