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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Extra talk time and other facilities

When you get extra talk time with every online recharge, you will certainly not miss the opportunity! After all, who doesn’t want to stay connected for long with people who matter to them? Making phone calls cost effectively, enjoying extra talk time with online recharge happens with Uninor mobile service provider. Yes, you can enjoy these and more services. If you are not yet a Uninor subscriber, visit the corporate site of this mobile service provider and browse through the details of the company, the offers, the tariff plans, value added services it offers, and lots more. You will only get magnetized to subscribe to this mobile service provider right away. Making phone calls with Uninor can make a huge difference on your pocket! With Uninor online recharge offers, you enjoy Rs. 90 with Rs. 80, Rs. 200 with Rs. 170, Rs. 410 with Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 with Rs. 470.

Friday, 20 April 2012

First recharge deals for low cost and free phone calls

It is pride to be a subscriber of the top operator in latest subscriber additions. Yes, I am delving on Uninor. Making phone calls with Uninor has never been so cheaper. It is not only cheap and low cost phone calls that you enjoy; charges for roaming are less too.

Have you gone through the first recharge deals? Well, those who are new with Uninor and going for the first recharge should well know about the first recharge deals available. These deals are available for Rs. 31, Rs. 32, Rs. 39, Rs. 80, Rs. 204 , and Rs. 551 with validity ranging from one month to three months. You get several minutes of free phone call depending on the denomination you choose.

Charges roaming with Uninor differ according to networks. It starts with 60 paise per minute for local roaming for both incoming and outgoing. Visit for more info

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pocket friendly phone calls packs

If you are looking for free phone calls, low call rates, low charges for roaming, pocket friendly internet plans, low international call charges, then you should go for the best prepaid plan. And the best prepaid plan comes with Uninor only. This network operator has on offer a horde of value packs at denominations starting from as low as Rs. 5. Yes, making phone calls to people who matter to you, happens without burning a hole in your pocket. No wonder Uninor made records becoming the market leader as of December 2011 statistics with the highest number of new subscribers.