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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Just Talk Away…

Uninor is the youngest mobile operator in India. It is a collaboration Norway based Telenor Group, one of the world’s leading mobile operators, and India’s second largest real estate company Unitech Ltd. The Telenor group operates in 11 markets across 3 world regions whereas Uninor services are commercially available in six telecom circles across India, which are each divided into zones.

Given its reach and presence across multiple nations globally, Uninor offers internationally viable ISD packages. The company offers cheapest tariff and ensures that you do not miss out on those priceless moments with your loved ones who stay in different parts of the globe!

Let’s look at the ISD packs as well as the call rates available to the users. With the recharge of Rs. 23 you can get a validity period of 30 days wherein you can connect to your loved ones across USA and Canada at 2 paise per second and those in the United Kingdom at 3 paise per second! Talking to the loved ones in Asia, especially Malaysia would cost you only 4 paise per second! You need not think twice before making a call to the Gulf; with Uninor you can just call and it does not burn a hole in your phone bill. Making calls to UAE and Qatar will only cost you 20 paise per second only. To add to that, imagine the joy it will bring to you and your loved ones!

The ISD call rates offered by Uninor ensures that you speak to your loved ones across the globe with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart without worrying about the dent in the accounts balance!