Thursday, 7 June 2012

Choice of Options with Uninor

If you go by the general Call Rates in India for prepaid mobile, you will only get disappointed. Similar will be your disappointment for mobile internet if you just go by the general rates. When there is a big choice of options in special offers and special tariff vouchers, why worry? Get them and enjoy!

With the Uninor Prepaid connection, you gain a competitive advantage. Call rates in India for both local and STD circles are the lowest when you use the STVs and special offers. Then with online prepaid recharge at, you enjoy extra talk time. Those who are using Uninor are no wonder enjoying cheap call rates India from the time they have subscribed to it. Visit to know about the STVs and special offers.

Enjoying Cheap Calls with Offers and Extra Talk Time

Which mobile service connection are you using? Are you enjoying cheap calls in India satisfactorily with your chosen mobile service? Do you need to think twice before making a call all because of the low talk time you have or that staying connected for long would take a toll on your pocket? You need not ask yourself these questions if you are a Uninor subscriber!

Cheap calls in India are no wonder facilitated by all mobile service providers, yet you will find a difference. The difference is noticed in special tariff vouchers or special offers. Calls automatically turn cheap on an average if you enjoy extra talk time with online prepaid mobile recharge. 

Yes, you enjoy all these benefits with Uninor. For example, with online Prepaid Mobile Recharge of Rs. 80 at, you enjoy extra talk time of Rs. 10. There are more extra talk time options to choose from!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Uninor Sim Prepaid Card Advantage

It is the Uninor sim card, I must say, that lets you enjoy low call rates round the year. And yes, you get surprises quite often! For some time, call rates to local circles were 2 paise/min. Now you can enjoy local Call Rates at 1 paise/2 min. 

With Uninor sim card you can enjoy more benefits. Uninor subscribers are already familiar with the various special offers and special tariff vouchers. Newer offers get introduced from time to time. Complete details about all new offers can be viewed at

International Call Rate can be lessened to your advantage provided you use the dedicated STVs (special tariff vouchers). Currently, with Uninor, you have three STVs to choose from, viz. igain-18 for Rs. 18, igain-27 for Rs. 27, and igain-34 for Rs. 34. You can call United Kingdom, Canada, and USA at 1p/sec; Nepal at Rs.5.99/min, free call to Bangladesh (igain-34), and more.