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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Banking upon Uninor for low-cost phone call

It is no surprise today if you find any network operator offering sim cards prepaid connection for free along with few minutes of free phone call. Gone were the days when for buying sim cards prepaid connection, you needed to pay big. Thanks to competition prevailing amongst network operators! Subscribers are only gaining a competitive advantage.

Making a phone call is no big deal; what matters is staying connected for long. If you are worried about your pocket and hence stay away from extended phone call, you are not familiar with mobile prepaid recharge options available in the market.

Choose a network operator that offers a whole lot of benefits such as special tariff plans, extra talk time with mobile prepaid recharge, and more. Uninor is what you can bank upon. With online mobile prepaid recharge at, you can enjoy several minutes of extra talk time depending on the denomination you choose.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Extra talk time with online recharge

Do you guys know that online recharge is now facilitated at Uninor subscribers only have reasons to rejoice with online recharge because you get extra talk time:
• Rs. 80 = Rs. 90
• Rs. Rs. 170 = Rs. 200
• Rs. 340 = Rs. 410
• Rs. 470 = Rs. 580

Yes, besides making cheap calls, you get extra talk time. There are several mobile prepaid recharge plans to choose from Uninor. After all it is making cheap calls that matters the most irrespective of whether you make local or STD or ISD calls. Here is a list of few mobile prepaid recharge plans, especially special offers: i gain-50, i gain-60, i gain-100, i gain-150, i gain-300, and i gain-500.

Maximum service charges of regular Uninor prepaid mobile recharge ranges with talk value as follows:
• Rs. 10 at Rs 6.90
• Rs. 20 at 15.80
• Rs. 30 at 24.70.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Cheap calls in India and ‘Feeling Lucky’ offers

‘Pay less talk more’ – this is the mantra behind Uninor’s fast success in the Indian market. Over 4 crore Uninor subscribers are enjoying cheap calls in India. With every online mobile prepaid recharge, you get extra talktime, no matter which of the four available denominations you choose – Rs. 80 phone recharge, Rs. 170, Rs. 340, and Rs. 470. Extra talktime you enjoy for the same include Rs. 90, Rs. 200, Rs. 410, and Rs. 580 respectively. If you know the tricks of choosing the right phone recharge plan, you can continuously enjoy making cheap calls in India irrespective of whether it is local or STD calls.

And then there are ‘lucky’ Uninor mobile prepaid recharge offers; for enjoying it, you will have to participate in the game. To enjoy talktime for free, just visit As part of Uninor’s ‘Feeling Lucky’ offers, get a minimum mobile prepaid recharge done and participate.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Low Mobile Tariff and Increasing Users

A companion of all times or a necessity, a mobile means a lot to everyone. Today, various mobiles are available in the market and so are different mobile services. What everyone wants is maximum talktime and free text messages at minimum charges. Various telecom companies have made it possible for today’s generation to own a mobile and reap innumerable benefits from it by getting free minutes to talk and free text messages. There are a number of prepaid mobile recharge options available in diverse denominations ranging from rupees ten to thousand and more.

Amongst others, Uninor too has attracted the customers through its unique mobile tariff plans and reduced local and STD rates. Call it a strategy or a business move, the numerous telecom companies are ready to do anything to have maximum customers on its side. Lucrative mobile tariff plans, highly reduced local and STD rates, and umpteen mobile prepaid recharge options. One can easily recharge his mobile online and without even having to pay extra for it. Through the Internet, we can also choose between the various mobile prepaid recharge options and see which all are the best plans suiting our needs.