Thursday, 20 December 2012

Incredible Mobile wallpapers to express yourself.

Technology is continuously progressing in every way, now people can interact with each other without meeting people face-to-face with the help of cellular phones and computer. Cell phones have evolved into highly sophisticate computers with the advancement of technology. A colored sparkly mobile phone is not just a communication device but it is also a fashion accessory. When we use our phones, we seldom take notice of the wallpaper. But that doesn't mean it is not important. With the growing popularity there is a huge variety of mobile wallpapers available in the market. Customers choose the wallpapers that define their personalities and mood. They can now have the image of their favorite animal, car, scenery, flower, actor, movies, cartoons gizmo or other animated pictures as their wallpaper.

Now-a-days mobile phones are not only taken for communication but have become a style statement not only the expensive and good looking cell phones are there to attract the attention but mobile phone wallpapers also attract people as it describes your personality. Uninor India is here with its different range of wallpapers from which you can select the one that express yourself. If you are a fashion freak then you can download uninor’s special fashion Mobile wallpapers. For the Bollywood lovers unior have a collection of Bollywood mobile wallpapers that includes your favorite actor and actress. Some people who love the beauty of nature and want that every time around try uninor’s nature mobile wallpapers you can download different sceneries of natural beauty and feel it every time around you. There are different ways to download the mobile phone wallpapers and the internet is one of the best resources to download wallpapers for mobile and get latest wallpapers for your mobile phones.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Prepaid roaming - Your best bet to enjoy huge savings!!

For considerable number of years, prepaid card has been a popular way of connecting with people around the world and to be able to make calls wherever whenever you want. Most of us have experienced the number of benefits it offers and its ability to work on all kinds of mobile handsets. Another major concern that we did notice not very long ago was that while traveling, we either did not have the ability to make long distance calls or the call rates were significantly high. This was the time when prepaid roaming was introduced and as a result users could enjoy cheap mobile tariff. Further, from there on till now general users have the flexibility to be able to make and receive calls regardless of wherever they may be located.

While roaming in India or traveling abroad buying a prepaid roaming card is a smart option. This way you can cut down on the costs of call made or received on your handset. What’s more, you need not have to find any phone booth to make any calls since you have your very own functional mobile handset in your pocket. A prepaid roaming card saves you from paying exorbitant roaming charges and making calls would be the least of your worries

Today, we are living in a world where competition is high and the expectations of customers are rocketing ski high. In order to meet the discerning requirements of customers, leading mobile operators like Uninor offer you the flexibility to choose from all kinds of mobile prepaid plans. You can choose from a wide range of prepaid roaming plans while roaming in India and reduce calling costs considerably. If you plan to travel abroad you can again try purchasing prepaid SIM cards for the destination traveling to or use a roaming prepaid card. As a customer it is but obvious that you would want to make calls to family and friends as well as to colleagues at work. This is where prepaid roaming cards come in handy.
Prepaid roaming allows you to make cheap calls at home or any place you want across the globe. While roaming in India you may also have the option to receive free incoming calls and in such cases you can even enjoy significant savings. If you are one of those frequent travelers then it would be wise to apply for a roaming SIM card. You not only save on money but you have an easy and convenient option of keeping in touch with whomsoever you want.

If you are seriously considering of purchasing a prepaid roaming card then why not check for reviews on a variety of websites. After close evaluation then choose a service provider that has quality network services backed up by trustworthy customer care. At the end of the day, you want to choose a prepaid roaming service provider who can help provide reduced mobile tariff so that you are always in touch with anyone you want while on the move.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Prepaid GPRS plans Gateway to the internet

Prepaid GPRS plans... Your gateway to the internet!!

Today, the internet has transformed the way we access information in many ways. In fact it has become so captivating that you can get access to a world of information at a click a button. With breakthrough in technology, we now see many users using GPRS or WAP enabled handsets through which they can access any website anytime anywhere. Many users have further turned to prepaid plans and/or mobile internet connection prepaid GPRS plans to be able to stay connected no matter in which corner of the world they may be.

The internet pack has made it easy for any user to be able to connect to the World Wide Web seamlessly. Even the speed is adequate enough to be able to browse through websites and/or access your mailbox. Depending upon the kind of plan you use you have the flexibility to download data or information on your handset.

Different users have different usage of the internet on mobile handsets. For those who are willing to remain connected on social media networking websites like Facebook or Twitter, you can easy subscribe to prepaid plans and have your mobile internet connection activated. This way you can chat, respond to notifications, take photographs and update your profile on any of your favorite social networking websites.

Considering different segments of users in mind, leading telecom companies like Uninor offer both prepaid and postpaid plans and as a subscriber you have the option to make your choice depending on usability as well as affordability. If you tend to spend most of your time on the internet then you should choose an internet pack that would allow you unlimited download. In case you do not use the internet so extensively then you may opt for a lower plan and get restricted download.

Many telecom providers tend to offer a variety of prepaid plans at competitive prices to remain in the competition. If you are in doubt as to which plan to go for then make your decision basis of key parameters like high speed, uninterrupted service, pricing, customer service etc. There are a handful of websites that also offer reviews on prepaid GPRS plans so this way you can easily make a decision.

Another key benefit of using prepaid plans is that you can keep your bill under control. This is because you remain connected to the internet as long as you have sufficient balance. The very moment you run out of balance, you are disconnected. In case you are a business user then there are choices of special plans to choose from. Whatever be your requirement always choose judiciously!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Choice of Options with Uninor

If you go by the general Call Rates in India for prepaid mobile, you will only get disappointed. Similar will be your disappointment for mobile internet if you just go by the general rates. When there is a big choice of options in special offers and special tariff vouchers, why worry? Get them and enjoy!

With the Uninor Prepaid connection, you gain a competitive advantage. Call rates in India for both local and STD circles are the lowest when you use the STVs and special offers. Then with online prepaid recharge at, you enjoy extra talk time. Those who are using Uninor are no wonder enjoying cheap call rates India from the time they have subscribed to it. Visit to know about the STVs and special offers.

Enjoying Cheap Calls with Offers and Extra Talk Time

Which mobile service connection are you using? Are you enjoying cheap calls in India satisfactorily with your chosen mobile service? Do you need to think twice before making a call all because of the low talk time you have or that staying connected for long would take a toll on your pocket? You need not ask yourself these questions if you are a Uninor subscriber!

Cheap calls in India are no wonder facilitated by all mobile service providers, yet you will find a difference. The difference is noticed in special tariff vouchers or special offers. Calls automatically turn cheap on an average if you enjoy extra talk time with online prepaid mobile recharge. 

Yes, you enjoy all these benefits with Uninor. For example, with online Prepaid Mobile Recharge of Rs. 80 at, you enjoy extra talk time of Rs. 10. There are more extra talk time options to choose from!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Uninor Sim Prepaid Card Advantage

It is the Uninor sim card, I must say, that lets you enjoy low call rates round the year. And yes, you get surprises quite often! For some time, call rates to local circles were 2 paise/min. Now you can enjoy local Call Rates at 1 paise/2 min. 

With Uninor sim card you can enjoy more benefits. Uninor subscribers are already familiar with the various special offers and special tariff vouchers. Newer offers get introduced from time to time. Complete details about all new offers can be viewed at

International Call Rate can be lessened to your advantage provided you use the dedicated STVs (special tariff vouchers). Currently, with Uninor, you have three STVs to choose from, viz. igain-18 for Rs. 18, igain-27 for Rs. 27, and igain-34 for Rs. 34. You can call United Kingdom, Canada, and USA at 1p/sec; Nepal at Rs.5.99/min, free call to Bangladesh (igain-34), and more. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Banking upon Uninor for low-cost phone call

It is no surprise today if you find any network operator offering sim cards prepaid connection for free along with few minutes of free phone call. Gone were the days when for buying sim cards prepaid connection, you needed to pay big. Thanks to competition prevailing amongst network operators! Subscribers are only gaining a competitive advantage.

Making a phone call is no big deal; what matters is staying connected for long. If you are worried about your pocket and hence stay away from extended phone call, you are not familiar with mobile prepaid recharge options available in the market.

Choose a network operator that offers a whole lot of benefits such as special tariff plans, extra talk time with mobile prepaid recharge, and more. Uninor is what you can bank upon. With online mobile prepaid recharge at, you can enjoy several minutes of extra talk time depending on the denomination you choose.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tariff plans and online recharge offers

If I say STD rates differ according to tariff plans you choose, I am not wrong. Those who are using a Uninor prepaid connection must be well familiar with all available tariff plans from this network operator. Here are few tariff plans worth mentioning, online recharge of which lets you enjoy low STD rates.
• STD igain-29 for Rs. 29: 165 min STD at 25p/min, after that at 40p/min for 30 days
• STD igain-36 for Rs. 36: All India STD at 30p/min
• Combo igain-26 for Rs. 26: All local and STD calls at 1 paise/second for 30 days.
When we speak about online recharge from Uninor, you do enjoy various benefits. Yes, with online recharge of denomination starting from Rs. 50, you enjoy unlimited music for 15 days for free. And then, you also enjoy extra talk time with online recharge at Visit for more information.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Competitive cost advantage with Uninor

If you want to enjoy free phone call for local and STD circles, you can get it with Uninor. Yes, this fastest growing telecommunications company has a range of tariff plans meant for dedicated local calls and STD calls. Worry not if you need to call overseas frequently. Uninor has tariff plans for international calls too. Without worrying about your pocket, you can stay connected for long. Visit to browse through the various tariff plans in detail and get an online recharge done right at the same platform. You will earn extra talk time and other benefits.
Prepaid roaming with Uninor is inexpensive. Unlike the usual Rs. 1.50 paise/min charges for prepaid roaming offered by almost all network operators, with Uninor, it starts at 60 paise per minute. Get informed about prepaid roaming charges from Uninor and also ask the customer care executive where this feature is excluded in the STD tariff plans.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Call cheap with Uninor prepaid card sim

Which prepaid card in India lets you call cheap to people who matter to you the most? Ask people around and you will find ‘Uninor’ ruling the lips of many. It is the prepaid card sim that determines whether you can enjoy various schemes and offers to your advantage for the long term. And there can be no better prepaid sim card provider than Uninor. If you go by the latest subscriber addition records, you will find that it is Uninor that is ruling the roost. Yes, the market of mobile prepaid in India at present is of course dominated by Uninor. I have been a Uninor subscriber ever since it was launched and since then, I have never changed plans to change my Uninor prepaid sim card. I have even recommended most of my friends, relatives and colleagues to subscribe to this network operator. To call cheap is what matters!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Where cheap calls and extra talk time matters

Enjoying cheap calls continuously not to mention free phone calls and more can happen best with Uninor. Use the Uninor prepaid card and you will know the difference. And yes, availing the online recharge offers from this prepaid card provider, you can enjoy several minutes of extra talk time! Even recharging with Rs. 5, you can enjoy cheap calls with validity for a day. So, enjoying extra talk time of Rs. 10 can indeed let you stay connected with your near and dear ones for several minutes. It is not only Rs. 10 but more that you get to enjoy with Uninor online recharge offers. With online recharge of Rs. 80, you get Rs. 10 extra talk time, with Rs. 200 you get Rs. 30, with Rs. 410, you get Rs. 50 and with Rs. 580, you get Rs. 90. This is only one part of the prepaid card story from Uninor!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Special tariff plans from Uninor

If you are a Uninor subscriber, you must have availed most of the special mobile tariff plans offered by this best prepaid connection provider. There are reasons why Uninor is deemed the best prepaid card provider. Here are few of the reasons:

• Pocket friendly and cheap mobile tariff plans for local, STD, and international calls

• Free phone call facility with special mobile tariff plans

• A range of value added services

• Extra talk time with online recharge

• Low charges for roaming, and the list goes on.

Making free phone call with a Uninor STV (special tariff voucher) depends on the denomination you choose. For example, if it is an igain-17 STV for local call, you enjoy 61200 local Uninor to Uninor seconds. With igain-99, you enjoy 60000 local Uninor to Uninor free phone call plus 18000 local off-net seconds. You will be spoilt for choices for the STVs!

Extra talk time and other facilities

When you get extra talk time with every online recharge, you will certainly not miss the opportunity! After all, who doesn’t want to stay connected for long with people who matter to them? Making phone calls cost effectively, enjoying extra talk time with online recharge happens with Uninor mobile service provider. Yes, you can enjoy these and more services. If you are not yet a Uninor subscriber, visit the corporate site of this mobile service provider and browse through the details of the company, the offers, the tariff plans, value added services it offers, and lots more. You will only get magnetized to subscribe to this mobile service provider right away. Making phone calls with Uninor can make a huge difference on your pocket! With Uninor online recharge offers, you enjoy Rs. 90 with Rs. 80, Rs. 200 with Rs. 170, Rs. 410 with Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 with Rs. 470.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Call rates that are comfortable for the pockets

Making cheap calls today is a reality. You can enjoy calling at 1 paise per 2 minutes or even 2 paise per minute. These cheap calls facilities are available with Uninor. With this network operator, you enjoy low charges for roaming. Outgoing STD charges for roaming are higher compared to incoming STD and local.

International call rates for staying connected to Nepal may be a costly affair. But with igain-27 for Rs. 27, you can enjoy calling Nepal at at Rs.5.99/min for 30 days. What about international call rates for other countries? Well, call rates differ according to the country. For example, at 1 p/sec, you can call friends and family located in the United Kingdom, Canada, and USA. For Greece, Singapore, Spain, China and Hong Kong, cheap calls start at 2 p/sec.

View detailed information about tariff plans for making cheap calls, value added services, international call rates, etc. at

Friday, 11 May 2012

Extra talk times and cheap calls

If you are a Uninor subscriber and have not yet done an online recharge at its corporate site, you are far from enjoying extra talk time. Yes, with online recharge at you enjoy extra talk time depending on the denomination you choose. You get Rs. 90 talk time with recharge of Rs. 80, Rs. 200 talk time with Rs. 170, Rs. 410 talk time with Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 talk time with Rs. 470. Subscribers not only get to call cheap but also enjoy extra talk time.
It is but a fact that you cannot call cheap while roaming in India. Charges for roaming in India for all network operators are almost the same. Of course, with Uninor, you can expect to enjoy roaming at 60 paise per minute for local incoming and outgoing calls. Depending on the circle, charges may further vary from 80 paise/minute to Rs. 1.50 paise/minute.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The many benefits with Uninor prepaid

You will agree with me if I say that the best prepaid plan comes from Uninor only. I am myself a Uninor subscriber and have been availing many benefits. Whether it is enjoying a free phone call or low cost international call rate, getting extra talk time with online recharge or enjoying other value added services, you will never regret using the best prepaid plan from Uninor.

I have relatives in Canada and the USA. Using the Uninor STV igain-18 for Rs. 18, I enjoy international call rate to these countries at 1 paise/second. When it comes enjoying free phone call, there are dedicated STVs for local and STD circles. For example, igain-23, igain-29, igain-36 to igain-41, igain-53, and igain-123 are STVs for STD circles. Depending on the denomination you choose, you get several minutes of free phone call. Just visit to browse through the different offers and STVs.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mobile tariff and cheap calls

Making cheap calls in India is an advantage for the natives. Call rates in India are cheaper compared to other countries. There are numerous mobile service providers in India offering different mobile tariff plans to the subscribers’ advantage. According to February 2012 statistics of new subscriber additions, it was Uninor that topped the list. This proves Uninor as the fastest growing mobile service provider in the country at present. No wonder cheap calls in India and Uninor have become synonymous terms.

Want to know in detail about all the mobile tariff plans from Uninor? Visit its corporate site or visit the nearest Uninor store. You can also gain information from mobile stores that sell prepaid cards and recharge vouchers. STVs from Uninor are the most affordable plans. You can get a recharge done at denominations as low as Rs. 5. Free phone calls are the uniqueness of most of the STVs.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Extra talk time and roaming in India

Have you heard about the online recharge offers from Uninor? Yes, just recharge online at and you get extra talk time. The larger the denomination amount, greater is the talk time. For example, you get Rs. 90 talk time for Rs. 80, Rs. 200 talk time for Rs. 170, Rs. 410 talk time for Rs. 340, and Rs. 580 talk time for Rs. 470. Uninor subscribers are already availing the benefits of these online recharge offers.
Call rates in India with postpaid or prepaid roaming go high. No matter which network operator you choose, postpaid and prepaid roaming charges are levied. Of course roaming charges differ from one network operator to another. Uninor offers roaming call rates in India at 60 paise for incoming and local outgoing calls. The rates do go up for STD circles. If you happen to get an STV, no roaming charges may be levied.

Tariff and internet plans to the subscriber’s advantage

If you are a Uninor subscriber and if you want to call cheap in all circles – local, STD, and ISD, you should go for the STVs. These are dedicated tariff plans meant for local, STD, and ISD calls. Against the denomination you pay, you get several seconds/minutes of free phone calls as is applicable. Few of the tariff plans for local calls include igain-17, igain-21, igain-22, igain-26, igain-33, igain-37, igain-38, igain-99 igain-17, igain-197, and igain-198.
So, you not only want to call cheap but also enjoy low-cost internet connectivity. Uninor offers a range of mobile internet plans to the subscriber’s advantage, all at meager denominations. You can get a mobile internet plan for even Rs. 9. MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, and MyInternet 90 are the mobile internet plans offered by Uninor.

Visit Uninor’s corporate site, i.e. to know about the whole range of offers.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Uninor Online Recharge

Uninor recently has started online recharge services on its website. They are offering extra talk time on recharging online on few denominations and this is valid for all circles in India. The denominations that offer extra talk time are as follows:

• On Recharge of 80, you get a talk time of 90

• On Recharge of 170, you get a talk time of 200

• On Recharge of 340, you get a talk time of 410

• On Recharge of 570, you get a talk time of 580

You can recharge now, through this link:

This extra value talktime is available only for those who recharge from this link, so recharge now and pay less talk more.

Growth of mobile prepaid in India

Do you think to call cheap always you need the services of the provider of the best prepaid in India? Of course yes! Amid the providers of mobile prepaid in India, Uninor has been able to attract the highest number of subscribers as of January 2012 statistics, adding 2.49 million alone in a single month! This substantiates the fact that it is Uninor that facilitates users call cheap and stay connected to people that matter to them the most cost effectively.

Online recharge at, the operator’s corporate site, can prove advantageous for you. Yes, with online recharge, you get extra talk time. For Rs. 80 online recharge, you get Rs. 90; for Rs. 170, Rs. 200; for Rs. 340, Rs. 410; and for Rs. 470, Rs. 580. Don’t you gain a competitive advantage? No wonder growth of mobile prepaid in India is going to witness further uptrend in the near future.

Friday, 20 April 2012

First recharge deals for low cost and free phone calls

It is pride to be a subscriber of the top operator in latest subscriber additions. Yes, I am delving on Uninor. Making phone calls with Uninor has never been so cheaper. It is not only cheap and low cost phone calls that you enjoy; charges for roaming are less too.

Have you gone through the first recharge deals? Well, those who are new with Uninor and going for the first recharge should well know about the first recharge deals available. These deals are available for Rs. 31, Rs. 32, Rs. 39, Rs. 80, Rs. 204 , and Rs. 551 with validity ranging from one month to three months. You get several minutes of free phone call depending on the denomination you choose.

Charges roaming with Uninor differ according to networks. It starts with 60 paise per minute for local roaming for both incoming and outgoing. Visit for more info

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Exploring circle wise mobile tariff plans

So you are a Uninor subscriber. It is no exaggeration to say that free phone call options are varied with Uninor. You get extra talk time, i.e. free phone call with special recharge options such as i gain-50, i gain-60, i gain-100, i gain-150, i gain-300, and i gain-500. Then there are several mobile tariff plans for local, STD, and ISD circles. Most of these plans let the use make free phone call for several minutes depending on the denomination chosen. If you are looking for low international call rates, Uninor again is the best option. Imagine calling to United Kingdom, Canada, and USA at 1P/sec. International call rates to Greece, Singapore, Spain, China and Hong Kong are at 2P/sec. Call rates do differ from country to country. Get igain-18 or igain-27 or igain-34. Free phone call to Bangladesh happens for 5 minutes with igain-34. Explore the plans at

Monday, 16 April 2012

Extra talk time with online recharge

Do you guys know that online recharge is now facilitated at Uninor subscribers only have reasons to rejoice with online recharge because you get extra talk time:
• Rs. 80 = Rs. 90
• Rs. Rs. 170 = Rs. 200
• Rs. 340 = Rs. 410
• Rs. 470 = Rs. 580

Yes, besides making cheap calls, you get extra talk time. There are several mobile prepaid recharge plans to choose from Uninor. After all it is making cheap calls that matters the most irrespective of whether you make local or STD or ISD calls. Here is a list of few mobile prepaid recharge plans, especially special offers: i gain-50, i gain-60, i gain-100, i gain-150, i gain-300, and i gain-500.

Maximum service charges of regular Uninor prepaid mobile recharge ranges with talk value as follows:
• Rs. 10 at Rs 6.90
• Rs. 20 at 15.80
• Rs. 30 at 24.70.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Prepaid cards and low call rates in India

To enjoy low cost calling, prepaid should be the option rather than postpaid. Not every network operator offers mobile deals to the subscriber’s advantage. Temporary deals may be provided to attract attention of new subscribers. Those prepaid card providers that offer mobile deals every now and then gain a competitive edge in the market. Uninor has added the highest number of subscribers on January 2012, earning the rapport as a market leader. calling prepaid card has never been so cost effective!

With the Uninor prepaid card, you are entitled with a whole lot of benefits in terms of enjoying low call rates in India and overseas. You also enjoy the best mobile internet plans, SMS packs, music, and more. Yes, mobile deals from Uninor are a rage in the market.

You may find many a network operator offering call rates India at 1 paise per/second. It can be lower or higher depending on the plan you choose. Get any of the mobile deals from Uninor depending on your preferences; there are dedicated local, STD, and ISD packs available. Denominations for local packs start from as low as Rs. 5. Call rates in India from Uninor are lower than other available plans.           

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Popular tariff plans and low roaming charges

Who doesn’t want to call cheap to local, STD, and ISD circles? You will certainly want to call cheap even while roaming in India. If you have availed tariff plans from Uninor, you must be already availing the benefits of cheap calling. Few of the STD tariff plans from Uninor worth mentioning are igain-23, igain-29, igain-36, igain-41, igain-53, and igain-123. You enjoy calling for several minutes according to the denomination you choose. Then there are various tariff plans for local calls, availing which you can call cheap, earning minutes beyond your expectations. For example, with local igain-198, you enjoy 120000 seconds of free phone calls from Uninor to Uninor in addition to 42000 local off-net seconds. Visit the corporate site of Uninor to explore more about the plans.

Do you know prepaid roaming in India was made free by Uninor for Mumbai and Goa circles for some time? This proves that this network operator always brings out something innovative for its subscribers, surprising all. Currently, charges for roaming in India are as low as 60 paise per/minute for incoming calls in the Uninor network and Re. 1 per/minute for partner networks. Outgoing Uninor roaming in India starts at 60 paise per/minute.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pocket friendly phone calls packs

If you are looking for free phone calls, low call rates, low charges for roaming, pocket friendly internet plans, low international call charges, then you should go for the best prepaid plan. And the best prepaid plan comes with Uninor only. This network operator has on offer a horde of value packs at denominations starting from as low as Rs. 5. Yes, making phone calls to people who matter to you, happens without burning a hole in your pocket. No wonder Uninor made records becoming the market leader as of December 2011 statistics with the highest number of new subscribers.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Uninor sim cards prepaid benefits

There can be no better sims card in prepaid than Uninor. The increasing count of subscribers well substantiates the fact. Whether it is a free phone call or low-cost mobile internet, international calling at 1 paisa per second or getting extra talk time with online recharge at, you only gain a competitive advantage. Think about mobile internet plans from Uninor and you will come across MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 59, MyInternet 90. Under each of the mobile internet plan, you can enjoy free browsing to a limit with validity ranging according to the denominations. Once the free usage limit is crossed, charges are levied. Likewise there are dedicated local, STD, and international phone call plans with Uninor sim cards prepaid. For example, in the local phone call category, you have igain-17, igain-26, igain-33, igain-37, igain-46, igain-99, igain-22, igain-38, igain-197, igain-198, igain-550, and igain-551. Visit for more options.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Uninor STD rates and roaming in India

Here is a calling prepaid operator in India that has always slashed its local and STD rates with time. International call rates and roaming in India are no exception. This is the reason why GSM subscribers are increasingly choosing Uninor, making it the leader as of January 2012 statistics with it alone registering 2.49 million subscribers amid the total count of 8.44 million new subscriptions! Uninor calling prepaid cards have been witnessing active operations in only 13 of the 22 regions, yet recording maximum customers.

With Uninor calling prepaid, you can enjoy STD rates at 30 paise per minute, applicable for most of the regions of the country. When it comes to roaming in India, charges are less compared to its competitors. Yes, for incoming calls, charges for roaming in India starts at as low as 60 paise/min. If you happen to get an STD plan, you can enjoy low STD rates.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Increasing mobile tariff plans for cheap calls

Making cheap calls is not the wish of one but every mobile phone owner. Call rates in India have gone done to a great extent and all mobile service providers have decreased their mobile tariff, attracting new subscribers and retaining the existing gentry. As of January 2012 data, 8.44 million GSM subscribers were added with Uninor at the lead. Reasons are obvious. Uninor provides the lowest call rates in India and has on offer  a wide range of mobile tariff plans with denominations as low as Rs. 5. Yes, Uninor alone added 2.49 million subscribers to its kitty! Had this network provider been operational in all of the existing circles, the count would have further increased.

It is not only cheap calls that Uninor facilitates. You can enjoy free phone call, low roaming call rates in India, low international calls, and more. To have a look at the mobile tariff options, visit

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The ‘pay less talk more’ plans

Want to pay less and talk more? If you have a Uninor connection, you can indeed enjoy this facility. It is not just paying less and talking more. With a Uninor phone recharge, you can enjoy free phone call, unlimited music at a minimal denomination, low-cost international call rate, internet browsing, and lots more. Before you go for a phone recharge, do take a tour of the available packages. There are dedicated phone recharge options for local, STD, and international calls. Free phone call options are there in all of local, STD, and combo packs.

Which countries do you need to get connected to? If it is Canada, US, UK, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, you can enjoy international call rate at 1 paisa per second. The phone recharge packs from Uninor for international calling are igain-18 and igain-111. Visit, Uninor’s corporate site, for your online mobile phone recharge.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Special tariff plans for Uninor prepaid card

Special prepaid card tariff plans with denominations starting from Rs. 5, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 120 to Rs. 150, Rs. 300, Rs. 500 are available from Uninor. With the Rs. 300 prepaid card plan, you can call cheap, enjoying talk value of Rs. 355 with validity for life. The Rs. 100 plan lets you enjoy talk value of Rs. 115. Visit to know more about each of the aforesaid special mobile deals.

Music lovers have reasons to rejoice with a Uninor prepaid card subscription. Yes, besides enjoying low tariff plans, you can listen or make others listen to your and their favorite music for 100 minutes at only Rs. 30. This is the latest value added service offer from the house of Uninor.

One of the Uninor tariff plans is the Rs. 36 plan meant for STD calls. You can call cheap to STD circles at 30p/min for 30 days.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Cheap calls in India and ‘Feeling Lucky’ offers

‘Pay less talk more’ – this is the mantra behind Uninor’s fast success in the Indian market. Over 4 crore Uninor subscribers are enjoying cheap calls in India. With every online mobile prepaid recharge, you get extra talktime, no matter which of the four available denominations you choose – Rs. 80 phone recharge, Rs. 170, Rs. 340, and Rs. 470. Extra talktime you enjoy for the same include Rs. 90, Rs. 200, Rs. 410, and Rs. 580 respectively. If you know the tricks of choosing the right phone recharge plan, you can continuously enjoy making cheap calls in India irrespective of whether it is local or STD calls.

And then there are ‘lucky’ Uninor mobile prepaid recharge offers; for enjoying it, you will have to participate in the game. To enjoy talktime for free, just visit As part of Uninor’s ‘Feeling Lucky’ offers, get a minimum mobile prepaid recharge done and participate.