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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Best prepaid mobile service India

In this crowded space of telecom service operators, Uninor has slowly and steadily established itself as one of the best prepaid mobile service providers in India. The network coverage in the circles serviced by Uninor has also been more than satisfactory for the customers. It has some of the best prepaid plans for prepaid subscribers which can be availed online as well as through their large chain of distributors. It has also managed to build its brand on social media as well as other platforms. Due to all this, there has been a steady increase in the number of subscribers opting for Uninor.

Uninor has a wide range of recharge plans for talk time, SMS, internet, STD, etc. They regularly introduce new offers keeping the latest trends in mind. The latest being a talk time of free 100 local mins within Uninor network just to 'Like' their official page on Facebook. They also have a GSM prepaid plan which offers talk time of INR 55 on recharge of INR 50. This extra talk time offer has proved to be very popular for prepaid users. For subscribers who love talking on phones at length, they can recharge for INR 43 and make all local and STD calls at 25p/min for a period of 30 days. There's also a recharge pack worth INR 24 for those who prefer only local calling.

In the SMS section, plans range from as low as INR 7 to INR 59 for a period of 28 days. This varies according to different circles. Depending on the plans, users can send certain amount of free messages for that period. Same goes for internet plans which have a wide range of data packs providing internet services for specified validity and data usage. With multiple offers and packs for prepaid mobile service, Uninor has made sure it provides variety of gsm prepaid plans for everyone. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Are Mobile Roaming Charges Really Justified?

As everyone awaits the ruling body’s verdict on national roaming and hopes that roaming in India becomes free, let’s look at the argument that could well swing the argument in the consumers’ favour.
Roaming in India
When you are on prepaid roaming in India may be costly affair. While on an average, prepaid customers in the home network are charged 72p per minute for local calls and Re. 1 for STD calls, customers on national roaming may be changed anywhere between Rs. 1 to 1.5 per minute on outgoing calls, even more on incoming calls, sms roaming charges, roaming data charges vary as per the prepaid mobile service provider.

In a document on national roaming by a well known, national level telecom operator (which is publicly available on the TRAI website), the telecom giant makes many valid points in favour of making national roaming free for all.

First and most hard hitting among these is national roaming acting as an impediment to the constitutional rights to free movement of information, people and trade; which are hampered by the inflated mobile roaming charges. Even with the restraint enacted by TRAI in 2007, national roaming remains to burn a hole into prepaid connection users in India.

Another very valid point which comes across in mobile roaming charges being waived off is the boost to helpful socially and culturally beneficial services that require mobile communication and connectivity through the national region. Socially relevant services which require people to move throughout the geography of India would be better provided if roaming in India becomes free.
Speaking in common sense, and just a tiny bit of business sense, the telecom operators must have figured out that even with national roaming charges waived off, they will make much more than right now, as people tend to just go off the radar while on national roaming.

Roaming in India, by popular demand SHOULD be waived off, and the country should be treated as one big undivided territory – this seems to be the demand of the people as well as the telecom operators.