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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Where cheap calls and extra talk time matters

Enjoying cheap calls continuously not to mention free phone calls and more can happen best with Uninor. Use the Uninor prepaid card and you will know the difference. And yes, availing the online recharge offers from this prepaid card provider, you can enjoy several minutes of extra talk time! Even recharging with Rs. 5, you can enjoy cheap calls with validity for a day. So, enjoying extra talk time of Rs. 10 can indeed let you stay connected with your near and dear ones for several minutes. It is not only Rs. 10 but more that you get to enjoy with Uninor online recharge offers. With online recharge of Rs. 80, you get Rs. 10 extra talk time, with Rs. 200 you get Rs. 30, with Rs. 410, you get Rs. 50 and with Rs. 580, you get Rs. 90. This is only one part of the prepaid card story from Uninor!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Call rates that are comfortable for the pockets

Making cheap calls today is a reality. You can enjoy calling at 1 paise per 2 minutes or even 2 paise per minute. These cheap calls facilities are available with Uninor. With this network operator, you enjoy low charges for roaming. Outgoing STD charges for roaming are higher compared to incoming STD and local.

International call rates for staying connected to Nepal may be a costly affair. But with igain-27 for Rs. 27, you can enjoy calling Nepal at at Rs.5.99/min for 30 days. What about international call rates for other countries? Well, call rates differ according to the country. For example, at 1 p/sec, you can call friends and family located in the United Kingdom, Canada, and USA. For Greece, Singapore, Spain, China and Hong Kong, cheap calls start at 2 p/sec.

View detailed information about tariff plans for making cheap calls, value added services, international call rates, etc. at

Monday, 16 April 2012

Extra talk time with online recharge

Do you guys know that online recharge is now facilitated at Uninor subscribers only have reasons to rejoice with online recharge because you get extra talk time:
• Rs. 80 = Rs. 90
• Rs. Rs. 170 = Rs. 200
• Rs. 340 = Rs. 410
• Rs. 470 = Rs. 580

Yes, besides making cheap calls, you get extra talk time. There are several mobile prepaid recharge plans to choose from Uninor. After all it is making cheap calls that matters the most irrespective of whether you make local or STD or ISD calls. Here is a list of few mobile prepaid recharge plans, especially special offers: i gain-50, i gain-60, i gain-100, i gain-150, i gain-300, and i gain-500.

Maximum service charges of regular Uninor prepaid mobile recharge ranges with talk value as follows:
• Rs. 10 at Rs 6.90
• Rs. 20 at 15.80
• Rs. 30 at 24.70.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Increasing mobile tariff plans for cheap calls

Making cheap calls is not the wish of one but every mobile phone owner. Call rates in India have gone done to a great extent and all mobile service providers have decreased their mobile tariff, attracting new subscribers and retaining the existing gentry. As of January 2012 data, 8.44 million GSM subscribers were added with Uninor at the lead. Reasons are obvious. Uninor provides the lowest call rates in India and has on offer  a wide range of mobile tariff plans with denominations as low as Rs. 5. Yes, Uninor alone added 2.49 million subscribers to its kitty! Had this network provider been operational in all of the existing circles, the count would have further increased.

It is not only cheap calls that Uninor facilitates. You can enjoy free phone call, low roaming call rates in India, low international calls, and more. To have a look at the mobile tariff options, visit

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mobile Deals and India Sim Cards

Are you in a dilemma which of the India sim cards to buy? There are so many India sim cards providers; choose Uninor, you will not regret. Yes, this network provider has a number of cheap mobile deals on offer facilitating cheap calls. Promises of facilitating cheap calls are promised by almost all India sim cards providers; yes Uninor offers hundreds and thousands of free minutes with almost all the mobile deals it has on offer.

For example, if you opt buying the talk non stop plan of the denomination of Rs. 197, you can talk 2000 minutes for free from Uninor to Uninor and 700 minutes from Uninor to other networks. Then there is the discount plan, one of the most unique of mobile deals ever introduced. Know about the cheap calls plans at the uninor corporate site. You can also learn about the mobile deals from a Uninor store.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

ISD Cheap Calls at 1p/sec From Uninor

Looking for super saver mobile deals for making cheap calls internationally? If you are in Karnataka, there is good news for you, especially if you buy Uninor India sim cards. ISD cheap calls are its latest attraction in the Karnataka circle. You will not get such cheap mobile deals for international calls across 35 countries – call rate per seconds is as low as 1 paise! Isn’t it a super saver plan? So many users including me are already availing the benefits of Uninor India sim cards. Join our race and talk non-stop to your loved ones located overseas without having to worry about your pocket.

Uninor’s 111 ISD pack is one of the cheapest mobile deals for international cheap calls. You get a talk time of Rs. 100 with 30 days validity. No other India sim cards come with such cheap call schemes! Get it and enjoy talking the Uninor way!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Exciting Offers from Uninor

Believe it or not, tariff plans for cheap calls, mobile internet, free text messages, etc. could be availed only through prepaid mobile deals. Though there are endless list of mobile deals in the current market, Uninor is attracting large masses and is becoming tremendously popular among people who are looking for cheap communication. With exciting mobile internet plans like ‘MyInternet 5 @ Rs. 5’ and ISD packs like ‘I gain-22 @ Rs. 22’, and many more, people can easily manage their bills and enjoy affordable conversation with loved ones. So, if you want to make cheap calls to your loved ones living abroad or in your own country, buy Uninor tariff plans and ‘go talking’ with them right away.

The best way to discover Uninor tariff plans is to visit the official website of Uninor recharge platforms where a number of exciting plans are stocked with updated information.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Choose Your Prepaid Plan Wisely and Make Cheap Calls

What do you prefer amid the mobile services or sim cards - prepaid or postpaid? Whatever your pick is, ensure that you take advantage of all the plans your mobile connection offers you with. It can be anything like making cheap calls on to other mobile networks or unlimited mobile internet connection or sending free text messages. Companies like Uninor have entered the telecom arena after thoughtful analysis of the market requirements in India. Accordingly, Uninor has introduced sim cards, prepaid and postpaid both, loaded with advantageous features. While some allow you to make cheap calls on Uninor network or other local networks, some also allow you to surf the Internet with an installed mobile internet connection. With the intention to attract maximum customers, Uninor offers plans they have been waiting for.

Amongst the best plan, that has come so far, the best sim card prepaid plan is where you have to pay for how much you talk. And as the graph rises, the call charges reduce gradually enabling you to make cheap calls. Now, when umpteen options are available, why not choose the best sim cards prepaid plan and reap maximum benefits.