Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Evolution of Mobile Networks

A lot has changed over the years, especially in the field of communication. From old school wired telephones which burned a hole in your pocket to make calls, to new smartphones which allow you to talk for free even if the person on the other side is miles away, evolution in this part of technology has come a long way. Mobile services has vastly changed the scenario of how people communicate. Though there are on-going arguments on pros and cons of this, but no one can deny the impact of mobile phones in our life today. This is now being highlighted in Uninor’s recent campaign, Tab Aur Ab.

This campaign has a series of photos on social media which makes us realize how much the world has changed; what is used to be and what it is now. One of the photos on Facebook depicts how selfies were taken back in time. Earlier, you had those typical cameras which came along with timers. You had to adjust the timer, get back to your position and wait for the countdown to finish so that the camera clicks your own picture. This way you can be the part of the group while taking photo. But now, all you got to do is turn on your front camera, pose and pout and click, and voila, you have your own image. Simple are ever.

Other mobile service which has come a long way are mobile recharges. Not so long ago, you had to find a recharge vendor and hope that he had your desired recharge. Now with online recharge, you can top-up your phone from anywhere, anytime. You also get to enjoy discounts and deals that comes along with online recharge. To know more about Uninor deals, visit

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hassle free recharge facilities available in Bihar by Uninor

Online recharges are the simplest way to recharge yours prepaid phones. Sitting on your couch, within few clicks, you can top up your phones without any hassles. You can compare various plans and select the one that best suits you. Online recharges are not only easy, but they are safe and secure as well. You can get your recharge amount credited back in case anything goes wrong. There are various portals available to help you recharge your phone. You can either recharge from the official website of your network operator, or you can avail the benefits provided by third party websites.

In order to counter the growing popularity of these websites, Uninor has come up with exclusive phone recharges in Bihar circle which are available only on Uninor’s official webpage. These recharges start from INR 70 which gives you recharge value of 80. The extra talktime value increases as the denomination increases. For recharge of INR 160, you get talktime value of INR 200. The offer extends upto INR 510 which gives you talktime of whopping INR 650. That is almost 30% more than what you pay for. None of the recharge have any validity limitations. So you can use these online top ups in Bihar once in a while and use it at your own convenience. As mentioned, you will not be able to avail these recharge benefits on any other website other than Uninor’s. Such offers help Uninor stay a step ahead of the competition. It also helps them make their customers aware about new recharge plans and offers via their website.

Uninor has multiple options for online top up in Bihar for various categories. Be it calling, SMS, or internet, Uninor has something to offer to everyone and you can recharge your phone easily using online recharges. To know more about phone recharges in Bihar, you can visit

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Best Mobile Phone Service Ever Offered

The one industry which is constantly changing is the telecom industry. With so many dynamics coming into picture, telecom operators have their hands full with meeting the growing demands of the end users. Every individual uses his mobile phone for different purpose and hence has different requirements for his use. Some people use internet services while some make plenty of STD calls. Especially in India, where huge population comes into picture, a network provider is expected to meet the demands of large number of people. A successful telecom company is the one which manages to provide different mobile phone services while keeping its profits intact.

Uninor, one of the leading telecom companies for prepaid phones, has a wide range of mobile phone services to offer to its customers. It currently provides services in six circles in India with great network coverage, economic mobile tariff, and other value added services. It also provides with easy and simple online recharge facilities for its users to recharge their prepaid accounts online. This is absolutely secured and easy method to recharge your phones at the comfort of your home. One of the standout features of Uninor's online recharge is that they provide extra talk time on recharge of certain amounts. That essentially means you get to use for more than what you pay for. This is exclusively available on its official webpage and you cannot avail it at any other third party website.

Other plans offered by Uninor are combo packages, which as the name suggests, are combination of two or more services, like STD calls and SMS, or internet and local calls. These services help reduce your mobile tariff to great extent. As local calling rates have reduced, and SMS services are used less by general public these days, the focus is now on internet, 3G services and STD and ISD call rates. Uninor offers ISD call rates at as low as 2p/min to certain countries with a minimal recharge value. If you wish to know more about plans and offers by Uninor, head on to to get more details. 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Offers especially for our users in UP

There are plenty of offers recently introduced by Uninor in UP east circle for their prepaid customers. There are plans for all the segments of mobile service; be it internet, local and STD calls or SMS offers, Uninor has got something for everyone. Uninor already enjoys a great customer feedback with regards to their network in this area, and with these economy prepaid plans, it is planning to expand its customer database.

Uninor UP east plans for reduced local call rates start from INR 4 which gives you free local 12 minutes for a day. There are various options available for local calls ranging up to INR 555. This recharge pack gives your free 2500 local minutes within Uninor and 2500 local Uninor to other minutes. This offer lasts for a period of 28 days and can be availed if you are the one who makes plenty of local calls. There are combo plans available too. A recharge pack of INR 36 gives you free 125 minutes free local and STD calling for a period of 7 days. You can also get 3000 local and STD minutes free by recharging for INR 777. Once your free minutes are over, you will be charged at 30p/min. This pack lasts for a period of 28 days.

If you are looking for SMS and internet offers, Uninor UP east plans are tailor made for you. The most availed internet pack is of INR 89. This offer gives you 1GB of mobile internet data with validity of 21 days. Though 1 GB of data is sufficient for mobile internet, you have plans available if your usage is on the higher side. You can recharge for INR 149 and use up to 2.5GB of internet. This pack is valid for 28 days. For SMS users, plans start from INR 13. The offer lets you send free 100 messages a day for 5 days. These messages include both, local and national. There are other plans by Uninor in UP east circle for users who frequently use SMS service. You can check them at

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Oh So Expensive! Not Anymore

The goal of mobile communication is to make world a smaller place to live in. Even if there is a physical distance between you and people you care about, mobile phones ensure that you keep in touch with them, not only for personal matters, but also for business purposes. The ultimate aim is to connect people without burning a hole in their pockets. With the advancement in technology, we are getting close to achieving this aim. STD calls have seen a sharp decline when it comes to pricing, and with Uninor ISD packs in Gujarat, international call rates are also becoming affordable.

ISD call rates are primarily dependent on the country you are making a call. There are two Uninor ISD offers in Gujarat. The first one is priced at INR 19. This offer allows you to make ISD calls to countries like USA, Canada, Alaska, Dominica etc. at just 2p/sec. This includes calls made to fixed line connections in Canada, USA and Puerto Rico. The offer lasts for 28 days. At such low call rates, even local calls can be considered expensive. In the same offer, calling rates for other countries vary accordingly. Calls made to United Kingdom fixed and United Kingdom are charged at just 3p/sec whereas calls made to United Kingdom mobile, United Kingdom special and United Kingdom premium are charged at 30p/sec.

Another Uninor ISD pack available in Gujarat is worth INR 111. This recharge gives you a talk time of INR 100 which can only be used for ISD calls. The calling rates are similar to the above plan. You can make calls at just 20p/sec to countries like Ukraine, Philippines, Russia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates region, etc. These rates depend upon the destination of your calls as well, whether they are made to fixed lines or to mobile phones. The validity of this pack, too, is 28 days. The most expensive call rates from Uninor ISD offers in Gujarat are that made to Libya Mobile and even they are just mere 35p/sec. You can check out rates to other countries of your preference at these new viable offers from Uninor for ISD calls, they have truly made world a smaller place to live in. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Improving Communication, Simplifying Costs

There has been a significant shift in the paradigm with respect to the way products are marketed and moved in today's economy. Not so long ago, any product due to be launched by a big brand was subjected to heavy publicity and marketing, typically on TVs and print media. Customers who were attracted by it, needed to buy the products from retailers and there was practically no other way available. But with the advancement of digital media and internet banking, the scenario has completely changed. Along with TV advertisements and print media, companies are also heavily investing in marketing on social and digital media as this proves to provide equally good, if not better, return on investments to the brands. As the online forum is available to all at free of cost, and the fact that it is continuously on a rise, more and more companies are using the online portal and digital medium to increase the sales of their products. Joining the bandwagon, telecom companies also have started providing prepaid mobile recharge online.

Online availability of recharges has greatly improved customer experience in terms of awareness and helped simplify the process of recharge altogether. As a prepaid mobile customer, you don't need to manually make a walk to your nearest recharge vendor and face the risk of unavailability of your preferred prepaid recharge pack. All you need to have is a credit or a Debit card or internet banking enabled for your bank account and you can recharge your prepaid mobile account, anytime, anywhere. It goes without saying that you also need an internet connection. But with internet becoming a household requirement just like TV did some years ago, it is not very difficult to get started with online recharges. Another advantage that comes along with this whole process is that the customer becomes aware of new recharges and plans available in his circle by referring to the official website of the service provider. It is quite possible that some of the plans marketed by telecom companies are region specific and not available for your region. You can always refer to their website and check out plans and offers within few clicks.

As more and more number of users is getting inclined towards online recharges, many websites, along with the official ones have started providing better incentives for doing so. This includes discount coupons to food outlets and other shopping portals they are affiliated with. This way you can get your prepaid mobile phone recharge done as well as avail great offers that you wouldn't have got otherwise. This becomes possible essentially as companies save a lot of money in distribution channel and a part of it is provided as discounts to their customers. Not only websites, but even smartphone apps provide you with similar functionalities. You can avail any prepaid mobile recharge online using an internet enabled smartphone with right apps. Not only that, you can store your money in virtual wallet that some of this app provides and recharge as quickly as you can imagine. You don't need to enter your account details every time you have to make a prepaid recharge. All these factors have made online recharges a fairly simple and convenient process which proves to be beneficial to customers as well as service providers. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Uninor Recharges Go Online In UP East

Are you one of the prepaid users who still top up your prepaid account using recharge coupons? It's time to move on and recharge online and avail tons of offers and discounts introduced by either the official website of operator or any other third party websites on the internet. If you are afraid of fraudulent transactions or have any other such concerns, you need not worry. Over the time, online transactions have increased their security and have become safer than ever. Also, you don't need to worry about availability of your recharge pack as you can refill your account with any value over online, all at the comfort of few clicks.

Keeping in mind the increasing popularity of online recharges, Uninor has some fantastic online prepaid recharges in UP east. Some of these recharges are exclusively available on Uninor's official webpage. Meaning, you cannot get the benefits of these recharges if you recharge from any other source. The exclusive offers provide you with extra talk time on top up of selected recharges. You have five options here to refill your account starting from INR 70. This recharge pack provides you with talk time worth INR 80. The exclusive offers ranges up to INR 510 which gives you talk time of INR 650. That’s around 27% more talk time than the recharge amount. With these exclusive offers, you can make sure that you are not out of balance when required. As these Uninor recharge offers in UP east are exclusively available on Uninor's website, it also ensures that you use the official webpage for recharging your prepaid account instead of any third party website. It also helps Uninor to keep their customers up to date about any new offers and recharge packs which they have newly introduced in the market.

Besides the exclusive offers, you can also view and compare all of the online prepaid recharges in UP east and top up your account with the one that best suits your need. Prepaid recharges for various services like local and STD calls, data plans, SMS and other such services are available on the website. You can visit for more details.