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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Gujarat shifts to the “sabse sasta” prepaid recharge plans. Gujarat enjoys sweet & simple connectivity with Uninor.

prepaid mobile recharge
As the mobile phone stats for the financial year 2011-12 come in, most major telecom operators seem to be losing out lakhs of subscribers in Gujarat, while Uninor registers a substantially major gain in their subscriber base. Uninor honchos credit the outstanding gain to best prepaid services and viable prepaid mobile recharge plans.

In what is being seen as a major turn of the telecom tide, many major and national telecom network providers have registered an actual and substantial decrease in mobile subscriber base in the generally profitable Gujarat circle for the fiscal cycle of 2011-12. The number of subscribers lost range anywhere from one lakh to seven and a half lakhs. On the other side of the coin stands Uninor, which has registered a staggering increase of 11 lakh in its subscriber base.

Jinesh Hegde, circle business head for Uninor in Gujarat attributes this stand out, awe-inspiring gain to the simple philosophy of constantly focusing on the quality of basic services, whilst sticking to the core brand proposition of providing “pay less, talk more” plans, “We have chosen to focus on the services that the mass market really wants - voice, SMS, basic internet - and offering these at most affordable rates. At the same time, we constantly drive our own costs down to be able to sustain this affordability position. We also work very hard on our distribution and retail."

The subscribers in the Uninor Gujarat circle can avail the following prepaid mobile recharge online:
Full Talk Time packs
  •          Rs. 30 = Rs. 30
  •          Rs. 50 = Rs. 50
  •          Rs. 100 = Rs. 100
Extra Talk time packs

  •          Rs, 170 = Rs. 200
  •          Rs. 340 = Rs. 410
STD Packs

  •          Rs. 57 = 8000 STD secs (valid 28 days)
  •          Rs. 98 = 275 STD mins (valid 28 days)
Combo Packs

  •          Rs. 4 = National Calling @ 1.2p/sec (valid 28 days)
  •          Rs. 45 = National Calling @ 30p/min (valid 28 days)
SMS Packs

  •          Rs. 39 = 1000 national SMS free (valid 28 days)
  •          Rs. 46 = 2500 national SMS free (valid 28 days)
Internet Packs

  •          Rs. 14 = 1 GB for 14 Days
  •     Rs. 47 = 1 GB for 28 days

Friday, 24 May 2013

Do I get to save money on mobile tariffs with online top up as opposed to mobile top up?

The question asked by every newbee to the world of online mobile recharge: Which of the two will help me save more money?

online recharge
When one finds out that there is another way of keeping your prepaid connectivity going rather than the conventional recharge, the first instinct is to draw out the differences between the two – one being the conventional mobile top up and the other, in this particular case, being online recharge. Of course, we know that among the top questions asked or pondered upon in this battle between mediums is whether one actually proves financially beneficial or advantageous over the other - and to just give an overall perspective, we can say NO – the two are more or less the same. But this match up between conventional mobile top up and online top up is not fought on level ground. SO there might not be a very straight, simple, black & white answer to this. But we will still chart out certain differences, and then you can make up your mind.

First up, mobile telecom operators are pushing their customers of prepaid mobile service to opt for online mobile recharge. For this reason, they are coming out with various exclusive online recharge mobile tariffs as well as exclusive offers only on online recharge. These online mobile recharge offers range from more mobile talk time to added Value added services to even freebies such as free movie tickets! So while as the prepaid mobile customer, you are not saving directly on your recharge budget, you are getting more out of the same amount while spending via online recharge as opposed to recharging with regular mobile top up.

More reasons to love and prefer online recharge are the option to recharge anytime and from anywhere, the freedom to browse through and choose the recharge that suits you most from an updated list, the freedom from cash, and a completely secure transaction gateway.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Uninor sticks to its “Sabse Sasta” promise

Uninor sticks to its “Sabse Sasta” promise
Since beginning operations in 2009, Uninor has been the self-proclaimed king of “pay less, talk more”. It’s early February 2013 now. How true have they remained in their quest to provide you with the most economical prepaid recharge plans? Let’s indulge in a little face-off between Uninor and other popular operators. The battleground is U.P. East – a budding mobile market with lots of subscribers and lots of untapped green pastures, especially for economically sound service providers.

Top Up Plans
We start with the lowest denomination – with the Rs. 10 recharge plan, while Uninor provides Rs. 7.90, other options scored either similar, or in many cases Rs. 6.90. The real deal about Uninor mobile plans, though, comes out when we start comparing where the full talktime range starts. Beating almost everyone else, Uninor provides full talktime starting from a recharge plan of Rs. 50 only. For some providers, this feature does not even start at Rs. 200.

SMS Plans
Teens across the world are calculated to send almost 4000 messages per day per sender. So, clearly, the SMS category is very important to consumers and providers both. Most providers in the national SMS recharge pack of Rs. 23 provide 300 national SMS for a validity of 28 days.

STD Plans
Being a country which runs on contacts, Uninor makes STD calling easier for you and your pocket. With a simple recharge plan for Rs. 23, your STD rates are cut down to 30p/sec (valid for 28 days).

Clearly, when it comes to calling prepaid mobile recharge plans, which Uninor holds as its forte, Uninor sticks to its “pay less, talk more” philosophy. Additionally, even in other areas, it is at par with network providers offering the most economical mobile recharge plans.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Enjoying Cheap Calls with Offers and Extra Talk Time

Which mobile service connection are you using? Are you enjoying cheap calls in India satisfactorily with your chosen mobile service? Do you need to think twice before making a call all because of the low talk time you have or that staying connected for long would take a toll on your pocket? You need not ask yourself these questions if you are a Uninor subscriber!

Cheap calls in India are no wonder facilitated by all mobile service providers, yet you will find a difference. The difference is noticed in special tariff vouchers or special offers. Calls automatically turn cheap on an average if you enjoy extra talk time with online prepaid mobile recharge. 

Yes, you enjoy all these benefits with Uninor. For example, with online Prepaid Mobile Recharge of Rs. 80 at, you enjoy extra talk time of Rs. 10. There are more extra talk time options to choose from!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Uninor calling cards and prepaid mobile recharge options

I must say innovative and low cost tariff plans come only with Uninor calling cards. You can call cheap to people who matter to you the most at even 2 paise per minute. These ‘cheap call’ plans are available in denominations ranging from Rs. 17, Rs. 22 to Rs. 33, Rs. 38, and Rs. 82 (15-30 days validity) depending on circles. There are countless other tariff plans meant for local, STD, and ISD circles. Visit to explore them all. Choose the one that suits your budget and preferences the best. There is always something new and surprising from this network operator. You will not regret using Uninor calling cards. Another prepaid mobile recharge plan worth mentioning is ‘Special Tariff Voucher of Talk Non-Stop Plan’. This ‘call cheap’ plan is available in denominations of Rs. Rs. 37, Rs. 38, Rs. 197, and Rs. 198. With the Rs. 197 plan, you enjoy free phone call of a maximum of 2000 mins. for local Uninor to Uninor and a maximum 700 mins. of local calls to other networks per month. And then the igain-39 prepaid mobile recharge plan lets you enjoy 1000 free phone calls to Uninor network and 99 free SMSs a day.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Exciting offers from Uninor

Uninor is a prepaid service provider that consistently ranks as one of the best network operators in the nation. This comes as no surprise though, thanks to Uninor's superior coverage, low prices and flexible tariff plans for all prepaid users.

Uninor tariff plans start as low as Rs. 5/- that gives you full talk-time with validity of one day. Or you can go with the Uninor prepaid mobile recharge of Rs. 500/-, which comes with full talk time and lifetime validity. For those who want to call cheap, Uninor offers a number of calling cards and STVs such as Combo Packs, Local Packs, STD Packs, and ISD Packs.

Uninor’s new ‘Kickstart’ prepaid mobile recharge is priced at Rs. 551/-. With this, you get 120000 Local Uninor to Uninor Seconds/Month for 3 months, and 42000 Local Off-net Seconds/Month for 3 months. ‘i gain-26’ priced at Rs. 26/- only is one of those ‘call cheap’ plan from Uninor that is now most popular among the hip and the young cohort of people. 5% to 60% discount on 1p/sec Local calls, and 85% to 96% discount on 1p/sec Local Calls, and a validity of 90 days, are the exciting benefits that are associated with this plan.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Uninor has it all

Known for its reputation in delivering excellent telecommunication services, Uninor has lately launched a range of tariff plans and calling cards. Uninor has recently introduced ‘First Recharge’ calling cards by means of which you can cut down local, STD, and ISD call rates, and more with a validity of one year. There are four packs available under this plan- Rs. 62, Rs. 80, Rs. 112, Rs. 204, and Rs. 501. With the pack that is priced Rs. 62, you get 85% to 96% discount on 1p/sec Local On-net Calls (60 Days) and all India STD @ 30p/min for 500 mins and 50p there on (30 Days), and a talk time of Rs. 15/month for 2 months! And with a prepaid mobile recharge of Rs. 204/- you get 120000 Local On-net Secs (30 Days) and 42000 Local Off-net Secs (30 Days).

Call cheap @ 2p/minute from Uninor to Uninor- the greatest of all tariff plans by Uninor. If you get hold of a ‘talk non-stop’ Uninor prepaid mobile recharge card of Rs. 198, then you will get unlimited local talk time value (Uninor to Uninor) and moreover, you can call cheap to STD numbers at a rate of just 1p/sec.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Uninor Prepaid Card and India GPRS

Do you have a Uninor prepaid card? If yes, you are in the race of satisfied prepaid card users enjoying low mobile tariff as low as 2 paise per minute from Uninor to Uninor besides also enjoying cheap India GPRS plans. If you choose the igain-199 for Rs. 199, you need not pay any mobile tariff but enjoy 10,000 minutes of local calls from Uninor to Uninor for free! 10,000 minutes for Rs. 199 – no other prepaid card will facilitate such a scheme! This is the reason why Uninor is ruling the hearts of many!

When we speak about India GPRS from Uninor, you have a range of options - MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, and MyInternet 90. For example with MyInternet 90 India GPRS, you enjoy free browsing up to 200MB/day with 20p/20kb after free usage limit valid for 1 month. You only get more from your Uninor prepaid card!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Uninor Advantage of Staying Connected

If you want to call cheap and avail low tariff plans, go for Uninor calling cards. To get started with a Uninor connection, just get the base tariff and starter kit for Rs. 25, valid for a lifetime. Then choose talk time packs and avail other special offers. You may go for tariff plans, call rates of which start from as low as 2 paise per minute from Uninor to Uninor. You can thus call cheap and stay connected for hours! For example with igain -24 (local), you get a talk time value of Rs. 30 and the minutes are valid for a period of 4 days. With igain-33 for Rs. 33, you get talk time of 99 minutes to any network. Uninor prepaid mobile recharge can be done any time online.

Calling cards and tariff plans differ from one network provider to another. Prepaid mobile recharge is facilitated by all online.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Uninor Calling Cards

Buy Uninor calling cards and call cheap to your friends and family. With most affordable tariff plans like ‘Aaj ka Panch’, ‘i gain-53’, ‘i gain 123’, and many more, Uninor guarantees that every phone user yield significant savings ‘Discount Plan’ and ‘Talk non-stop plan’ are ‘Best Value Plans’ from Uninor, specially made for those who want to call cheap, free phone calls save more. If you make local calls more than STD, one of the best tariff plans for you would be ‘Kickstart 551’. This prepaid mobile recharge coupon gives you 1,20,000 local seconds -Uninor to Uninor and 42,000 local seconds to any local mobile per month for 3 months.

Uninor also offers ISD calling cards for cheap ISD calls. ‘i gain-18’ and ‘i gain-111’ are the two prepaid mobile recharge coupons introduced by Uninor by means of which you can cut down ISD call rates significantly.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Uninor Tariff Plans 2 Paise Per Minute

All mobile users do look for tariff plans that facilitate them to call cheap. Tariff plans differ from operator to operator. So, you are using calling cards of which operator? If you get to call cheap you will certainly go for prepaid mobile recharge every time the balance gets exhausted. There can be no cheaper calling cards than those offered by Uninor. Visit the Uninor corporate site and browse through the tariff plans.

You will only regret why you have not been availing the tariff plans of this mobile service provider. What more will you ask for when you can call cheap at 2 paise per minute! Yes, you get it with Uninor. It has to be from a Uninor to Uninor. The prepaid mobile recharge denomination for this offer by Uninor is only Rs. 38. This offer is available in particular areas, so check for it and get it.