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Friday, 20 September 2013

Mobile top up, recharge plans, top up offers – all can be now accessed from your phone itself!

Not only these – with the launch of the all new Uninor mobile web site, most of the offered mobile services by the 6-circle Indian telecom company will now be available on the subscribers’ fingertips. Get ready for yet another mobile innovation with the brand new Uninor mobile site.

Imagine you’re travelling to your college and suddenly realise that you have run out of balance. You can’t miss the first lecture and getting balance is necessary. To add to the chaos, you do not have a laptop or an internet dongle also so you could recharge online while on the move. All you have is an activated internet plan on your Uninor network and a debit card.

Simple – log on to the new mobile web site, check out the recharge plans and the top up offers (just in case you are curious about any new killer top up offer which the updated site might have) and finally get your desired mobile top up! Case closed – you’re the supercool dude/dudette!

Now imagine you’re the alpha male of the college and you just got to know that the first look of Sunny Leone’s new Bollywood movie has just been released (it’s good to be specific that it’s a normal Bollywood Movie). You’ve got to get that movie wallpaper before anyone in the class! What do you do?

You’re absolutely on hundred per cent right! Log on to the new mobile web site, check out the Walpaper download section and BOOM – you’ve got your favourite wallpaper on your screen in a minute!

The recently introduced all new mobile site which promises even more mobile services that would make life very easy for you. The sections include almost all the sections that comprise the main web site of Uninor, including instant mobile recharge. Other value added mobile services such as Bollywood songs, mobile games, etc can also be accessed from the mobile web site, and this allows you to direct install all of these into your phone.

The functionality of the mobile site is pretty basic and smooth. It is designed keeping in mind that it should be easy to navigate through, rather than flashy and complicated. After all, it’s a service website and its basic aim is to let the subscriber browse through services easily and quickly.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Telecom Operators see Prepaid Recharge Offers the perfect hook for promoting Online Recharge

Telecom Companies forfeit middleman’s commission, Consumers get more through online recharge offers – it’s a win-win for both!

In exclusive recharge offers, telecom companies have found the perfect gratification to woo their prepaid consumer base towards the online recharge sections on their respective websites. Why do the telecoms want you – the prepaid mobile phone user, to recharge online rather than indulge in the age-old practice of going to the local recharge walla bhaiya and get it through cash? That’s a topic I have addressed in other articles. But let me briefly delineate a few of the reasons – it seems the telecoms want to save up on the commission of the middleman. This will be a direct benefit that the companies would enjoy if the consumers recharge online. Another reason for promoting online recharge – the provision twenty four seven recharge. The regular recharge practice is limited to office timings of the local recharge vendor. But in a consumer base that includes youngsters many of whom also buy and use night time packs, the companies have realised that a large portion of the consumer base are using mobile services at night, and thereby, would want to renew and recharge the service at time they are using it. Online recharge provides for this very purpose. Third – it’s environment friendly. This is because paperwork is drastically reduced with online prepaid recharge.
Now that you have been informed of the premise of the advantages of online prepaid recharge over regular recharge from the local vendor, let’s look at a case study related to prepaid recharge offers, both general and exclusive, which telecom companies are using to woo consumers to their online recharge pages.
Uninor recently made public an exclusive online recharge offer on any online recharge above Rs. 100, which entitled the consumers to couple movie tickets. This exclusive recharge offer, which was valid in Maharashtra & Patna circles, proved to be a blockbuster. The online recharge page of Uninor received a boosted number of hits because of this recharge offer, and to think that this was achieved with virtually no media spend –it is absolutely phenomenal. The only promotion of the recharge offer was through the telecom’s Facebook page and the regular banner on the home website Uninor has recently introduced 2 step instant mobile recharge facility for easy and quick recharge