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Friday, 24 May 2013

Do I get to save money on mobile tariffs with online top up as opposed to mobile top up?

The question asked by every newbee to the world of online mobile recharge: Which of the two will help me save more money?

online recharge
When one finds out that there is another way of keeping your prepaid connectivity going rather than the conventional recharge, the first instinct is to draw out the differences between the two – one being the conventional mobile top up and the other, in this particular case, being online recharge. Of course, we know that among the top questions asked or pondered upon in this battle between mediums is whether one actually proves financially beneficial or advantageous over the other - and to just give an overall perspective, we can say NO – the two are more or less the same. But this match up between conventional mobile top up and online top up is not fought on level ground. SO there might not be a very straight, simple, black & white answer to this. But we will still chart out certain differences, and then you can make up your mind.

First up, mobile telecom operators are pushing their customers of prepaid mobile service to opt for online mobile recharge. For this reason, they are coming out with various exclusive online recharge mobile tariffs as well as exclusive offers only on online recharge. These online mobile recharge offers range from more mobile talk time to added Value added services to even freebies such as free movie tickets! So while as the prepaid mobile customer, you are not saving directly on your recharge budget, you are getting more out of the same amount while spending via online recharge as opposed to recharging with regular mobile top up.

More reasons to love and prefer online recharge are the option to recharge anytime and from anywhere, the freedom to browse through and choose the recharge that suits you most from an updated list, the freedom from cash, and a completely secure transaction gateway.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Special tariff plans from Uninor

If you are a Uninor subscriber, you must have availed most of the special mobile tariff plans offered by this best prepaid connection provider. There are reasons why Uninor is deemed the best prepaid card provider. Here are few of the reasons:

• Pocket friendly and cheap mobile tariff plans for local, STD, and international calls

• Free phone call facility with special mobile tariff plans

• A range of value added services

• Extra talk time with online recharge

• Low charges for roaming, and the list goes on.

Making free phone call with a Uninor STV (special tariff voucher) depends on the denomination you choose. For example, if it is an igain-17 STV for local call, you enjoy 61200 local Uninor to Uninor seconds. With igain-99, you enjoy 60000 local Uninor to Uninor free phone call plus 18000 local off-net seconds. You will be spoilt for choices for the STVs!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mobile tariff and cheap calls

Making cheap calls in India is an advantage for the natives. Call rates in India are cheaper compared to other countries. There are numerous mobile service providers in India offering different mobile tariff plans to the subscribers’ advantage. According to February 2012 statistics of new subscriber additions, it was Uninor that topped the list. This proves Uninor as the fastest growing mobile service provider in the country at present. No wonder cheap calls in India and Uninor have become synonymous terms.

Want to know in detail about all the mobile tariff plans from Uninor? Visit its corporate site or visit the nearest Uninor store. You can also gain information from mobile stores that sell prepaid cards and recharge vouchers. STVs from Uninor are the most affordable plans. You can get a recharge done at denominations as low as Rs. 5. Free phone calls are the uniqueness of most of the STVs.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Exploring circle wise mobile tariff plans

So you are a Uninor subscriber. It is no exaggeration to say that free phone call options are varied with Uninor. You get extra talk time, i.e. free phone call with special recharge options such as i gain-50, i gain-60, i gain-100, i gain-150, i gain-300, and i gain-500. Then there are several mobile tariff plans for local, STD, and ISD circles. Most of these plans let the use make free phone call for several minutes depending on the denomination chosen. If you are looking for low international call rates, Uninor again is the best option. Imagine calling to United Kingdom, Canada, and USA at 1P/sec. International call rates to Greece, Singapore, Spain, China and Hong Kong are at 2P/sec. Call rates do differ from country to country. Get igain-18 or igain-27 or igain-34. Free phone call to Bangladesh happens for 5 minutes with igain-34. Explore the plans at

Friday, 23 March 2012

Increasing mobile tariff plans for cheap calls

Making cheap calls is not the wish of one but every mobile phone owner. Call rates in India have gone done to a great extent and all mobile service providers have decreased their mobile tariff, attracting new subscribers and retaining the existing gentry. As of January 2012 data, 8.44 million GSM subscribers were added with Uninor at the lead. Reasons are obvious. Uninor provides the lowest call rates in India and has on offer  a wide range of mobile tariff plans with denominations as low as Rs. 5. Yes, Uninor alone added 2.49 million subscribers to its kitty! Had this network provider been operational in all of the existing circles, the count would have further increased.

It is not only cheap calls that Uninor facilitates. You can enjoy free phone call, low roaming call rates in India, low international calls, and more. To have a look at the mobile tariff options, visit

Friday, 16 March 2012

Getting the best value out of your money with Uninor

Who doesn’t want to get the best value out of their money, especially in terms of mobile phones! Cheaper the mobile tariff, and myriad the mobile deals, subscribers only get magnetized. You won’t get better than the best mobile deals in the market for sure except from the house of Uninor. Innovative plans exactly suiting the pockets of all subscribers are what this network operator introduces from time to time. It is not only low mobile tariff that you enjoy but also pocket-oriented mobile internet plans. While mobile deals may start at denominations as low as Rs. 5, mobile internet deals from Uninor may start at as low as Rs. 9. Low amounts do not mean that you enjoy less talktime or less browsing. You get more compared to what is offered in the market. There are dedicated mobile deals for local, STD, and ISD calls. Uninor mobile internet plans are no exceptions!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Special Mobile Tariff Voucher (STV) 21 phone recharge

Uninor subscribers are already availing the pocket friendly tariff plans offered by this network operator. It has always launched unbeatable value for money offers from time to time, surprising all. And dedicated tariff plans for certain circles need worth mentioning here. Uninor Mumbai subscribers can now enjoy longer conversations with people who matter to them the most, using Special Mobile Tariff Voucher (STV) 21 phone recharge. Local calling at 30 paise per minute whether mobile or landline within Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa is possible! This Uninor mobile tariff phone recharge is valid for 30 days. If you are a Uninor subscriber, get this at Rs. 21 and start enjoying the low calling rates. To get this phone recharge activated, you may dial *222*7*21#.

This is only one of the exclusive mobile tariff plans from Uninor. Visit to explore the wealth of other tariff plans offered for local, STD, and ISD calling.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Get The Tariff Plan Of Your Choice At Uninor

The world has gradually shrunk, thanks to the revolutionary progress in telecom industry. Today, every individual owns a mobile. Now buying a mobile is not a hassle but choosing out of the hundreds of mobile tariff plans is. Your mobile tariff plan should be according to your usage. Today, there are diverse prepaid tariff plans not only offering unique discounts but also distinct facilities.

Uninor has lately become one of the top telecom service providers. Multiple tariff plans for both pre-paid as well as post-paid users are available at Uninor. To get a suitable mobile tariff plan, users can browse through the unlimited list of tariff plans and alongside get their phone recharge done instantly. With online phone recharge facility, you no longer need to fret about low balance or no balance at all. So choose your mobile tariff plan and get your phone recharge all at the comfort of your home.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Going for a Uninor Phone Recharge

If you are a Uninor user, you are entitled to a whole lot of benefits. There are numerous mobile tariff pans to choose from in categories ranging from combo, local, STD to ISD, Internet, and SMS packs. So, whenever you go for your phone recharge for any of the categories, you again have myriad options in denominations.

For example, with the local phone recharge, you have igain-17, igain-26, igain-33, igain-37, igain-46, igain-99, igain-22, igain-38, igain-197, igain-198, igain-550, and igain-551. Depending on your pocket and call preferences, you can choose any of the aforesaid Uninor mobile tariff plans. And then with the STD phone recharge pack, you again have an almost similar range of options to choose from. Benefits you gain are unmatched in the telecom circle. The figures denote the amount against each of the phone recharge options. Visit to browse through all available mobile gprs in india before you go for recharge.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Uninor Prepaid Card and India GPRS

Do you have a Uninor prepaid card? If yes, you are in the race of satisfied prepaid card users enjoying low mobile tariff as low as 2 paise per minute from Uninor to Uninor besides also enjoying cheap India GPRS plans. If you choose the igain-199 for Rs. 199, you need not pay any mobile tariff but enjoy 10,000 minutes of local calls from Uninor to Uninor for free! 10,000 minutes for Rs. 199 – no other prepaid card will facilitate such a scheme! This is the reason why Uninor is ruling the hearts of many!

When we speak about India GPRS from Uninor, you have a range of options - MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, and MyInternet 90. For example with MyInternet 90 India GPRS, you enjoy free browsing up to 200MB/day with 20p/20kb after free usage limit valid for 1 month. You only get more from your Uninor prepaid card!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

With So Many Affordable Tariffs, Uninor Becomes an Excellent Choice

One of the leading mobile networks in India- ‘Uninor’ is offering a range of affordable calling cards to its subscribers. Uninor ensures that one is never out of balance with mobile tariffs like ‘Aaj ka Panch’ that costs just Rs 5, ‘i-gain 7’ and ‘i-gain 13’, and more. No wonder, Uninor is among the most purchased prepaid cards that offer SMS at 11p/SMS local and national and 1 lakh SMS to Uninor network.

Uninor also offer India GPRS prepaid cards starting from Rs 5. ’MyInternet 5’ that comes with a validity of one day offer free browsing up to 30 MB. ‘MyInternet 90’ is the best India GPRS mobile tariff deal that comes with a validity of 30 days and 6 GB free data browsing. Other affordable India GPRS plans from Uninor include ‘MyInternet 14’ and ‘MyInternet 24’ that offer free usage up to 500 MB and 1 GB respectively.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Amazing Offers from Uninor

Uninor prepaid plans provide amazing offers to consumers in form of Best Value Plans, Special Offers, Internet Plans, On-Net Plans, and many more low mobile tariffs. With an inexpensive mobile tariff of just Rs. 26, you can enjoy all local and STD calls at a rate of 1p/sec for 90 days! There are many other Uninor mobile tariff plans out of which the ‘Talk non-stop’ plan demands special mention. With this phone recharge package you can make unlimited local calls to any number and STD calls at just 1p/sec.

There are separate prepaid plans and phone recharge options for using internet on mobile or laptop via Uninor wireless or internet. If you surf through the company’s official website, you will find all the relevant details about GPRS tariff plans. Uninor GPRS mobile tariff starts from Rs 5 with a validity of 1 day and goes up to Rs 90 for a month’s validity.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Uninor Prepaid Card and Uninor India GPRS

Are you using a Uninor prepaid card? If yes, you are at the winning edge. With the Uninor prepaid card you not only avail the lowest mobile tariff in the Indian telecom circle but also avail low cost India GPRS data plans. Browse through the mobile tariff and India GPRS data plans at its corporate site and you will know the difference.

Uninor India GPRS data plans are available for as low as Rs. 5 per 30 MB. Validity for this plan is 24 hours. You can also get Uninor India GPRS plan at Rs. 90 with up to 6 GB of free data transfer. You can activate any of the plans any time as per your convenience. To get a plan instantly all you need to do is dial *222*7*<value of the internet plan>#. With Uninor prepaid card, you can enjoy mobile tariff of only 2 paise per minute 9Uninor to Uninor).

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Staying Connected at Lowest Mobile Tariff

If you are looking for low mobile tariff in pre paid plans, I don’t think so any other telecom operator other than Uninor will serve your purpose! Yes, local, STD, and ISD tariff plans will only boggle your spirits.

Well, you even get free phone calls benefits with most of the pre paid plans. There can be no better mobile tariff than 2 paise per minute.Yes, as a Uninor user, you can talk non-stop with another Uninor user at 2 paise per minute. There are also other mobile tariff plans to choose from starting at denominations of Rs. 5. For a Uninor phone recharge, you can visit any of its 200 plus exclusive stores and over 300,000 partner outlets across India. Alternatively, you can do a Uninor phone recharge online at its corporate site or numerous other online phone recharge platforms. Staying connected at lowest mobile tariff happens with Uninor!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Uninor India GPRS and Mobile Tariff

When we speak of Uninor India GPRS, what are the plans that you can avail with your prepaid card? Well, there are so many India GPRS plans to choose from starting from MyInternet 5 at Rs. 5, MyInternet 9 at Rs. 9, MyInternet 14 at Rs. 14 to MyInternet 24 at Rs. 24, and MyInternet 90 at Rs. 90. You get free browsing and the validity varies. Good speed is guaranteed! To get a Uninor India GPRS pack, visit your nearest Uninor store and ask for the GPRS packs.

What are the other mobile tariff plans that you can avail with your Uninor prepaid card? You can either go for the talk non stop plan or discount plan. The mobile tariff in all the plans is more or less 50 paise per minute for both local and STD circles. Yes, you do get free minutes in most mobile tariff plans with uninor prepaid card.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Uninor’s 25 Million Plus Subscribers

Mobile tariff is one of the key aspects considered when choosing a telecom operator. At least I always consider tariff plans. This does not mean that I keep on changing operators. Of course different operators offer different pre paid plans and the mobile tariff for each plan varies. If you guys are not using Uninor you are only far away from the best pre paid plans and the best tariff plans. It is but a great achievement for the telecom operator to have been the chosen operator for over 25 million subscribers in just 18 months! This well justifies that if you go for pre paid plans by this company you do gain a competitive advantage.

The Uninor phone recharge can be done either online or at a retail store. When I was a new subscriber, I first viewed all tariff plans at its corporate site before doing a phone recharge.

Monday, 13 June 2011

India GPRS Prepaid Card from Uninor

So, you want to buy a prepaid card with India GPRS the mobile tariff of which well suits your lifestyle and pocket? Go for Uninor. You will never be sorry! In fact, you will wonder why Uninor prepaid card wasn’t introduced years ago! India GPRS with Uninor helps you stay connected with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You can have access to web information anywhere, anytime. Mobile tariff plans with India GPRS from Uninor start from Rs. 5 to Rs. 90. Here is a list of the tariff plans in descending order:

  • MyInternet 90 for Rs. 90
  • MyInternet 24 for Rs. 24
  • MyInternet 14 for Rs. 14
  • MyInternet 9 for Rs. 9
  • MyInternet 5 for Rs. 5 
With any of the aforesaid India GPRS prepaid card from Uninor, you enjoy validity up to a certain day limit in addition to free browsing up to several GBs.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Uninor Mobile Service

How much do you know about this mobile service operator called Uninor? So, you have been availing its tariff plans for quite some time and yet you do not know about the operator. Let me throw light on this mobile service provider. This company is a joint venture between Norway based Telenor Group and India based Unitech Ltd. The company provides mobile service in each of India’s 22 circles; services are currently available in thirteen circles.

All tariff plans offered by Uninor provide real mobile service value for money. Right from best value plans (discount, talk non-stop) to special offers and internet plans, you will love availing all. Discount tariff plans are available in denominations of Rs. 12 and Rs. 28; internet tariff plans in denominations of Rs. 5, Rs. 9, Rs. 14, Rs. 24, and Rs. 90 with differing validities; and more. To get the plans, visit a Uninor store or go online.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Tariff Plans from Uninor

Want to get your phone recharge done for Uninor’s discount plan? Are you familiar with other tariff plans offered by this telecom operator? You will come across complete information about Uninor tariff plans and how to get a phone recharge done at its corporate site or at a Uninor store.
 In case you are a new subscriber and want to avail the discount mobile tariff plan you will simply need to get the phone recharge done with FR 107 or FR 197. If you have been already using a Uninor connection but availing its ‘Talk Longer’ mobile tariff plan, you will need to activate the Discount Plan Special Tariff Voucher. 

One of the other tariff plans by the company that is very popular amongst users is ‘Call More’ plan. To get the discount phone recharge done, you will have to first de-activate your existing plan and then activate the new plan.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Uninor GPRS

Come out of the hassles of inadequate talk time and validity period, by getting a Uninor prepaid card for yourself. Get the latest mobile tariff offers by Uninor and enjoy optimum value of your money. The offers range from unlimited India GPRS usage, lower STD and local call rates to unlimited validity periods.

Uninor prepaid card offers exclusive mobile internet plans. At just Rs. 5, you can enjoy free browsing up to 30 MB for one day and at Rs.90, you can enjoy free browsing up to 6 GB for a period of 30 days! There are also other Uninor India GPRS plans that include ‘MyInternet 9’, ‘MyInternet 14’, and ‘MyInternet 24’, where you can enjoy free browsing up to 60 MB, 500 MB and 1 GB for a period of 3, 3, and 7 days respectively. If you exceed the free usage limit of the mobile tariff, you’ll be charged 10p/10kb.