Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Searching for a new prepaid connection in Andhra Pradesh? Just log on to the new Uninor web site.

Uninor loves Andhra Pradesh. We say that because we can see the history of the brand’s association with the state, in respect to the prepaid recharge plans implemented and the prepaid services introduced by the telecom brand in the state. Uninor’s immense love for Andhra Pradesh can be easily fathomed by the fact that AP is the first state & circle in India where Uninor launched the ‘first time in India’ facility to buy and order a new prepaid connection for yourself, along with the convenience to select your number from thousands of awesome numbers that are available in Uninor’s bag of wonders.
New Prepaid Connection In Andhra Pradesh 
So what in your opinion should a new prepaid connection have to be the best prepaid connection? Is it good network coverage? Or is it less number of call drops? Is it economical call rates? Or is it beneficial prepaid pack? Is it a good bouquet of Value Added Services and latest downloads? Or is better roaming facilities? Is it a good and easy recharge platform? Or is the best prepaid connection simply a matter of having the freedom to select a number of your choice from a bouquet of some great and easy to remember mobile phone numbers from the comfort of your home (or office) and ordering online a new prepaid connection online? What determines the best prepaid connection for you? What if a new prepaid connection has more than one of these? What if your new prepaid connection was INDEED the best prepaid connection because it had all of the above?
If you are sitting in front of the screen somewhere in Andhra Pradesh, staring incredulously at this article and saying to your own self, “Well, now that you mention it, I cannot think of a reason why I would not want all of these in a new prepaid connection…” here is some fantastic news for you. Now you can get all of the features mentioned above in one connection – and that may be the very best prepaid connection for you.

The name is Uninor.
So essentially, people residing within Andhra Pradesh can happily buy new prepaid connection online from Uninor’s official web site ( and become Uninor prepaid mobile subscribers to avail the benefit of the ‘sabse sasta, sabse acha’ offers – all without having to set one foot outside the house (of course, this is to be taken as a rhetoric as only people living within 5 km of any Uninor delivery centre will be considered for free home delivery). But the convenience of it all is absolutely staggering.

Here’s how you buy a new sim card from Uninor. Go to the New Connection link on the Uninor website ( and fill out the form in the simple, easy to understand 3-step process this will include your personal details, details of the documents, and get this – you get to choose your own number (and by what we saw when we were checking it out, the options for the GSM sim card numbers were pretty cool and also many!) After that, just like any other online shopping site, you are directed to a secure payment gateway, where you can pay by any of the multiple options (debit card/credit card/netbanking, you know, the usual suspects).

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bollywood, Fashion, Nature, Wrestling – now download mobile wallpapers at Rs. 10 onwards from Uninor

It’s time for Uninor prepaid mobile service subscribers to jazz up their mobile phone wallpaper. Try the updated mobile wallpaper download section on Uninor’s newly revamped mobile web site Whether you love Bollywood celebs, nature and scenic pics or you’re a fan of the ramp scorching fashion models – it is all there. Check it out for yourself! Visit right now.

Everyone loves someone - whether it is Bebo and Kat for guys, or Duggu and Barfi for the girls; or just a scenic, serene, picture-perfect valley reminding us of the creativity and talents of Nature. Now Uninor prepaid mobile service subscribers some latest, rarest, never seen before, awesomely cool wallpapers. These static wallpapers & animated wallpapers for mobile can be easily accessed on the VAS (value added services) on Uninor web site Also, the cool new mobile site of Uninor also has a section for mobile wallpaper download, where all the mobile wallpapers and animated wallpapers for mobile have been categorically placed.

The mobile wallpaper download section contains many a mobile phone wallpaper in various categories – Indian movies and movie stars, fashion models, natural scenery, World Wrestling superstars (any John Cena & Triple H fans NEED to check this), and many others. The sections also have a good collection of animated wallpapers for mobile.

Download charges vary for mobile wallpapers. While individual mobile wallpaper downloads starts from Rs. 10, you can get one of the many VAS recharge packs that Uninor has to offer to reduce the costs. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Uninor Introduces Coolest prepaid plans for Andhra Pradesh

Uninor Andhra Pradesh Circle Business Head unveils the All India 25p/min prepaid recharge tarrif. Says that this move will help prepaid mobile subscribers save almost 50 per cent in a world where everything is getting more & more expensive

Uninor loves Andhra Pradesh. We say that because we can see the history of the brand’s association with the state, in respect to the prepaid recharge plans implemented and the prepaid services introduced by the telecom brand in the state. Uninor’s immense love for Andhra Pradesh can be easily fathomed by the fact that it is the first state in India where Uninor launched the facility to buy and order prepaid mobile connections, along with the convenience to select your number from thousands of awesome numbers that are available in Uninor’s bag of wonders. The fact that Uninor could implement this massive “first time in India” organizational pilot plan to mechanical precision speaks lengths about how special the 6-circle ‘prepaid only’ telecom operator holds the Andhra Pradesh circle and subscribers in Andhra.
And to keep the love for the Andhra Pradesh circle alive, in fact, to take it to a whole new ‘sabse sasta, sabse acha’ level, Uninor has offered its prepaid service subscribers the opportunity to stay connected to their friends and family (whether in the local circle or across the nation) at just a menial rate of 25 paise per minute. TWENTY FIVE PAISE PER MIUTE! This is, by calculation, even less than half a paise per second!
The breakthrough prepaid plan was launched in the last week of September in a press conference by the Uninor Andhra Pradesh Circle Business Head Satish Kannan. While unveiling the new plan, Kannan spoke about Uninor’s promise of providing their prepaid service customers the ‘sabse sasta, sabse acha’ mobile experience and these plans being exactly aligned to this brand promise.
For the people who just want to make local calls with this awesome prepaid service, they can get a prepaid recharge of Rs. 17. For the people whose friends and family are spread all over the nation, they can get a recharge of Rs. 29.
According to Kannan, Uninor had also introduced some really cool extra talk time offers, the first in India, where prepaid service subscribers get extra talk time on all prepaid recharges up from Rs. 10. These prepaid plans, coupled with the lower call rates, would help the subscribers save up to 50 per cent on mobile budget, which is a great thing in a time when everything is getting only more & more expensive.

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Monday, 7 October 2013

FREE Top ups and Apple iPhone 5 on recharging online with Uninor

Now when you recharge online at, with every top up you get, you may be in the running to win as much recharge amount as you recharged with, and at the end of October, a brand new, breathtakingly beautiful, state-of-the-art Apple iPhone 5!

Uninor is going all thrusters full blown to lure their subscribers on to their online recharge portal. We know that for most of the subscribers, the most common and prevalent manner of recharging is to go the local market and find the vendor next door and tell him the recharge amount and their numbers and voila! Prepaid Top up done! It has been especially hard for the telecom company, which serves subscribers in six circles nationwide, to get the people to use their web site to recharge online, especially those who are not very tech savvy.  In many earlier blogs, we have talked about the whole comparison between regular recharges and online recharge, so we won’t be going there. But what we will be doing right now is writing about how you can win free recharges and the coveted Apple iPhone 5. So here goes.

Win free recharges:

Simply put, it is the online recharge version of ‘fastest finger first’. The Uninor clock resets every hour, and the first online recharge of every hour wins talk time equal to the recharge. It’s that simple!

Go for the iPhone 5:

Uninor has reserved the biggest gift for the biggest spender. That means that the person with the maximum amount in online recharge(s) will walk away with the iPhone 5. Multiple recharges will be taken into account for the period between 1st & 31st October.

Please remember – all the prizes are only valid on easy online recharge purchased from Uninor’s own web site