Monday, 18 April 2011

Uninor for ‘U’

Uninor starter kit provides values similar to callings cards and it includes lifetime validity with 1p/sec cheap calls India tariff and the finest network coverage. Free phone call packs offer talk-time values worth 5 Rupees to 500 Rupees. The i gain-10, i gain-20, i gain-500 and other plans are low-priced callings cards which offers customers with bundle of free phone call and STD cheap calls in India. 

The Kick start 551 callings cards plan provides benefits such as 120000 local seconds and Uninor to Uninor free phone call local seconds of 42000/month for 3 months.  Cheap calls in India are synonymous to Uninor’s free phone call packages which often have free SMS service too. Uninor, used by millions of customers in India, is offering all value packs which eventually suit the Indian demand. Free callings cards to tariffs for cheap calls India, Uninor is customer centric and it is always Uninor for ‘U’. 

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Call Rates India

Call rates in India with value added callings cards are the most marketed products of Uninor. The ISD and Talk non-stop packs are some of the services which are availed by customers while buying Uninor India SIM cards. Special offers on callings cards such as i gain-111 provides extremely cheap ISD call rates from India.

 Uninor India SIM cards enable customers to make calls to US, China, UK, Canada and Singapore at 1p/sec. Currently, majority of travelers traveling abroad as tourists are buying Uninor callings cards which offer best international roaming rates. Apart from cheap call rates in India, Uninor provides SMS packs and Data packs which are priced at affordable rates and loaded with great value added services. Among all India SIM cards which are currently available in the telecom market, Uninor India SIM cards provide the most worthy deal. Call rates India, ISD callings cards and SMS packages are uniquely Uninor. 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Prepaid Tariffs to Talks

Uninor prepaid card of 6 Rupees, valid for 365 days with call rates starting from 1p/sec is the cheapest ever deal available in Kerala and few other states. Even mobile tariff for STD calls and SMSs are unbelievable. Within 42 Rupees prepaid card, one can get 1, 00,000 Uninor SMS free for a month and STD as well as local call rates of 1p/min. India GPRS plans have never been cheaper than any Uninor  mobile tariff plans.

ISD India GPRS plans such as ‘i gain-22’ costs merely 22 Rupees and guess what, customers from anywhere in India can call US, Canada, UK, China, Hong Kong and Singapore at ‘1p/sec’. At present, there are no other service providers who offer a cheaper mobile tariff or prepaid card for calling abroad. India GPRS profits are thriving solely due to Uninor’s unique prepaid card tariffs and call rates. It is undoubtedly the Uninor advantage prevailing!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Uninor Winning Hearts

Talk on and on by getting a Uninor phone recharge coupon for yourself! With exciting mobile tariff plans and offers like ‘Best Value Plans’, ‘Special Offers’, and ‘Internet Plans’, Uninor ensures that every mobile phone user accrue significant savings in their phone bills. For the first time in India, Uninor has introduced ‘Discount Plan’ by means of which you can cut down local and STD call rates as per your time and location. With an inexpensive mobile tariff of just Rs. 26, you can enjoy all local and STD calls at a rate of 1p/sec for 90 days! There are many other Uninor mobile tariff plans out of which the ‘Talk non-stop’ plan demands special mention. With this mobile tariff you can make unlimited local calls to any number and STD calls at just 1p/sec.

 Wait no more! Get a Uninor phone recharge card and let Uninor win your hearts. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Uninor Mobile Service

Mobile tariff plans are the life line for mobile freaks in India. Uninor, being one of the largest mobile service providers in India, has kept its presence in almost all major states. With excellent network coverage, Uninor tariff plans give you the freedom to use your phone for business purposes as well as to catch up with your friends and family cost effectively. For a just Rs. 198 monthly payment one can actually have unlimited minutes of local Uninor to Uninor/others calls and STD calls at just 1p/sec. For 1/5th this price one can also have unlimited minutes of Uninor to Uninor local calls and Uninor to others and STD calls at just 49p/sec.

 People who use Uninor mobile service can also avail the ‘Discount plan’, enjoying the benefit of discounted call rates that change every hour as per the location. If you try Uninor, you won’t try any other provider!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Roaming & Talking – Affordable!

Charges roaming’ for calls nationally are priced at a flat rate of 60p/min to 80p/min which are affordable and agreeable. And, there are ‘Talk-time transfer’ facilities available; you can recharge the mobiles of others instantly. Uninor GPRS calling rates and charges roaming are most bought deals among frequent travelers.

For Mumbai customers, Uninor will not take charges roaming for people traveling to GujaratUninor GPRS is ideally suited for Indian customer needs. Charges for roaming were and are indeed high. But with Uninor GPRS, you not only avail a whole lot of conveniences but also enjoy low charges for roaming.