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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

SMS packs in Bihar now for as low as Rs. 4

Bihar-twarming news! The Uninor subscribers can now SMS away to glory for only Rs. 4. Free SMS plans in Bihar start from Rs. 27.

Before we start gloating away about our super-sasta, super-accha SMS plans in Bihar, let’s start with a more fundamental question – why do people find this eternal mobile feature called short messaging service so useful? Why is it that when most technologies are made irrelevant the next day, this technology has carried on through decades, and even with newer, freer, more easier-to-use communication tools (read, smartphone-friendly apps) such as Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, etc., and the call rates headed towards a downward spiral like a fighter jet that has just had both its wings blasted away mid air?

The answer is simple. Yet two fold. When you want to use the so called “newer, freer, more easier-to-use communication tools” and contact a friend, you are not always sure that the friend on the other side is using the same app. So it makes that app not all that accessible and far reaching. SMS is universal. You just have to know a number (and ensure that your SMSes have not been blocked by the other number) and you can message them all you want.

Also, although call rates have dropped significantly over the past few years, and there are even packs to reduce them further over a period of time, still common sense and courtesy dictates that you cannot, or ought not to call the other person up for anything and everything. So what’s the next best thing? Obviously SMS. In this way you can say the little (but important) things you want to say, without putting the other person in pressure of immediately acknowledging that communication or being obliged to respond to it.

Keeping in mind the importance of SMSes in people’s lives, Uninor have introduced some very beneficial SMS packs in Bihar. You can check them out here: