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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Enjoying Cheap Calls with Offers and Extra Talk Time

Which mobile service connection are you using? Are you enjoying cheap calls in India satisfactorily with your chosen mobile service? Do you need to think twice before making a call all because of the low talk time you have or that staying connected for long would take a toll on your pocket? You need not ask yourself these questions if you are a Uninor subscriber!

Cheap calls in India are no wonder facilitated by all mobile service providers, yet you will find a difference. The difference is noticed in special tariff vouchers or special offers. Calls automatically turn cheap on an average if you enjoy extra talk time with online prepaid mobile recharge. 

Yes, you enjoy all these benefits with Uninor. For example, with online Prepaid Mobile Recharge of Rs. 80 at, you enjoy extra talk time of Rs. 10. There are more extra talk time options to choose from!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Extra talk time and other facilities

When you get extra talk time with every online recharge, you will certainly not miss the opportunity! After all, who doesn’t want to stay connected for long with people who matter to them? Making phone calls cost effectively, enjoying extra talk time with online recharge happens with Uninor mobile service provider. Yes, you can enjoy these and more services. If you are not yet a Uninor subscriber, visit the corporate site of this mobile service provider and browse through the details of the company, the offers, the tariff plans, value added services it offers, and lots more. You will only get magnetized to subscribe to this mobile service provider right away. Making phone calls with Uninor can make a huge difference on your pocket! With Uninor online recharge offers, you enjoy Rs. 90 with Rs. 80, Rs. 200 with Rs. 170, Rs. 410 with Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 with Rs. 470.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mobile tariff and cheap calls

Making cheap calls in India is an advantage for the natives. Call rates in India are cheaper compared to other countries. There are numerous mobile service providers in India offering different mobile tariff plans to the subscribers’ advantage. According to February 2012 statistics of new subscriber additions, it was Uninor that topped the list. This proves Uninor as the fastest growing mobile service provider in the country at present. No wonder cheap calls in India and Uninor have become synonymous terms.

Want to know in detail about all the mobile tariff plans from Uninor? Visit its corporate site or visit the nearest Uninor store. You can also gain information from mobile stores that sell prepaid cards and recharge vouchers. STVs from Uninor are the most affordable plans. You can get a recharge done at denominations as low as Rs. 5. Free phone calls are the uniqueness of most of the STVs.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Uninor mobile service and GPRS pre paid plans

Uninor mobile service users have reasons to rejoice using Uninor prepaid GPRS plans. There are numerous GPRS pre paid plans to choose from this network operator, prominent in almost all of the circles in India. Even at Rs. 9, you can stay connected over the Internet via email, social networking sites, etc. with friends and family besides browsing desired information. MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90 – these are the popular GPRS pre paid plans users are enjoying with Uninor mobile service. They come with a limited validity, differing in terms of denomination. For example, with MyInternet 9 prepaid GPRS at Rs. 9 lets you enjoy benefits of 60 MB for 3 days. MyInternet 14 prepaid GPRS at Rs. 14 lets you enjoy 200 MB/day for 3 days. Explore the other aforesaid GPRS pre paid plans at Uninor mobile service users do gain a competitive advantage!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Uninor mobile service and tariff plans

Can you imagine life without mobile service today? Of course not! And yes, without low cost mobile service tariff plans, you cannot stay connected for long with the people who matter to you the most. At one time, Uninor introduced ‘2 paise per minute’ scheme, one of the lowest tariff plans introduced till date. With time, newer and exclusive tariff plans are introduced. And few plans differ from circle to circle.

If you are a Uninor mobile service user from Kolkata, you can enjoy the lowest call rate of 30 paise per minute for both local and STD calls. The special tariff plans are available for Rs. 23, 29 and 36 valid for a period of 30 days.

Leave about the wealth of tariff plans offered; if you are availing Uninor mobile service, you can experience the power of non-stop music with the Unlimited Music Plan offer at just Rs. 2.50 per day.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Unlimited Talktime at Affordable Prices

Lately Uninor has emerged as a name to bank upon in the mobile service sector and has already created a huge base of users across India. Being more than a satisfactory mobile service provider, Uninor has launched a number of tariff plans each with its own distinct quality. The tariff plans vary from being free phone calls plan, GPRS and Internet plans, free SMS plans, and 3G Mobile service.

There is a bounty of options that this mobile service operator has to offer to the user world and every offer that is rolled out is more attractive than ever. Once you decide to use Uninor mobile service, you get lifetime validity as a starter gift and then affordable tariff plans and an excellent customer service. With Uninor tariff plans, you don’t need to cut your stories short, talk freely, SMS freely without worrying about cost. Get going with Uninor’s special tariff plans.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Avail Exciting Prepaid Plans With Uninor

Mobile service providers across the world are thinking of ways to get maximum users. Uninor is one such mobile service provider which has lately entered the race and has in a short span of time climbed the ladder of success. The bounty of mobile services offered by Uninor include prepaid GPRS plans, international call plans, pre paid plans for calls, etc. which have nonetheless attracted a lot of users across India. Uninor pre paid plans range diversely between Rs. 5 to Rs. 500 and allow you to enjoy roaming at a relatively low price too.

It has been successful in garnering the trust of its users across the nation with the innovative and affordable prepaid GPRS plans and other pre paid plans. Among the many prepaid plans Uninor offers, one worth mentioning is ‘Dynamic Pricing’, where you can grab a distinct promotional offer every hour every km of distance that you cover.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Uninor Prepaid Plans and GPRS

Pre paid plans of which mobile service provider are the best? Read reviews and about the available pre paid plans offered by the different mobile service providers. Ask the person at the nearest mobile store that offers mobile service of all network operators. If you choose one of the best pre paid plans, you can enjoy free phone calls, low cost local, STD, and international calls including cost effective prepaid GPRS and SMS packs.

When we speak about Uninor prepaid GPRS in india, there are at least six options to choose from, viz. MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90. With every of the aforesaid prepaid GPRS plan, you do enjoy free browsing limited to validity. For example, if you opt for MyInternet 90, you enjoy the benefits of 200 MB / day for 30 days. With MyInternet 59, you enjoy 100 MB / day capping for 30 days.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Uninor Mobile Service and Tariff Plans

Irrespective of whether you make frequent local and STD calls not to mention international calls often, one mobile service provider that will always satisfy you with a range of cost effective tariff plans is Uninor. If you are residing in any of UP West (including Uttaranchal), UP East, Bihar (including Jharkhand), Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, West Bengal, Kolkata and Gujarat, you gain a competitive advantage of using Uninor.

Though new in the Indian mobile service industry, this telecom company has already carved a niche in its circles. You will always find tariff plans that well suit your tariff expectations. Imagine talking non-stop with your beloved or with people who matter to you. Yes, there are tariff plans, one of which facilitates Uninor to Uninor calls at 2 paise per minute. This mobile service provider will never disappoint you in the true sense of the term!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Uninor Mobile Service and Pre paid Plans

Is Uninor your mobile service provider? If yes, you are at the winning edge. This is the mobile service provider that has on offer pre paid plans, in fact numerous pre paid plans including prepaid GPRS all to the users’ advantage. And there are prepaid plans and prepaid GPRS plans for every pocket starting in denominations as low as Rs. 5.

Think of prepaid GPRS from Uninor and the packs - MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 59, MyInternet 90 will flash in your mind. And think about pre paid plans; there are dedicated plans for local, STD, and ISD circles not to mention the combo packs, talk time offers, special offers, and the discount plan. Each of the plans offered by this mobile service provider is the best. And then there are pre paid plans meant for free phone calls from Uninor to Uninor and from Uninor to other networks.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Uninor- Ultimate Choice

If you are looking for a mobile service that does not disturb your budget limitations or considering changing your monthly talk time package to an even better one, then Uninor should be your ultimate choice. Having the advantage of enjoying the trust of countless satisfied customers all over the country, Uninor has always maintained its standard by providing low-cost prepaid plans.

‘Aaj ka Panch’, ‘i gain-19’, and ‘i gain-500’ are the prepaid plans where full talk time is offered. Besides these, ‘i gain-50’, ‘i gain-100’, ‘i gain- 150’, and ‘i gain-300’ are other exclusive recharge offers from Uninor mobile service that offers talk time of Rs. 55, Rs. 115, Rs. 175, and Rs. 355 respectively (talk time more than MRP). If spoken about prepaid GPRS from Uninor, there are adequate numbers of plans that are worth buying. Prepaid GPRS plans from Uninor come in several denominations- between Rs. 5 and Rs. 90.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Affordable Prepaid Plans from Uninor

Uninor mobile service has always been considered the number one choice of thousands of satisfied customers all over India. The most popular pre paid plans offered by Uninor are Best Value Plans, Special Offers, Internet Plans, and On-Net Plans. Each type of these pre paid plans comes with its own set of multiple services and facilities ranging from free SMS/MMS services, bonus minutes and much more. If spoken about SMS tariff plans, Uninor offers three kinds of SMS packs – i gain-7 (1p/Local 0n-net SMS 11p/Local & National Off-net SMS 11p/National On-net SMS), i gain-13 (1 lakh Local SMS to Uninor Network), and i gain-16 (100 local + national SMS free/day thereafter 60p/sms ).

People who use Uninor mobile service can also avail the internet tariff plans that start at Rs. 5 up to Rs. 90. By activating MyInternet 90, you can enjoy 6 GB free internet usage for one month.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Uninor Mobile Service India

There is hardly any individual who has no mobile. In fact, you will find most people having more than one mobile and taking the services of more than one mobile service provider. Why not? You will just not be able to resist the attractive pre paid plans offered. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that people go crazy about Uninor tariff plans! Even with a Rs. 32 local pack, you can enjoy 1000 minutes of free Uninor to Uninor local call. With the Rs. 97 local pack, you get 1000 minutes of free Uninor to Uninor and 300 local minutes on any other network. Well, there are more Uninor tariff plans to choose from in local, STD, and ISD packs.

You can get started with Uninor mobile service going for the base tariff and starter kit available for Rs. 49. Visit the Uninor corporate site and explore the various pre paid plans.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Tariff Plans and Uninor Mobile Service Provider

All you guys availing the benefits of pre paid plans from this mobile service provider called Uninor must be well cognizant about all of its available tariff plans. The discount plan is the most unique not to mention the ‘talk non-stop’ plan. One of lowest tariff plans is the ‘Aaj ka panch’ pack for only Rs. 5. Valid for one night (till midnight on the same day”, you get full talk time with this plan. Likewise there are more tariff plans to choose from. Just visit the Uninor corporate site to browse through the pre paid plans and buy the one that suits your preferences the best at the same platform.

I have switched to this mobile service provider a couple of weeks ago after conducting enough research. Till today, the tariff plans are designed to the users’ advantage. Once you start using this mobile service provider you won’t switch elsewhere.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Uninor Mobile Service

How much do you know about this mobile service operator called Uninor? So, you have been availing its tariff plans for quite some time and yet you do not know about the operator. Let me throw light on this mobile service provider. This company is a joint venture between Norway based Telenor Group and India based Unitech Ltd. The company provides mobile service in each of India’s 22 circles; services are currently available in thirteen circles.

All tariff plans offered by Uninor provide real mobile service value for money. Right from best value plans (discount, talk non-stop) to special offers and internet plans, you will love availing all. Discount tariff plans are available in denominations of Rs. 12 and Rs. 28; internet tariff plans in denominations of Rs. 5, Rs. 9, Rs. 14, Rs. 24, and Rs. 90 with differing validities; and more. To get the plans, visit a Uninor store or go online.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Uninor Mobile Service

Mobile tariff plans are the life line for mobile freaks in India. Uninor, being one of the largest mobile service providers in India, has kept its presence in almost all major states. With excellent network coverage, Uninor tariff plans give you the freedom to use your phone for business purposes as well as to catch up with your friends and family cost effectively. For a just Rs. 198 monthly payment one can actually have unlimited minutes of local Uninor to Uninor/others calls and STD calls at just 1p/sec. For 1/5th this price one can also have unlimited minutes of Uninor to Uninor local calls and Uninor to others and STD calls at just 49p/sec.

 People who use Uninor mobile service can also avail the ‘Discount plan’, enjoying the benefit of discounted call rates that change every hour as per the location. If you try Uninor, you won’t try any other provider!