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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Evolution of Mobile Networks

A lot has changed over the years, especially in the field of communication. From old school wired telephones which burned a hole in your pocket to make calls, to new smartphones which allow you to talk for free even if the person on the other side is miles away, evolution in this part of technology has come a long way. Mobile services has vastly changed the scenario of how people communicate. Though there are on-going arguments on pros and cons of this, but no one can deny the impact of mobile phones in our life today. This is now being highlighted in Uninor’s recent campaign, Tab Aur Ab.

This campaign has a series of photos on social media which makes us realize how much the world has changed; what is used to be and what it is now. One of the photos on Facebook depicts how selfies were taken back in time. Earlier, you had those typical cameras which came along with timers. You had to adjust the timer, get back to your position and wait for the countdown to finish so that the camera clicks your own picture. This way you can be the part of the group while taking photo. But now, all you got to do is turn on your front camera, pose and pout and click, and voila, you have your own image. Simple are ever.

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