Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Telenor - Best 4G Network in Gujarat

Telenor is all set to bring the largest 4G Network in Gujarat for online recharge in India. Telenor has announced the availability of extra talktime offers for all the existing and new customers across the state of Gujarat. All the Telenor buyers can avail the benefits of 1 GB 4G data at just Rs. 159. In order to ensure seamless and smooth exchange of 4G network, one can avail SIM in advance during the commercial launch of 4G services of Telenor in Gujarat for online mobile recharge. During the launch, a formal announcement is expected to be made soon. Customers will be required to use their 4G SIM in a 4G handset to avail all these 4G services.

 Check Telenor 4G plan list here: https://www.telenor.in/gujarat/plan/4g

So, rush to your nearest store in Gujarat and get your 4G SIM for free with stress-free exchange process. You can avail widest range of prepaid plans in Gujrat also. With the whole new 4G SIM, you can keep enjoying uninterrupted internet experience according to their current plans and will be upgraded automatically to 4G just after the services launched in Gujarat commercially. 

According to the spokesperson, the company is looking forward for the customers to be 4G ready so they can enjoy the benefits of high speed internet just after launching the 4G network commercially. So, they are providing this facility in advance to upgrade to the 4G SIMs. The company is all set and geared up to roll out 4G services shortly in Gujarat for prepaid recharge. Telenor has also tested 4G services on its strong network architecture along with strong backup to support the speed needs and expected volumes of the customers. Over the past couple of months, Telenor has significantly invested to modernize its existing network, while using latest technological advances to make it more energy efficient and resilient.

Telenor has launched high speed 4G services already in various Indian cities and circles of UP and southern India. The offers of its release will be available in major states like UP (East), UP (West), Bihar and Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Telenor India has launched 4G services for its Gujarat customers, especially in Anand district. The company has launched 4G services already in Agra, Varanasi, Amravati and Vishakhapatnam.

Telenor is introducing its fastest 4G internet services in Anand and one can now experience superfast and quality 4G data only with Telenor, according to a message on Telenor India website.

Under Rs. 159 plan, Telenor India is offering 1GB 4G data and all STD and local calls at just 25 paise per minute. It is offering 3GB 4G data under Rs. 229 plan with all STD and local calls at just 25 paise per minute. Both packs are valid for 28 days.

The cheapest data plan of telecom operator costs Rs. 11 which is valid for 1 day, offering 100 MB 4G data as trial pack.  Post expiry, the data charges of 4 paise/20 KB will be applicable on base tariff. Currently, Telenor is offering mobile services in Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP (East), UP (West), Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and Bihar/Jharkhand. This time, Telenor India has introduced its 4G pilot in Gujarat to compete with Reliance Jio by launching high speed 4G services. Anand will be the first city to have 4G network from Telenor in Gujarat.

The usage of 4G services is always increasing along with the demand for world-class internet services. When 100% of sites are getting ready in the city of Anand with efficient spectral development and advanced equipment, the company is all set to provide great speed and better experience. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Getting insured is as easy as Saying Hello!

There had been a time when bulged household telephones kind of meant like having a whole different level of status quo. Those days are long gone, cellular phones have matured to the point where people have started taking them for granted. Saying ‘hello’ on a cellphone is something everyone does even a hundred times a day and the telecom operators are putting their best efforts to make the process flawless. Telenor, a popular Norwegian telecom operator has been providing their service in India for quite a long time now and currently they are offering easy to avail life insurance on simple online recharge – could be an online mobile recharge.

Telenor has announced this life insurance feature lately for their 47.55 million subscribers in the Indian regions – most precisely the six operating circles Telenor operates in India.

About the Telenor Insurance
As we have mentioned earlier, availing this Telenor insurance is pretty much like saying hello on the cellphone. There’s no additional procedure for availing the Telenor Insurance, only a regular recharge of the account balance with small incremental values is all it takes. It’s a life insurance by nature, and the small amount subscribers chip in during every prepaid recharge is taken as the premium. When the insurance matures, it’s worth a whopping Rs. 50,000 which is sufficient given the nature of this insurance.

According to the CEO of Telenor India, the life insurance was designed to complement the life insurance needs of lower and middle income class people who might not want to go for a more complicated and lengthy life insurance policy. To facilitate this insurance service, Telenor works in collaboration with Shriram Life Insurance and MicroEnsure. To provide the service at upon any customer’s deman and to enlighten them up with necessary information, all Telenor touch points will have educated staff.

How to Begin

There’s an online platform in Telenor India’s website where one can just put in their Telenor India number and it will guide the subscriber through the entire process. Here’s the website.

There are two fields in the webpage, first one for the subscriber’s Telenor number and the second one is for a One Time Password (OTP). Upon filling up the first gap, subscriber needs to click ‘Send OTP’ and a password would be sent to the provided number for verification. When this OTP is entered on the website, the mobile number will be confirmed for the Telenor Life Insurance coverage.

Telenor Indian Insurance Claim Process
Not only the signing up, even the claiming process is a lot easier for Telenor India insurance policy over the typical insurance companies. If any case of a subscriber’s unfortunate demise happens, their nominees can submit the required documents to their nearest Telenor customer care centers where the executives will guide through the claim process.

Required documents for this process to work are – the SIM card of the demised subscriber, a death certificate if available and/or a police report in case of an accidental death.


Telenor wishes all their customers a healthy and happy life but in the rainy days, this Telenor India life insurance would certainly be a great help. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

We have changed! Introducing Telenor

What is in a name? A lot actually. Indian telecom brand Uninor has changed hands and gained a new identity –Telenor. The Indian brand has been taken over by a Norwegian telecom entity Telenor Group, through its Indian arm. The company will make the transition from a pure voice operator to major data player with the introduction of it 4G services in the six sectors it operates.

When a brand name changes it adopts certain characteristics of its parent company. However, the parent company Telenor has retained the standpoint observed by Uninor ‘Sabse Sasta’, only modifying to ‘Ab Life Full Paisa Vasool’, which focuses more on creating more value to the mass market subscribers. By adopting a broader and a more value driven position, the transition from Uninor to Telenor will continue to appeal to mass audience. Telenor India is hoping to appeal to new consumers through various innovative services coupled with a customer-first approach.

To appeal to a larger audience, Telenor has introduced few innovative services such as ‘Surkaksha’, a first of its kind insurance service for prepaid customers. To avail of the service, the subscriber don’t have to a pay a premium, but recharge their phone and that amount will be 100 times the recharge amount. In addition, to solve the woes of many subscribers who face call drops, the company will refill the prepaid with extra talk time through a SMS. The extra minute is valid for 24 hours.

Telenor will soon start testing their 4G services, out of their 24000 towers across the country, the company is aiming at modernising approximately 5000 towers by the end of the year. Telenor’s Indian arm contributes 6 percent of the revenue generated globally for the company and 12 percent is contributed through the other sectors in Asia.

Telenor made its first investment through a joint venture with Unitech wireless in 2009, which was branded Uninor. The Norwegian company owned 74% earlier, but after the country relaxed its foreign investment laws, the company took over Unitech Wireless with 100% investment. Unitech has since exited from the operations and now the company is purely owned by Telenor Group.

Telenor holds the 4th positon is in its operating circles. The brand has positioned itself as an affordable service provider and provides many online recharge offer on Telenor’s official website.
Ab life full vasool with Telenor!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Offers you can’t refuse

Telenor’s prepaid cards are simpler and economical option for students and other subscribers who don’t want to get stuck with a set rental plan. As a prepaid customer, you can recharge your account as and when you like and you don’t have to worry about monthly bills. Earlier, certain plans were reserved for post –paid users, but with various offers in the recharge offers prepaid users can avail of the same services at an economical rate.

With IM apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp ruling the messaging space, there are people who still shy away from moving into the digital messaging space and prefer the trusty SMS to pass on the messages. Telenor SMS packs in Andhra Pradesh are designed to keep the digitally uninclined connected with the world. For Rs 7 the company provides you with 15 days of validity on your pack and 25 local and national SMS free. If you are heavy SMS user and use it instead of phone then, you can opt for Rs 46 plan. The SMS pack offers 100 SMS daily (85 local + 15 all India SMS) for a period of 28 days. With Telenor’s SMS pack in Andhra Pradesh you are just 160 SMS characters away from your loved ones.

However, if your life revolves around Facebook, WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps, then Telenor’s net plan in Andhra Pradesh are perfect for you. For Rs 43, Telenor offers you Unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp and 250 MB Data for a period of 30 days. On the other hand, if you view a lot of videos on your phone and are constantly of your data depleting, don’t worry. Telenor’s 28 pack, it provides you with unlimited YouTube and Dailymotion viewing for a period of 28 days. Also, Telenor has standalone data plans that start from Rs 9 for two days and provides you with 60Mb data to Rs 146 for 2GB data. Telenor’s net plan in Andhra Pradesh has a little something for all their subscribers.

Telenor’s tariff plans are an economical way of staying in touch with friends and family and offers something for everyone. To get the most of your tariff plan, recharge your prepaid account online. Check out Telenor’s online recharge offers in Andhra Pradesh and get a little bit extra every time you recharge.
Telenor is a Norwegian company, which has taken over the Indian telecom company Uninor, through Telenor’s Indian arm. They’ve changed their standpoint from ‘Sabse Sasta’ to Ab life full paisa vasool.’ It’s time to make the most of their offers and indulge in getting the most out of your tariff plans.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Go online to get the best deals!

Are you the kind of person, who still walks to nearest shop to refill your phone? It’s time to get with the technology and move on to online recharge and in turn, avail of many offers and discounts offered by the company website or third party operators.
Telenor’s/Uninor’s online recharge offers in UP East, are specifically created to give you the most out of your recharge. These exclusive offers provide you with extra talk time. You can keep in touch with family and friends without worrying about your balance running out.

You are having a lengthy conversation with a friend, about the latest happenings and gossip and suddenly your call gets disconnected, now what. Don’t fear, Telenor’s tariff plans in UP East are economical and affordable will always keep you connected.  All you need to do is access the Telenor/Uninor or a third party website to get the best deals.

If you like sharing videos, jokes or even pictures, Telenor’s net plan in UP East, will keep you connected always. You won’t have to be worried about your data running out. There are several data packs that you choose based on your usage. The data packs are a combination of a pre-defined data amount combined with unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp data. There are also individual net plans that range from 3 days to 28 days packs. Choose the plans that best suit your usage. Telenor’s net plan in UP East, have the lowest internet plans and will ensure connectivity always.  Surf the internet at the affordable rates without burning a hole in the pocket.
Even if your family doesn’t have a smartphone, Telenor’s SMS pack in UP East, will make sure that you are always connected with them. So what if you can’t send them WhatsApp messages, you still talk to them the old fashioned way, thru SMS. For Rs 23, you can send 500 local/STD SMS, so always stay in touch with friends and family.

Whether, you are Facebook or a WhatsApp addict or can talk for endless hours, the world of online recharge  makes it simpler and easier to stay in touch and up to date with your loved one. Walk away from the store and head to your computer screen, type in a few details and you are done. Your phone recharged, data pack is restored and your inbox can flooded with SMSs.