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Monday, 26 May 2014

With Just a Re. 1 Online Recharge Gujarat Whatsapps and Gujarat Facebooks

Uninor has introduced a new, super sasta prepaid plan in Gujarat. Just for Re. 1, the Gujarat circle subscribers can use Whatsapp or Facebook for a whole day!

In today’s day and age, what value does a one rupee coin actually have? If you see a rupee coin lying on the road, I bet you would not even consider its worth that much that you would expend 0.5% energy gotten from that awesome grilled chicken burger that you had as a snack when you went out with friends the previous evening. People use one rupee coin to fill up that hole in the envelope that they use to give money to the married couple on their wedding. The most miserly grocers today charge you only Rs. 420/- even if you have bought groceries worth Rs. 421/- and you lie to him saying you do not have a Re. 1 coin (I am not saying you lie every time. But if you have never experienced it, lie once for the sake of a social learning).

What is the best use you can think of for a one rupee coin? A coin toss in the local match? A decoration for your new wallet? A screwdriver (check it on YouTube, people actually use it as a screwdriver)? Whatever it is, a rupee coin today has more uses as a tool or as an ornament than value as money.

Launching this new internet plan in Gujarat, Uninor has clearly made a difference to this deplorable condition of the one rupee coin.

With the new “unlimited fun” online recharge Gujarat circle subscribers can now choose to use Facebook or Whatsapp (either, mind you, not both) at just a simple, nominal and pocket friendly fee of one rupee a day!

We would like to think that this prepaid plan in Gujarat is among (if not the) best uses of one rupee. Stay connected with friends – like, share, comment, spread the love. Check out the Unlimited Fun @ Re. 1 plan, and many others here: