Friday, 13 December 2013

Uninor offers more value for money-get the extra talk time

Uninor brings the best New Year offer for its Andhra Pradesh Users which specifies its function of offering more value for money. Yes, its collection of talktime offers receives a sensation with the arrival of a new and exciting deal which reveals all locals and STD calls at just 25p/min.

Isn’t the deal excited? Well, with this offer, Uninor has proved its concern for its valuable customers once again. These days, where every other user is tucked in the grip of packages with the scheme of 1p/Sec, this offer will provide them the greatest healing from the scratch of the heavy loaded expenses.
Now, Andhra Pradesh users can talk as much as they want and not only with their locals but also with those who are residing far away from them.

Till now, Uninor has achieved marks of excellence in providing outstanding customer conveniences along with remarkable services. Since its inception, it has been running for the ultimate satisfaction of its customers through its mind blowing deals related to recharge offer, internet programs and prepaid connections.

Uninor’s more value for money initiative serves the users a better platform to stay connected with their loved ones. With this exclusive offer, Uninor wants to get everyone keep talking and just talking. Thus, pick the package and stay connected with your loved ones with Uninor, Sabse Sasta. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Searching for a new prepaid connection in Andhra Pradesh? Just log on to the new Uninor web site.

Uninor loves Andhra Pradesh. We say that because we can see the history of the brand’s association with the state, in respect to the prepaid recharge plans implemented and the prepaid services introduced by the telecom brand in the state. Uninor’s immense love for Andhra Pradesh can be easily fathomed by the fact that AP is the first state & circle in India where Uninor launched the ‘first time in India’ facility to buy and order a new prepaid connection for yourself, along with the convenience to select your number from thousands of awesome numbers that are available in Uninor’s bag of wonders.
New Prepaid Connection In Andhra Pradesh 
So what in your opinion should a new prepaid connection have to be the best prepaid connection? Is it good network coverage? Or is it less number of call drops? Is it economical call rates? Or is it beneficial prepaid pack? Is it a good bouquet of Value Added Services and latest downloads? Or is better roaming facilities? Is it a good and easy recharge platform? Or is the best prepaid connection simply a matter of having the freedom to select a number of your choice from a bouquet of some great and easy to remember mobile phone numbers from the comfort of your home (or office) and ordering online a new prepaid connection online? What determines the best prepaid connection for you? What if a new prepaid connection has more than one of these? What if your new prepaid connection was INDEED the best prepaid connection because it had all of the above?
If you are sitting in front of the screen somewhere in Andhra Pradesh, staring incredulously at this article and saying to your own self, “Well, now that you mention it, I cannot think of a reason why I would not want all of these in a new prepaid connection…” here is some fantastic news for you. Now you can get all of the features mentioned above in one connection – and that may be the very best prepaid connection for you.

The name is Uninor.
So essentially, people residing within Andhra Pradesh can happily buy new prepaid connection online from Uninor’s official web site ( and become Uninor prepaid mobile subscribers to avail the benefit of the ‘sabse sasta, sabse acha’ offers – all without having to set one foot outside the house (of course, this is to be taken as a rhetoric as only people living within 5 km of any Uninor delivery centre will be considered for free home delivery). But the convenience of it all is absolutely staggering.

Here’s how you buy a new sim card from Uninor. Go to the New Connection link on the Uninor website ( and fill out the form in the simple, easy to understand 3-step process this will include your personal details, details of the documents, and get this – you get to choose your own number (and by what we saw when we were checking it out, the options for the GSM sim card numbers were pretty cool and also many!) After that, just like any other online shopping site, you are directed to a secure payment gateway, where you can pay by any of the multiple options (debit card/credit card/netbanking, you know, the usual suspects).

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bollywood, Fashion, Nature, Wrestling – now download mobile wallpapers at Rs. 10 onwards from Uninor

It’s time for Uninor prepaid mobile service subscribers to jazz up their mobile phone wallpaper. Try the updated mobile wallpaper download section on Uninor’s newly revamped mobile web site Whether you love Bollywood celebs, nature and scenic pics or you’re a fan of the ramp scorching fashion models – it is all there. Check it out for yourself! Visit right now.

Everyone loves someone - whether it is Bebo and Kat for guys, or Duggu and Barfi for the girls; or just a scenic, serene, picture-perfect valley reminding us of the creativity and talents of Nature. Now Uninor prepaid mobile service subscribers some latest, rarest, never seen before, awesomely cool wallpapers. These static wallpapers & animated wallpapers for mobile can be easily accessed on the VAS (value added services) on Uninor web site Also, the cool new mobile site of Uninor also has a section for mobile wallpaper download, where all the mobile wallpapers and animated wallpapers for mobile have been categorically placed.

The mobile wallpaper download section contains many a mobile phone wallpaper in various categories – Indian movies and movie stars, fashion models, natural scenery, World Wrestling superstars (any John Cena & Triple H fans NEED to check this), and many others. The sections also have a good collection of animated wallpapers for mobile.

Download charges vary for mobile wallpapers. While individual mobile wallpaper downloads starts from Rs. 10, you can get one of the many VAS recharge packs that Uninor has to offer to reduce the costs. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Uninor Introduces Coolest prepaid plans for Andhra Pradesh

Uninor Andhra Pradesh Circle Business Head unveils the All India 25p/min prepaid recharge tarrif. Says that this move will help prepaid mobile subscribers save almost 50 per cent in a world where everything is getting more & more expensive

Uninor loves Andhra Pradesh. We say that because we can see the history of the brand’s association with the state, in respect to the prepaid recharge plans implemented and the prepaid services introduced by the telecom brand in the state. Uninor’s immense love for Andhra Pradesh can be easily fathomed by the fact that it is the first state in India where Uninor launched the facility to buy and order prepaid mobile connections, along with the convenience to select your number from thousands of awesome numbers that are available in Uninor’s bag of wonders. The fact that Uninor could implement this massive “first time in India” organizational pilot plan to mechanical precision speaks lengths about how special the 6-circle ‘prepaid only’ telecom operator holds the Andhra Pradesh circle and subscribers in Andhra.
And to keep the love for the Andhra Pradesh circle alive, in fact, to take it to a whole new ‘sabse sasta, sabse acha’ level, Uninor has offered its prepaid service subscribers the opportunity to stay connected to their friends and family (whether in the local circle or across the nation) at just a menial rate of 25 paise per minute. TWENTY FIVE PAISE PER MIUTE! This is, by calculation, even less than half a paise per second!
The breakthrough prepaid plan was launched in the last week of September in a press conference by the Uninor Andhra Pradesh Circle Business Head Satish Kannan. While unveiling the new plan, Kannan spoke about Uninor’s promise of providing their prepaid service customers the ‘sabse sasta, sabse acha’ mobile experience and these plans being exactly aligned to this brand promise.
For the people who just want to make local calls with this awesome prepaid service, they can get a prepaid recharge of Rs. 17. For the people whose friends and family are spread all over the nation, they can get a recharge of Rs. 29.
According to Kannan, Uninor had also introduced some really cool extra talk time offers, the first in India, where prepaid service subscribers get extra talk time on all prepaid recharges up from Rs. 10. These prepaid plans, coupled with the lower call rates, would help the subscribers save up to 50 per cent on mobile budget, which is a great thing in a time when everything is getting only more & more expensive.

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Monday, 7 October 2013

FREE Top ups and Apple iPhone 5 on recharging online with Uninor

Now when you recharge online at, with every top up you get, you may be in the running to win as much recharge amount as you recharged with, and at the end of October, a brand new, breathtakingly beautiful, state-of-the-art Apple iPhone 5!

Uninor is going all thrusters full blown to lure their subscribers on to their online recharge portal. We know that for most of the subscribers, the most common and prevalent manner of recharging is to go the local market and find the vendor next door and tell him the recharge amount and their numbers and voila! Prepaid Top up done! It has been especially hard for the telecom company, which serves subscribers in six circles nationwide, to get the people to use their web site to recharge online, especially those who are not very tech savvy.  In many earlier blogs, we have talked about the whole comparison between regular recharges and online recharge, so we won’t be going there. But what we will be doing right now is writing about how you can win free recharges and the coveted Apple iPhone 5. So here goes.

Win free recharges:

Simply put, it is the online recharge version of ‘fastest finger first’. The Uninor clock resets every hour, and the first online recharge of every hour wins talk time equal to the recharge. It’s that simple!

Go for the iPhone 5:

Uninor has reserved the biggest gift for the biggest spender. That means that the person with the maximum amount in online recharge(s) will walk away with the iPhone 5. Multiple recharges will be taken into account for the period between 1st & 31st October.

Please remember – all the prizes are only valid on easy online recharge purchased from Uninor’s own web site

Monday, 30 September 2013

The 3 step Online Mobile Recharge Facility

If there is one company which leads in bridging the gap between customer convenience and remarkable services, the clear leader is Uninor. Proven pioneers in offering attractive mobile recharge plans for customers, the online mobile recharge comprises only 3 simple and quick steps. The online recharge facility by Uninor has transformed your dream into a reality of getting a mobile recharge done without having to walk up to your nearest mobile recharge center.

Today our lives are totally packed with hectic schedules and sparse time, which is why an online mobile recharge facility is a huge relief.

Having served their customers since 2009, Uninor has mastered the art of keeping people connected. It is a joint venture between Telenor Group, a telecommunications company based in Oslo, Norway, and Unitech Group, an Indian real estate company.

Uninor also offers affordable mobile connectivity and Internet plans to their valued customers. Each online mobile recharge plans is unique and is specifically designed to satisfy the different strata of customers. It provides mobile recharge plans with the ease of online recharge to 3, 22, 95,872+ customers while also offering free GPRS days across its circles.

Uninor’s vision is “We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communication services in their daily lives. We’re here to help, which reflects an unfailing commitment to customers.”
Further, they have established a set of principles to guide them in everything they do. They will make it easy to buy and use their services, they will deliver on their promises, and they will inspire their customers and will be respectful of differences.

Uninor’s dedication towards Corporate Social Responsibility has also earned them innumerable loyal customers. This is evident by its recent campaign in Gujarat and other Uninor is initiating campaigns in Indian villages, cities, towns etc for the upliftment of the society.

Uninor is therefore known to be the most promising mobile operator in India, thus earning the faith of millions. It is fast increasing its market share across India. 
It emphasizes on serving and satisfying customer to the core. One can recharge the Uninor prepaid mobile online from many cities. Online mobile recharge for Uninor  prepaid is available for all operating circles which include Andhra Pradesh, Bihar (Incl. Jharkhand), Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Maharashtra and Goa, Mumbai, Orissa, Tamil Nadu (Incl.Chennai), UP East, UP West and West Bengal.

The company has invested in all respects to provide best customer experience, leading in parameters which matter most to the customers, which are, ease, speed and security. For example, their online mobile recharge is now simpler with a three step process: first step – Enter transaction details; second step – Submit and confirm details and last step – Make the payment. Customers can hence avoid the hassle of going to recharge outlet in the dust, pollution and rush.

The success of Uninor is evident from the fact that it has already achieved break-even in some of its circles like UP-West, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar-Jharkhand. The recharge plans being economical and competitive are attracting more and more new customers and thus Uninor is fast emerging as the market leader.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

All Uninor employees in Bihar and Jharkhand will call customers on 23rd September

Bihar and Jharkhand joins all of Uninor and Telenor Group companies worldwide to celebrate Customer First Day

Uninor also announces its financial break-even in the circle and starts a 3-day roadshow across Bihar and Jharkhand
Patna, September 21, 2013: Each of the 520 Uninor employees in Bihar and Jharkhand will make calls to the company’s subscribers to take feedback on Uninor’s services on September 23rd. Across Uninor, employees will spend a day at the Uninor Call Centres, interacting with customer service agents and taking subscriber calls; go into the market to meet retailers and interact with customers and also offer surprise deals on all purchases at the Uninor stores. Employees of Bihar and Jharkhand join their Uninor colleagues across India and the over 30,000 Telenor Group colleagues across the world to celebrate the Customer First Day on September 23rd.
In Patna to announce this initiative, the company’s CEO Yogesh Malik also announced that Uninor has achieved profitability in its Bihar and Jharkhand operations. This is a significant achievement since Uninor offers the lowest tariffs in a circle that also has among the lowest ARPUs in India.
“We are proud of this accomplishment. While many wrongly assume that a low ARPU market makes for a difficult business case, we have proven that a mobile operator can serve the mass market with basic services and affordable tariffs, and yet achieve profitability. Sabse Sasta is a commitment from Uninor and Sabse Sasta will continue,” said Yogesh Malik.
Uninor serves 4.3 million subscribers with a network of 2442 sites and 50,000 points of sale in Bihar and Jharkhand.
Special offers to celebrate Customer First Day
As a part of the Customer First Day celebrations, Uninor has also launched a variety of new offers. Some of these include free unlimited internet for 7 days with every recharge of Rs. 100 and above. On a recharge of Rs 551, customer gets 50 STD minutes Free at Uninor shops and 5 % extra every time he recharges for a year with enrolment under Uninor Advantage Club from Uninor exclusive stores.
“This is the most important day of the year for Uninor. After all, we exist because of our customers. This year on the Customer First Day, Uninor employees in Bihar and Jharkhand will call or meet subscribers and visit retail shops,” said AEA Jameel, Circle Business Head for Bihar and Jharkhand. “Break-even is only a milestone. Our intention is to go far deeper and wider in Bihar and Jharkhand with Uninor’s Sabse Sasta services,” he added.
320 km road show led by the Uninor CEO
Uninor’s CEO, Yogesh Malik also began a 3 day road show across towns and villages of Bihar & Jharkhand. The team will cover a distance of close to 320 kilometers; starting at Patna and travelling to Bodhgaya and Ranchi – and several villages that fall en-route. During this road-show, Uninor team will meet its customers, retail and distribution partners and employees in various locations.
“This is the way Uninor works. It is our responsibility to go where our customers and retail partners are – understand what they need from Uninor and ensure we meet their expectations. For us every customer matters and customer satisfaction is the priority,” said AEA Jameel.
Uninor Daud to be flagged off at Gandhi Maidan in Patna
As a part of Uninor’s 3-day road show to the towns and villages of Bihar & Jharkhand, the company’s CEO along with the Circle Business Head A.E.A Jameel will flag off the Uninor Daud. With more than 1000 participants registering – this qualifies to be one of the biggest sporting event of this nature in the region.  The Uninor Run will take place at Gandhi Maidan in Patna on 22nd of Sep’13 at 6 am and will cover a route of over 3 kilometers. Participants across all age groups can join the run, as it is intended to create awareness on healthy living and perseverance.
“This run is not about Uninor, our business or our products. This is simply a way to encourage the people of the city to make an active effort towards healthy living and make positive changes to their daily lives,” said Yogesh Malik, CEO of Uninor.

About Uninor:

Uninor is majority owned subsidiary of Telenor Group – one of the major mobile operators with headquarters in Oslo, Norway.  Uninor’s cellular service are commercially available in the six circles of UP (West), UP (East), Bihar (including Jharkhand), Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Together, these circles account for more than 50% of India’s population giving Uninor the ability to serve every second person in India.
Uninor is a young operator that focuses on the mass market serving over 32.7 million customers. Uninor’s innovative products and services empower customers to enjoy the benefits of mobile telephony through its simple price proposition of - ’sabse sasta’ (lowest) tariffs for all basic services. The company is committed to profitable growth in this highly price sensitive and competitive market.  Uninor achieved break-even in the two circles of UP East and Gujarat – the fastest by any mobile operator in India. For more information, please visit

About Telenor Group:

Telenor Group is an international provider of tele, data and media communication services. Telenor Group has mobile operations in 12 markets in the Nordic region, Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia, as well as a voting stake of 42.95 per cent (economic stake 33 per cent) in VimpelCom Ltd., operating in 17 markets. Headquartered in Norway, Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with more than 150 million mobile subscriptions in its consolidated operations per Q2 2013, revenues in 2012 of NOK 102 billion, and a workforce of nearly 34,000. For more information about Telenor Group, please visit
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For further information please contact
Payal Gupta: Uninor, Tel: +91 91221 12234
Sajid Perwez: Text100, Tel: +91 98354 03556/ Anuj Chadha: Text100, Tel: +91 98998 78511

Friday, 20 September 2013

Mobile top up, recharge plans, top up offers – all can be now accessed from your phone itself!

Not only these – with the launch of the all new Uninor mobile web site, most of the offered mobile services by the 6-circle Indian telecom company will now be available on the subscribers’ fingertips. Get ready for yet another mobile innovation with the brand new Uninor mobile site.

Imagine you’re travelling to your college and suddenly realise that you have run out of balance. You can’t miss the first lecture and getting balance is necessary. To add to the chaos, you do not have a laptop or an internet dongle also so you could recharge online while on the move. All you have is an activated internet plan on your Uninor network and a debit card.

Simple – log on to the new mobile web site, check out the recharge plans and the top up offers (just in case you are curious about any new killer top up offer which the updated site might have) and finally get your desired mobile top up! Case closed – you’re the supercool dude/dudette!

Now imagine you’re the alpha male of the college and you just got to know that the first look of Sunny Leone’s new Bollywood movie has just been released (it’s good to be specific that it’s a normal Bollywood Movie). You’ve got to get that movie wallpaper before anyone in the class! What do you do?

You’re absolutely on hundred per cent right! Log on to the new mobile web site, check out the Walpaper download section and BOOM – you’ve got your favourite wallpaper on your screen in a minute!

The recently introduced all new mobile site which promises even more mobile services that would make life very easy for you. The sections include almost all the sections that comprise the main web site of Uninor, including instant mobile recharge. Other value added mobile services such as Bollywood songs, mobile games, etc can also be accessed from the mobile web site, and this allows you to direct install all of these into your phone.

The functionality of the mobile site is pretty basic and smooth. It is designed keeping in mind that it should be easy to navigate through, rather than flashy and complicated. After all, it’s a service website and its basic aim is to let the subscriber browse through services easily and quickly.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Celebrate “Free Internet Day” with Uninor’s special offer

Here is the biggest announcement made by Uninor for its Andhra Pradesh subscribers. Uninor initiate “free internet service” for its users especially for those who are residing in Andhra Pradesh. This facility upholds free and unlimited surfing, downloading, chatting and social media.

This exciting offer is made to get applicable on September 9, 2013 which is also recalled as “Free Internet Day”. Subscribers can enjoy this special offer right from Midnight to 8PM of the day. After the day, the regular GPRS charges will be applicable on the usage.

While launching this exciting plan, Uninor’s Circle business head comment on the affordability offered by Uninor in terms of voice and SMS tariffs. Uninor acts as the most affordable operator that excels in offering cheapest online recharge. Along with the reasonable calls support, Uninor has also gained enormous popularity in terms of cheapest internet plans.

Uninor customers can now subscribe for the most affordable GPRS plan suiting to their needs. Subscribers can pick desired internet data from the collectibles of retail stores.  Also, customers can purchase the internet plan from the online store as well.

So, subscribers are liberated to avail of free internet offer on September 9 and thereafter too with economical tariffs introduced by Uninor. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

When the rupee drops, one prepaid mobile service finds the answer – gold!

In this unsure and unstable economy, how can having a connection from Uninor cellular service help you? Apart from UNLIMITED FUN & MASTI, Uninor subscribers can win Gold & cash by SMSing on 533355.

Uninor is all about more value-for money propositions. Whether in their “Sabse sasta, sabse sasta” brand promise, or the phone service, or the offers and prepaid plans, online recharge, or their limited period and 
special offers – the whole Uninor bouquet screams out VALUE FOR MONEY.

But this time, they Uninor have pushed the envelope much farther than any cellular service operator. They are actually giving away gold in the new SMS-based contest.

Introducing the BANGARAM BONANZA!

All you have to do to participate in the contest is SMS GOLD to 533355, and if you’re one of the lucky winners, you may win 20g Gold as the 1st Winner, or ten thousand rupees as the 2nd Winner, or five thousand rupees as the 3rd Winner.

That’s as good as a prepaid mobile service offer will ever get!

Also you can SMS to 533355 for more fun & masti.

Friday, 16 August 2013

SMS plans: text your heart’s content

Uninor brings easy to avail SMS packs for the users. Like, users can avail of the benefit of 50 local and national SMS with a mere expense of Rs.13 and also 100 local and National SMS per day with an easy online recharge of Rs. 46. Isn’t that too low?  

                                                          SMS packs

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Get amazing connectivity with Uninor’s exclusive plans

In today’s modern world, everyone wants an uninterrupted connectivity with their friends, social groups and business associates. The connections can take form of unlimited calls; SMS’s and even uninterrupted internet.  For all such requirement, Uninor initiates some full proof solutions which are affordable and effective also.

Easy online recharge 
Uninor being the people’s telecom company brings such effective and cheap plans which serve the above mentioned needs by sticking to the brand philosophy “Sabse sasta, sabse acha”. Whether the need is related to talk time offers, STD packs, roaming packs, SMS plans or even GPRS plans, Uninor has fulfilled its promise.

Along with the above, Uninor has also initiated some exclusive deals like extra talk time offers and full talk time offers. Also, the company has introduced online recharge concept to provide the needed convenience to the subscribers. The consumer could easily select the desired package from the list mentioned on the company’s websites and get the online mobile recharge with the respective deal.

With easy online recharge mode and affordable recharge offers, the subscriber can enjoy great connectivity with his loved ones. Let’s explore some exclusive offers or plans introduced by Uninor.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Get avail of online mobile recharge-the quick and convenient recharge mode

Online mobile recharge appears as a boon to those consumers who want to get rid of those long queues of offline recharges. With the facility of recharging the mobile phones online, the consumers could refill their mobile phones within no time and without any hassle.

 Recharge offers
To get the online recharge on your mobile phone, you need not to input any efforts like moving to the side shop of you area and ask for the most suitable recharge option, etc. rather, you can choose the best suited option form the varied one available over the websites and get the best for yourself. Also, the recharging process is quite easy to follow which allow easy and convenient recharge facility with the aid of few clicks.

When it comes to the choice made between the best recharge plans, the consumers could avail of the varied recharge offers available over the service providing websites. They can detail out every offer and make the selection for the best one as per their needs and requirements. The online recharge allows the consumers to get the desirable talk time anytime of the day irrespective of the location. The consumers are not bound by the availability of any particular recharge outlet rather they can get the refilling of their mobile done within minutes with the support of online stores and uninterrupted internet connection.

Thus, if you want to refill your mobile phone and want to have the desired talk time, simply make yourself attached with the online recharge facility and recharge your mobile. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Online mobile recharge India’s new sweetheart?

Mobile recharge is fast becoming the new form of easy recharge in India – ever wonder why? Yeah we did some soul searching, and have answers – well, some of them, at least.
online recharge

The Uninor banner hovers like an unquenched, beseeching spirit besides the YouTube video I randomly landed upon a couple of seconds ago while trying to increase my general awareness of rock music. I generally tend not to pay attention to the overly edited dark square-shaped marketing chips, but this blue ad presents me with a blue streak of attention grabbing difference.

I thought that maybe it is just a lack of general awareness on the topic of prepaid recharge trends, but since I have been writing on this subject for some time now, I think I have enough knowledge – then why did this banner seem completely out of the blue?

It actually proposed that you can get extra talk time on easy recharge – correction: easy online recharge.
In a scenario where the subscriber is always hassled with what percentage of their hard earned money would be lost thanks to the abyss of inexplicable service charges and taxes, Uninor’s extra talk time mobile recharge plans come as a refreshing breather.

The fine print is – these extra talk time mobile recharge offers can only be availed with easy online recharge. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Full talk time recharge offers are passé in Bihar. Uninor introduces extra talktime

For Rs. 110, you don’t just get a full talk time recharge offer. You get Rs. 15 extra talk time.

The Uninor mobile subscriber base in Bihar is in for a fully loaded Uninor surprise. While Full Talk time mobile recharge plans start from as low as Rs. 20 (so for Rs. 20, you get Rs. 20 recharge), you can even get extra talk time of Rs. 125 for a recharge of Rs. 110.

As the people’s telecom company, Uninor has always stuck to its “sabse sasta, sabse acha” brand promise. Whether in talk time offers recharges, or STD & roaming packs, or SMS & mobile internet packages, Uninor has followed this brand philosophy through each and every one of its offering wherever it has been present. In the same vein, Uninor has offered a whole list of full talk time and extra talk time offers to its Bihar mobile subscriber base (of which Jharkhand is also now a part). So Bihar circle mobile subscribers can now enjoy Uninor’s “sabse sasta, sabse acha” mobile services not just fully, but extra fully!

The extra talk time recharge offers can be availed with both regular recharge as well as online recharge via Uninor’s website , where it just takes 3 clicks to get your Uninor number recharged with the recharge offer of your choice. The reason is that Uninor has also been working on the online recharge section of their website and it is now faster and more secure. So you can get your Uninor number recharged from anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Uninor’s little Dhamaka among BIG GPRS plans in Gujarat: Rs. 63 = 1 GB data for 28 days

With Uninor’s new& improved mobile internet plans, Gujarat can enjoy staying online 24x7 for as low as Rs. 63!

Uninor is, as of now, in the utterly competitive fray to be the leading telecom operator in the Gujarat circle, in front. And how do we dare to make that unlikely claim? Well, according to a report published last month, while most of the national telecom operators have lost lakhs of subscribers in the last fiscal year, Uninor has won over lakhs of telecom subscribers – seems most of them are heading over to the blue petal for its “sabse sasta” commitment and pre-paid plans which focus on good quality basic services at economical rates.

Even though the success of Uninor in the Gujarat telecom circle has been the reason for prepaid cellular plans that focus on good quality basic services, the telecom operator has not neglected mobile internet. Keeping up with its brand philosophy of “sabse sasta, sabse achha” in this aspect too, Uninor offers 1 GB data for 28 days for just Rs. 63 – a milestone low in all regards. What remains to be discovered is whether Uninor’s mobile internet is of as good a quality as the best in the telecom circle. If yes, then Uninor will achieve the status of teenage sweetheart in Gujarat, as mobile internet plan are most used by teens and tweens in the prepaid domain. 
About Uninor
Uninor offers prepaid gsm mobile phone services, best prepaid plans with easy online mobile recharge facility. Enjoy exclusive prepaid offers, low STD/ISD Call rates, Internet (GPRS) plans, roaming charges.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Uninor India STD Plans for UP Users

Uninor Cell phone service users UP West can make India smaller place with its amazing STD plans. Recharge online to avail recharges offers.

Uninor India STD Plans 
STD Packs/Plans
  1. Pay Rs.12 get 30 min STD talk time, validity 7 days
  2. Pay Rs.21 get 50 in talk time, validity 15 days
  3. Pay Rs.41 get 100 STD Min, validity 30 days
  4. Pay Rs.64 get 175 STD Min, validity 30 days

How to get STD Recharge?
  1. Visit Uninor Online Recharge Page or STD Packs page
  2. Choose your suitable STD pack
  3. Make easy payment
  4. Get the Talk time

Uninor has number of beneficial STD plans, Enjoy the easy and instant online recharge facility by Uninor India.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

With personalised Top Up Offers, Uninor takes Online Mobile Recharge to a whole new level

Just for you top up offers: Uninor woos prepaid subscribers with exclusive online recharge offers based on their number and circle. Seems to work!
Got a Uninor prepaid connection? Now get the most of your prepaid connection with Uninor exclusive online top up offers. There are new online recharge offers every day and exclusively for every circle and every prepaid connection.

How do you get exclusive online recharge offers? Just log on to the Uninor website, select your circle and click on EXCLUSIVE OFFERS. Upon entering your Uninor prepaid number, you are shown exclusive top up offers that are applicable to your number and your home circle. Please note that these top up offers are only applicable with online mobile recharge.

What are top up offers? They are simply online recharge based offers for prepaid connections that give you extra than what is generally extracted from those online recharge values.
For example, in the Andhra Pradesh circle, some of the exclusive offers on online mobile recharge are given below.

  • Rs.50 = Extra 500 seconds free on local calls (3 days validity)
  • Rs.21 = 10000 Local + Free 1500 U2U secs for 14 days 
  • Rs.32 = 30000 Local + Free 1500 U2U Local secs  
  • Rs.20 = Rocket Recharge Offer - Get Rs.25 Talktime