Thursday, 27 October 2011

Uninor Services

The prepaid trend is exceedingly popular these days. In addition to helping users cut costs, it offers flexibility and a wide range of benefits to the user. Uninor network provider offers users the option to reduce call charges- local, STD, and ISD, in addition to many facilities like India GPRS, unlimited SMS, unlimited music, caller tunes, ring tones, and many more through a prepaid card.

International call rates are always high, as we all know. But with exclusive Uninor ISD packs, international call rates can be reduced to as low as 1p/sec. ‘i gain-111’ is one of the most beneficial ISD packs offered by Uninor prepaid card. With this pack, you get a talk time of Rs. 100/- that is dedicated to ISD usage. ‘i gain-18’ is another ISD pack by means of which you can call US , Canada, UK Fixed, China, Hong Kong & Singapore @ 1p/sec only.

Get instant access to your choicest web sites, entertainment services and other web applications with Uninor GPRS- the most apposite India GPRS server. Uninor India GPRS starts at just Rs. 5 up to Rs. 90 with free browsing limit starting from 30 MB to 6 GB and validities ranging from one day to one month.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Uninor has it all

Known for its reputation in delivering excellent telecommunication services, Uninor has lately launched a range of tariff plans and calling cards. Uninor has recently introduced ‘First Recharge’ calling cards by means of which you can cut down local, STD, and ISD call rates, and more with a validity of one year. There are four packs available under this plan- Rs. 62, Rs. 80, Rs. 112, Rs. 204, and Rs. 501. With the pack that is priced Rs. 62, you get 85% to 96% discount on 1p/sec Local On-net Calls (60 Days) and all India STD @ 30p/min for 500 mins and 50p there on (30 Days), and a talk time of Rs. 15/month for 2 months! And with a prepaid mobile recharge of Rs. 204/- you get 120000 Local On-net Secs (30 Days) and 42000 Local Off-net Secs (30 Days).

Call cheap @ 2p/minute from Uninor to Uninor- the greatest of all tariff plans by Uninor. If you get hold of a ‘talk non-stop’ Uninor prepaid mobile recharge card of Rs. 198, then you will get unlimited local talk time value (Uninor to Uninor) and moreover, you can call cheap to STD numbers at a rate of just 1p/sec.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Uniquely Uninor

The Uninor website brims with a wide assortment of mobile deals and offers enabling customers to stay connected with their loved ones at the most affordable rates. If you are already a Uninor India SIM cards user, just scour in, grab any on-going promotional offer and there you go - all set to enjoy exciting savings on the finest services.

With Uninor India SIM cards, you can enjoy a number of mobile deals in mobile internet connection that are classified under ‘Data Packs’ and ‘internet plans’. ‘MyInternet’ plans from Uninor start at just Rs. 5/- and goes up to Rs. 90/-. ‘MyInternet 5’ priced at Rs. 5/- only is the cheapest mobile internet connection plan that offers free browsing up to 30 MB for one day. For monthly internet plans, you can choose from ‘MyInternet 59’ and ‘MyInternet 90’ that offers free browsing up to 3 GB and 6 GB respectively.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Uninor- Ultimate Choice

If you are looking for a mobile service that does not disturb your budget limitations or considering changing your monthly talk time package to an even better one, then Uninor should be your ultimate choice. Having the advantage of enjoying the trust of countless satisfied customers all over the country, Uninor has always maintained its standard by providing low-cost prepaid plans.

‘Aaj ka Panch’, ‘i gain-19’, and ‘i gain-500’ are the prepaid plans where full talk time is offered. Besides these, ‘i gain-50’, ‘i gain-100’, ‘i gain- 150’, and ‘i gain-300’ are other exclusive recharge offers from Uninor mobile service that offers talk time of Rs. 55, Rs. 115, Rs. 175, and Rs. 355 respectively (talk time more than MRP). If spoken about prepaid GPRS from Uninor, there are adequate numbers of plans that are worth buying. Prepaid GPRS plans from Uninor come in several denominations- between Rs. 5 and Rs. 90.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Exclusive Uninor Deals

One of the leading mobile networks in India- ‘Uninor’ is offering exclusive tariff plans with international call rates to its subscribers. ‘i gain-18’ and ‘i gain-111’ are the two recharge options that comes under Uninor ISD packs. ‘i gain-111’ comes with a talk value of Rs. 100/-. International call rates to US, Canada, UK, China, Hong Kong and Singapore is reduced to 1p/sec through this pack. To get more details, visit

Like all other plans, Uninor prepaid GPRS plans are very reasonable. Uninor GPRS prepaid cards start from Rs. 5/-. ’MyInternet 9’ and ‘MyInternet 14’ are two prepaid GPRS plans that come with a validity of 3 days and offer free browsing up to 60 MB and 500 MB respectively. ‘MyInternet 90’ is arguably the best GPRS prepaid deal from Uninor that comes with a validity of 30 days and 6 GB free data browsing. There are more plans to your advantage.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Preferably Uninor

Undoubtedly, when it comes to mentioning the awe-inspiring ‘roaming in India’ benefits endowed by Uninor, the discussions go on endlessly. With considerably slashed prices of roaming in India, Uninor helps you stay associated with your family and friends even while traveling! Roaming for STD incoming calls from Uninor are charged 60p/min and from other networks cost 80p/min, and outgoing calls to any network cost Rs. 1.50/- only.

With Uninor’s best prepaid plan, prices topple down and subscribers receive nice price cuts. If you're amongst cell phone buffs harboring any thoughts to subscribe to a new network service then Uninor should be your preference! Besides offering you with best prepaid plans and offers, Uninor gives you chances to win exciting prizes through various contests. Currently going on contest is Uninor ‘Durga Puja Photography Contest’. On respective festive occasions, you can enter contest and win exclusive trolley bags, pen drives, and t-shirts.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Amazing Uninor Plans in India

Every now and then Uninor keeps launching deals with low local, national and international call rates, cost-effective prepaid GPRS, and more to the users’ advantage. Be it local, STD or international, call rates of Uninor are much cheaper compared to other mobile services. Uninor ‘ISD packs’- ‘i gain-18’ and ‘i gain-111’ are exclusive tariff plans from Uninor to reduce international call rates extensively. ‘i gain-111’ costs Rs. 111 and comes with a talk time of Rs. 100.

Uninor has come up with exclusive GPRS prepaid plans like ‘Data Packs’ and ‘Internet Plans’. You can activate your desired prepaid GPRS plan within seconds by simply dialing *222*7*<cost of the GPRS prepaid plan>#. Uninor prepaid users has variety of plans that includes MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90. Each prepaid GPRS plan comes with a certain free usage limit, after which 10p/10kb is charged.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Reap Full Advantages of Uninor Services

Notable is a fact that for individuals thrilled by Uninor calling cards and packages, there has always been an opportunity to obtain savings on their purchases. ‘i gain-42’, ‘i gain-48’, ‘i gain-80’ and ‘i gain-112’ are some of the most purchased Uninor calling cards that offer best value to customers. If you make STD calls frequently and looking for a way to reduce STD call rates in India, choose Uninor. Uninor India SIM cards offers unique STD packs- ‘i gain-53 (STD)’ and ‘i gain- 123 (STD)’ that gives you 125 and 300 STD minutes respectively for a period of 30 days.

Uninor India SIM cards are available in India’s 22 circles including Bihar, Maharashtra, UP, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Orrissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh. Take advantage of Uninor call rates in India and become a member of Uninor family to reap full advantages of its services.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Uninor Beats All

Be it tariffs, added value services, instant texting, MMS sharing, internet service, social networking or money-saving offers - the Uninor India SIM cards beats the rest. To make cheap calls in India, Uninor offers several prepaid cards that include: ‘Discount Plan’, ‘STD packs’, Combo Packs’, ‘Local Packs’, and more. Discount plan can be availed at Rs. 26/- (90 validity) and Rs. 46/- (365 days validity).

If you want more from Uninor India SIM cards, you can choose the ‘Talk non-stop’ plan. Depending on what suits your needs best, you can choose from a plan costing as low as Rs. 37 to Rs.198. On recharging with Rs. 198, you get a fair usage limit up to a maximum 2000 minutes of local Uninor to Uninor free phone calls and maximum 700 minutes of local free phone calls to other networks per month. With the same plan, you can make STD cheap calls in India at 1p/sec.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Uninor Prepaid Plans

Uninor India SIM cards are high in demand and are more popular among those who want to know how much they spent. If the customer needs to talk more, he/she can opt for Uninor flexible phone recharge options.

It is always suggested to the customers, to go for monthly prepaid plans and pertinent tariff plans. Uninor phone recharge coupons are available in several denominations from as little as Rs. 5 up to Rs. 500. ‘i gain-197’, ‘i gain-198’, and ‘i gain-204’ are some of the exclusive prepaid plans that offer 2000, 120000, and 120000 local On-net seconds respectively for a period of 30 days. ‘Kickstart 551’ is one of the best tariff plans offered by Uninor India SIM cards. On purchasing this phone recharge coupon, you get 1,20,000 local seconds -Uninor to Uninor, and 42,000 local seconds to any local mobile per month for a period of 3 months.