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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gujarat & Andhra can connect FULLTOO for just Rs. 30!

Uninor Subscribers in the Gujarat & Andhra Pradesh circles can now enjoy staying connected, thanks to Full Talktime Offers on Online Mobile Recharge starting with as little as just Rs. 30!

Keeping in line with their “Pay less, talk more” philosophy, and extending the same to the domain of online prepaid recharge, prepaid recharge plans and online top up offers, Uninor has introduced Full Talktime Offers for as little as Rs. 30 in two of its existing operation circles, namely, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. This comes as a welcome move from the national telecom network provider Uninor, as the gratified subscribers see this move as something that gives their money more value, and helps them stay connected with loved ones and contacts for longer.
Here we would like to lay down the fact that before introducing the Rs. 30 full talktime offer, the cheapest full talktime offers Uninor or any telecom operator would offer in most telecom network circles is Rs. 50, which still is the case in most circles even now (and let’s face it, it’s not a bad bet at all!)
But when the lowest full talktime offer gets decreased to even further down to Rs. 30, we have a situation where the subscriber is easily able to manage his pocket and his phone bills with tiny shots of budgeted prepaid plans, and not feel that he is losing extra or more money, owing to the high taxes or service charges which are usually characteristic of small topups. This means that (while limiting his pocket and spending wisely) if he even recharges with the amount of Rs. 30, say, 5 times, he is getting the full value of his money, and its entire worth – he has not wasted even a single penny!
The Uninor Rs. 30 Full talktime offer, like all the other roster offers that the telecom network has to offer as regular prepaid topups, is also available with online prepaid recharge on the website The advantage of the online mobile recharge facility is that you can get the recharge you want, the prepaid plan you want, when you want, and where you want. You do not have to go around looking for cash and then search for a recharge vendor shop that is open if you are out of talktime and need to talk at 2 o’clock in the midnight. Just recharge online from the comfort and safety of your home.

Uninor offers GSM prepaid mobile phone cards, Best prepaid plans with easy online mobile recharge facility. Enjoy exclusive prepaid offers, best pre-paid tariff, low STD/ISD Call rates, Internet (GPRS) plans, roaming charges.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Telecom Operators see Prepaid Recharge Offers the perfect hook for promoting Online Recharge

Telecom Companies forfeit middleman’s commission, Consumers get more through online recharge offers – it’s a win-win for both!

In exclusive recharge offers, telecom companies have found the perfect gratification to woo their prepaid consumer base towards the online recharge sections on their respective websites. Why do the telecoms want you – the prepaid mobile phone user, to recharge online rather than indulge in the age-old practice of going to the local recharge walla bhaiya and get it through cash? That’s a topic I have addressed in other articles. But let me briefly delineate a few of the reasons – it seems the telecoms want to save up on the commission of the middleman. This will be a direct benefit that the companies would enjoy if the consumers recharge online. Another reason for promoting online recharge – the provision twenty four seven recharge. The regular recharge practice is limited to office timings of the local recharge vendor. But in a consumer base that includes youngsters many of whom also buy and use night time packs, the companies have realised that a large portion of the consumer base are using mobile services at night, and thereby, would want to renew and recharge the service at time they are using it. Online recharge provides for this very purpose. Third – it’s environment friendly. This is because paperwork is drastically reduced with online prepaid recharge.
Now that you have been informed of the premise of the advantages of online prepaid recharge over regular recharge from the local vendor, let’s look at a case study related to prepaid recharge offers, both general and exclusive, which telecom companies are using to woo consumers to their online recharge pages.
Uninor recently made public an exclusive online recharge offer on any online recharge above Rs. 100, which entitled the consumers to couple movie tickets. This exclusive recharge offer, which was valid in Maharashtra & Patna circles, proved to be a blockbuster. The online recharge page of Uninor received a boosted number of hits because of this recharge offer, and to think that this was achieved with virtually no media spend –it is absolutely phenomenal. The only promotion of the recharge offer was through the telecom’s Facebook page and the regular banner on the home website Uninor has recently introduced 2 step instant mobile recharge facility for easy and quick recharge

Monday, 21 January 2013

Remarkable online prepaid recharges

With the growing speed of the telecom industry, the value of prepaid recharges is growing significantly. Many telecom operators are giving the privilege of prepaidrecharge but you could easily find the difference in them from one another. The difference could be noticed from the talk time offers that they provide to the callers.
In this regard, online recharge offers are gaining utmost importance in today’s busy life. Most of the people don’t want to stand in the queue to recharge their prepaid connections. Thus, they prefer online prepaid recharge to be the most modern and convenient method of recharging the phones. The process of online recharges saves time as well as provides the maximum value of money to the caller. The service providers avail the facility of online recharges to the people with many discount offers and coupons which will let them to enjoy the calling at low rates.
Uninor India lets you enjoy the best calling experience with best value of money with its exclusive online phone recharge offers. You could easily gain up an extra amount while getting your Uninor prepaid connection recharge through Net Banking, Credit Card, and Debit Card and through many other means.
In many different regions of India, Uninor is offering quite good extra amount in its online recharge coupons which could easily be availed from its website. Like at a recharge of Rs. 340, you could gain benefit of Rs. 70 in UP East and many more. Similarly, you could search for your zone in the website and avail the best remarkable online recharge offers. You will get a good list of options to choose from.
So, just enjoy the online recharge benefit by Uninor and stay connected with your loved ones without worrying about heavy cost incurred in calling.