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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Full talk time recharge offers are passé in Bihar. Uninor introduces extra talktime

For Rs. 110, you don’t just get a full talk time recharge offer. You get Rs. 15 extra talk time.

The Uninor mobile subscriber base in Bihar is in for a fully loaded Uninor surprise. While Full Talk time mobile recharge plans start from as low as Rs. 20 (so for Rs. 20, you get Rs. 20 recharge), you can even get extra talk time of Rs. 125 for a recharge of Rs. 110.

As the people’s telecom company, Uninor has always stuck to its “sabse sasta, sabse acha” brand promise. Whether in talk time offers recharges, or STD & roaming packs, or SMS & mobile internet packages, Uninor has followed this brand philosophy through each and every one of its offering wherever it has been present. In the same vein, Uninor has offered a whole list of full talk time and extra talk time offers to its Bihar mobile subscriber base (of which Jharkhand is also now a part). So Bihar circle mobile subscribers can now enjoy Uninor’s “sabse sasta, sabse acha” mobile services not just fully, but extra fully!

The extra talk time recharge offers can be availed with both regular recharge as well as online recharge via Uninor’s website , where it just takes 3 clicks to get your Uninor number recharged with the recharge offer of your choice. The reason is that Uninor has also been working on the online recharge section of their website and it is now faster and more secure. So you can get your Uninor number recharged from anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Online mobile recharge- the most possible alternative to paper recharge card

Are you still stacked in getting the mobile recharge done through paper recharge cards available in the market? Come on, it’s time to feel the change in the air. In today’s tech savvy world, everyone is heading towards new ways and solutions that have emerged in the world of mobile services with the growing awareness of internet and digital money. If you haven’t thought towards this perspective then it is the right time to switch your thinking.
Mobile Recharge 

With the ease of few clicks over the mouse, you can enter into the world of convenience and ease which lets you and your wallet have the peace of mind. The online mobile recharge emerged as the most possible alternative to paper recharge cards in terms of reliability, security and ease of processing. With the simple and sound support of an internet connection and mode of payment, you can easily carry on your long going talks with your friends and relatives. Even you can enjoy continuous chat over SMS with the recharge done online.

The online recharge facility proves to be cost effective also. This is in the sense that it allows saving up to a sound percentage over the top ups. Like, when you avail this alternative to recharge your mobile phone, you will always get some extra talk time. In short, you will only get the best value of your money with the recharge done through online mode.
Uninor introduced some remarkable recharge packages that offer optimum gain on every recharge top up. Like, if you go for exclusive online recharge initiates by Uninor, you will get quite good percentage of extra talk time. For e.g. on the recharge of Rs. 340, you will get talk time of Rs. 410 and so on.
With the instant online recharge system, you can easily gain up maximum talk time without any hassle. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Go Prepaid and Enjoy Reduced Call Rates in India

Today, mobile users have a number of options in pre paid plans. With the dipping call rates in India, customers are having a hard time choosing the mobile service that would offer them the cheapest call rates. Various pre paid plans allow the customers to change from time to time and get their mobiles recharged with special denominations so that they are able to make free phone calls to their friends on the same network or send free text messages across India.

Telecom companies like Uninor offer low cost pre paid plans and postpaid plans which include making free phone calls or making calls at a cheaper rate to sending free text messages and surfing the Internet through special GPRS plans. If you are looking for prepaid plans best suited to your needs, you can choose between the wide range of plans available. These pre paid plans include reduced STD call rates in India, free text messages plan, or making free phone calls on the same network. The best part in being a pre paid customer is that you can limit your budget and for a small amount of money get umpteen benefits.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Low Mobile Tariff and Increasing Users

A companion of all times or a necessity, a mobile means a lot to everyone. Today, various mobiles are available in the market and so are different mobile services. What everyone wants is maximum talktime and free text messages at minimum charges. Various telecom companies have made it possible for today’s generation to own a mobile and reap innumerable benefits from it by getting free minutes to talk and free text messages. There are a number of prepaid mobile recharge options available in diverse denominations ranging from rupees ten to thousand and more.

Amongst others, Uninor too has attracted the customers through its unique mobile tariff plans and reduced local and STD rates. Call it a strategy or a business move, the numerous telecom companies are ready to do anything to have maximum customers on its side. Lucrative mobile tariff plans, highly reduced local and STD rates, and umpteen mobile prepaid recharge options. One can easily recharge his mobile online and without even having to pay extra for it. Through the Internet, we can also choose between the various mobile prepaid recharge options and see which all are the best plans suiting our needs.