Friday, 23 January 2015

Services offered by Uninor My account

Got a new smartphone, but confused about all the million setting. Have no fear Uninor MyAccount is here, to take the blues away. It will help you get all the nitty gritty’s in place.

It’s time to login to Facebook or WhatsApp or one of the many services your swanky new phone offers, but a GPRS message keeps popping up.  And you don’t know what to do with it. Don’t worry, just login into Uninor MyAccount account, click upon on the get GPRS tab it will provide you with a step by step guide on how to activate the service. 

GPRS (General Pocket Radio Service) activation is needed for SMS, MMS, push to talk over cellular, WhatsApp and other instant messaging providers, always on internet access and conference calls. So make sure you read the instructions right.  So, now that your GPRS is activated, it's time to also activate your VAS services as well. Get a low-down in your MyAccount on the best VAS services for you. So, whether you want to activate a new service or deactivate an existing one MyAccount is the place to be.  So, go ahead and activate.

Ok then! So, you managed to lock your phone for the 5th time this week and customer care is holding out on you. Don’t fret. Just login into your account and you will get two PUK numbers to help you unlock your mobile phone and if you do happen to exceed the two try’s, then sorry, call customer care on 121, wait in line and then only can you unlock your phone.  And while you are at it, if there something you are not happy about they have a section for that too. You can log in and file and track your complaint as well.

Now, that you of all that sorted, what about online recharg your phone that can be done here too. Along with that, the system throws up random offers according to your preferences and these offers are unique to you. As they are based on your needs and usage.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

No money, so what, goes online and recharge it

Gone are the days when, standing in line was prerequisite for paying the bills. Whether, it was electricity, phone or even paying your DTH bills. The long winding lines are a thing of the past. With 250 million internet users in India and 90% of them accessing it through their mobile, paying bills is just a click away. Online recharge has become an integral part of everyday life. Especially, for recharging phones and DTH connections with a vast number of sites offering many delights to urge the customer to use their site. 

Recharge your phone online and you could score great deals for the many online shopping websites and fast food joints. So come on jump on the bandwagon, be careful not to fall off though.
So, you’re in the middle of a lengthy monologue expressing your dislike on a subject and your phone dies in the middle of it. How completely disturbing that can be, breaking your thought process and taking away the chance of having the last word. But, punching a few numbers on an online recharging site will allow you to complete the all-important monologue and let you have the last laugh too.
The data package is over, no worries. Sign into your Uninor account or any online recharging portal and the job is done, easy- peasy. So, no more uninterrupted WhatsApp conversations, unlimited Facebooking and keep sharing those pictures on Snapchat. Whether, you’re addicted to the internet or love long conversations or the TV is your best friend, the world of online recharging makes it a lot more fun and convenient. Alas, you need to change channels every once in a while and that requires movement. Nooo! Screams my hand, it’s too comfortable in the popcorn bowl.
Once you recharge it online there is no going back. And who would want to back to standing in line and moving off the couch, that’s sin now isn’t it. No matter what you want to recharge there are many platforms that allow you to get the most out of your money, go hunting to get the best deal.  
To make life easier than it already is, you can now save your card details and recharge preferences, taking away the hassle of even remembering your card details and preferences for the ultra-couch potatoes. Taking it a step ahead you can save your mobile, DTH Id and data card numbers and the next time you login, voila! It does the work for you- no more stressing the poor little fingers, there are better uses for them. You don’t say! Of course who is going to help pick up the chips from the packet or tackle the tricky little popcorn bits?  The fingers, Duh!

So, now you why online recharge is the best. And brands keep coming up with more fun campaigns to make it a blissful living. For example, Uninor’s ‘Pay less. Talk more’ campaign keeps it simple and that has got them a lot users. It is only natural to want more when you recharge online. 

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