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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Uninor Sim Prepaid Card Advantage

It is the Uninor sim card, I must say, that lets you enjoy low call rates round the year. And yes, you get surprises quite often! For some time, call rates to local circles were 2 paise/min. Now you can enjoy local Call Rates at 1 paise/2 min. 

With Uninor sim card you can enjoy more benefits. Uninor subscribers are already familiar with the various special offers and special tariff vouchers. Newer offers get introduced from time to time. Complete details about all new offers can be viewed at

International Call Rate can be lessened to your advantage provided you use the dedicated STVs (special tariff vouchers). Currently, with Uninor, you have three STVs to choose from, viz. igain-18 for Rs. 18, igain-27 for Rs. 27, and igain-34 for Rs. 34. You can call United Kingdom, Canada, and USA at 1p/sec; Nepal at Rs.5.99/min, free call to Bangladesh (igain-34), and more. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Unique Uninor

Mobile technology and SIM cards prepaid are getting sophisticated with new entrants entering the Indian market. In this respect, Uninor has carved a distinctive niche. Its SIM prepaid card offering cheap calls India is creating a rage in many cities. Though Uninor is fairly new yet rates for cheap calls India, such as ‘Talk longer @ 29p/min’, ‘Call more @ 29p/min’ and ‘Starter Pack’ has managed to capture a large chunk of Indian telecom market share. In fact, majority of the 22 Indian telecom circles operate with SIM cards prepaid by Uninor telecom. This rampant growth rate and wide acceptance narrates the Uninor success story.

A Uninor SIM prepaid card is available free of cost from any authorized retailer. Moreover, the call charges are as low as 1p/sec on almost all packages. And, SIM cards prepaid are generally bought with cheap calls India ‘call packs’ like ‘Unlimited Talk Plan’. Uninor specializes in catering regional specific services on its SIM prepaid card such as regional language selection, local news subscription voucher, and regional event displays. Uninor has made a significant impact in 2 years of its operation. It’s as if every single inventive Indian seeks the Unique Uninor USPs.