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Monday, 5 December 2016

Telenor Recharge - Tariffs and Plans

A smart customer always wants to compare the prices and features of product before actually buying it and investing huge amount of money. The internet brings a lot of convenience and you no longer need to step out of your house and drive to various stores just to compare prices. You may have to spend a lot of time and energy that can be used on other important tasks on your way. Gone are the days when you were used to buy the same model your friend uses. It’s the way ahead of your budget. The only way to get it in your budget is looking for the service provider offering for a certain lock period. You have to pay monthly fee. It is definitely not a wise decision you can take.

This way, prepaid mobile plans can save a lot. You can easily get the desired phone model and choose the best plan from Telenor to get a lot of data benefits.

Benefits of Prepaid Plans

No need to get stuck in long-term contract
On cap or postpaid plan, one of the major drawbacks in choosing it is that you have to get your phone locked with a yearlong contract that keep you stick to a certain operator. You are bound to use the services of a specific operator under contract. If you want to terminate it, you have to pay early transmission fee. On the other side, you don’t need to worry about anything with prepaid plan. You can buy STD packs as per your wish as you don’t have any contract to get started.

No Requirements before Registration
You don’t have to fulfill any of your requirements before registration. When it comes to sign up with postpaid plan, you will have to do various paperwork processes before getting your application approved. Some of the common requirements are employment certificate, proof of billing, latest ITR, pay slips or ITR. On the other side, you don’t need to undergo any of these processes. You don’t have any limitation to buy prepaid services. 

Easier to Buy
As there is no need to submit several requirements, you can easily and quickly get a prepaid plan. All you have to get any phone from any store or order it now. All you have to get SIM card. This way, you can get great benefits as you can get a specific SIM card rather than paying extra amount for roaming in case of postpaid plan.

Easier to Manage Budget
With the help of prepaid plan, all you have to pay for what you are likely to use, rather than postpaid plan in which you need to pay fixed rate every month even though you don’t have much of use. When you are out of call or text credits on prepaid plan, you can easily buy recharge online.

If you think that it is ideal to buy a prepaid plan for your phone usage and budget, you can easily compare prepaid plans online. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

We have changed! Introducing Telenor

What is in a name? A lot actually. Indian telecom brand Uninor has changed hands and gained a new identity –Telenor. The Indian brand has been taken over by a Norwegian telecom entity Telenor Group, through its Indian arm. The company will make the transition from a pure voice operator to major data player with the introduction of it 4G services in the six sectors it operates.

When a brand name changes it adopts certain characteristics of its parent company. However, the parent company Telenor has retained the standpoint observed by Uninor ‘Sabse Sasta’, only modifying to ‘Ab Life Full Paisa Vasool’, which focuses more on creating more value to the mass market subscribers. By adopting a broader and a more value driven position, the transition from Uninor to Telenor will continue to appeal to mass audience. Telenor India is hoping to appeal to new consumers through various innovative services coupled with a customer-first approach.

To appeal to a larger audience, Telenor has introduced few innovative services such as ‘Surkaksha’, a first of its kind insurance service for prepaid customers. To avail of the service, the subscriber don’t have to a pay a premium, but recharge their phone and that amount will be 100 times the recharge amount. In addition, to solve the woes of many subscribers who face call drops, the company will refill the prepaid with extra talk time through a SMS. The extra minute is valid for 24 hours.

Telenor will soon start testing their 4G services, out of their 24000 towers across the country, the company is aiming at modernising approximately 5000 towers by the end of the year. Telenor’s Indian arm contributes 6 percent of the revenue generated globally for the company and 12 percent is contributed through the other sectors in Asia.

Telenor made its first investment through a joint venture with Unitech wireless in 2009, which was branded Uninor. The Norwegian company owned 74% earlier, but after the country relaxed its foreign investment laws, the company took over Unitech Wireless with 100% investment. Unitech has since exited from the operations and now the company is purely owned by Telenor Group.

Telenor holds the 4th positon is in its operating circles. The brand has positioned itself as an affordable service provider and provides many online recharge offer on Telenor’s official website.
Ab life full vasool with Telenor!