Monday, 23 April 2012

Uninor Online Recharge

Uninor recently has started online recharge services on its website. They are offering extra talk time on recharging online on few denominations and this is valid for all circles in India. The denominations that offer extra talk time are as follows:

• On Recharge of 80, you get a talk time of 90

• On Recharge of 170, you get a talk time of 200

• On Recharge of 340, you get a talk time of 410

• On Recharge of 570, you get a talk time of 580

You can recharge now, through this link:

This extra value talktime is available only for those who recharge from this link, so recharge now and pay less talk more.

Growth of mobile prepaid in India

Do you think to call cheap always you need the services of the provider of the best prepaid in India? Of course yes! Amid the providers of mobile prepaid in India, Uninor has been able to attract the highest number of subscribers as of January 2012 statistics, adding 2.49 million alone in a single month! This substantiates the fact that it is Uninor that facilitates users call cheap and stay connected to people that matter to them the most cost effectively.

Online recharge at, the operator’s corporate site, can prove advantageous for you. Yes, with online recharge, you get extra talk time. For Rs. 80 online recharge, you get Rs. 90; for Rs. 170, Rs. 200; for Rs. 340, Rs. 410; and for Rs. 470, Rs. 580. Don’t you gain a competitive advantage? No wonder growth of mobile prepaid in India is going to witness further uptrend in the near future.

Friday, 20 April 2012

First recharge deals for low cost and free phone calls

It is pride to be a subscriber of the top operator in latest subscriber additions. Yes, I am delving on Uninor. Making phone calls with Uninor has never been so cheaper. It is not only cheap and low cost phone calls that you enjoy; charges for roaming are less too.

Have you gone through the first recharge deals? Well, those who are new with Uninor and going for the first recharge should well know about the first recharge deals available. These deals are available for Rs. 31, Rs. 32, Rs. 39, Rs. 80, Rs. 204 , and Rs. 551 with validity ranging from one month to three months. You get several minutes of free phone call depending on the denomination you choose.

Charges roaming with Uninor differ according to networks. It starts with 60 paise per minute for local roaming for both incoming and outgoing. Visit for more info

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Exploring circle wise mobile tariff plans

So you are a Uninor subscriber. It is no exaggeration to say that free phone call options are varied with Uninor. You get extra talk time, i.e. free phone call with special recharge options such as i gain-50, i gain-60, i gain-100, i gain-150, i gain-300, and i gain-500. Then there are several mobile tariff plans for local, STD, and ISD circles. Most of these plans let the use make free phone call for several minutes depending on the denomination chosen. If you are looking for low international call rates, Uninor again is the best option. Imagine calling to United Kingdom, Canada, and USA at 1P/sec. International call rates to Greece, Singapore, Spain, China and Hong Kong are at 2P/sec. Call rates do differ from country to country. Get igain-18 or igain-27 or igain-34. Free phone call to Bangladesh happens for 5 minutes with igain-34. Explore the plans at

Monday, 16 April 2012

Extra talk time with online recharge

Do you guys know that online recharge is now facilitated at Uninor subscribers only have reasons to rejoice with online recharge because you get extra talk time:
• Rs. 80 = Rs. 90
• Rs. Rs. 170 = Rs. 200
• Rs. 340 = Rs. 410
• Rs. 470 = Rs. 580

Yes, besides making cheap calls, you get extra talk time. There are several mobile prepaid recharge plans to choose from Uninor. After all it is making cheap calls that matters the most irrespective of whether you make local or STD or ISD calls. Here is a list of few mobile prepaid recharge plans, especially special offers: i gain-50, i gain-60, i gain-100, i gain-150, i gain-300, and i gain-500.

Maximum service charges of regular Uninor prepaid mobile recharge ranges with talk value as follows:
• Rs. 10 at Rs 6.90
• Rs. 20 at 15.80
• Rs. 30 at 24.70.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Prepaid cards and low call rates in India

To enjoy low cost calling, prepaid should be the option rather than postpaid. Not every network operator offers mobile deals to the subscriber’s advantage. Temporary deals may be provided to attract attention of new subscribers. Those prepaid card providers that offer mobile deals every now and then gain a competitive edge in the market. Uninor has added the highest number of subscribers on January 2012, earning the rapport as a market leader. calling prepaid card has never been so cost effective!

With the Uninor prepaid card, you are entitled with a whole lot of benefits in terms of enjoying low call rates in India and overseas. You also enjoy the best mobile internet plans, SMS packs, music, and more. Yes, mobile deals from Uninor are a rage in the market.

You may find many a network operator offering call rates India at 1 paise per/second. It can be lower or higher depending on the plan you choose. Get any of the mobile deals from Uninor depending on your preferences; there are dedicated local, STD, and ISD packs available. Denominations for local packs start from as low as Rs. 5. Call rates in India from Uninor are lower than other available plans.           

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Popular tariff plans and low roaming charges

Who doesn’t want to call cheap to local, STD, and ISD circles? You will certainly want to call cheap even while roaming in India. If you have availed tariff plans from Uninor, you must be already availing the benefits of cheap calling. Few of the STD tariff plans from Uninor worth mentioning are igain-23, igain-29, igain-36, igain-41, igain-53, and igain-123. You enjoy calling for several minutes according to the denomination you choose. Then there are various tariff plans for local calls, availing which you can call cheap, earning minutes beyond your expectations. For example, with local igain-198, you enjoy 120000 seconds of free phone calls from Uninor to Uninor in addition to 42000 local off-net seconds. Visit the corporate site of Uninor to explore more about the plans.

Do you know prepaid roaming in India was made free by Uninor for Mumbai and Goa circles for some time? This proves that this network operator always brings out something innovative for its subscribers, surprising all. Currently, charges for roaming in India are as low as 60 paise per/minute for incoming calls in the Uninor network and Re. 1 per/minute for partner networks. Outgoing Uninor roaming in India starts at 60 paise per/minute.