Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mobile Deals and India Sim Cards

Are you in a dilemma which of the India sim cards to buy? There are so many India sim cards providers; choose Uninor, you will not regret. Yes, this network provider has a number of cheap mobile deals on offer facilitating cheap calls. Promises of facilitating cheap calls are promised by almost all India sim cards providers; yes Uninor offers hundreds and thousands of free minutes with almost all the mobile deals it has on offer.

For example, if you opt buying the talk non stop plan of the denomination of Rs. 197, you can talk 2000 minutes for free from Uninor to Uninor and 700 minutes from Uninor to other networks. Then there is the discount plan, one of the most unique of mobile deals ever introduced. Know about the cheap calls plans at the uninor corporate site. You can also learn about the mobile deals from a Uninor store.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Uninor India GPRS and Mobile Tariff

When we speak of Uninor India GPRS, what are the plans that you can avail with your prepaid card? Well, there are so many India GPRS plans to choose from starting from MyInternet 5 at Rs. 5, MyInternet 9 at Rs. 9, MyInternet 14 at Rs. 14 to MyInternet 24 at Rs. 24, and MyInternet 90 at Rs. 90. You get free browsing and the validity varies. Good speed is guaranteed! To get a Uninor India GPRS pack, visit your nearest Uninor store and ask for the GPRS packs.

What are the other mobile tariff plans that you can avail with your Uninor prepaid card? You can either go for the talk non stop plan or discount plan. The mobile tariff in all the plans is more or less 50 paise per minute for both local and STD circles. Yes, you do get free minutes in most mobile tariff plans with uninor prepaid card.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Call Cheap with One of The Best Tariff Plans

Looking for one of the best tariff plans to call cheap to your near and dear ones located near and far? It all depends which calling cards you are using. If it is Uninor, you do gain a competitive advantage. Even if you are not using Uninor, you can switch to this network provider without changing your mobile number and start availing the low tariff plans.

Get the ‘discount plan’ from Uninor. No other calling cards providers offer such a plan; in fact, it is the first of its kind in the tariff plans segment to be introduced in the Indian telecom industry. You can not only call cheap but also avail discounts at the same time as per changing time and location. You can call cheap at 50 paise per minute from Uninor to Uninor and other networks for local and STD; discounts available is up to 60%. Get it and enjoy calling!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Uninor’s 25 Million Plus Subscribers

Mobile tariff is one of the key aspects considered when choosing a telecom operator. At least I always consider tariff plans. This does not mean that I keep on changing operators. Of course different operators offer different pre paid plans and the mobile tariff for each plan varies. If you guys are not using Uninor you are only far away from the best pre paid plans and the best tariff plans. It is but a great achievement for the telecom operator to have been the chosen operator for over 25 million subscribers in just 18 months! This well justifies that if you go for pre paid plans by this company you do gain a competitive advantage.

The Uninor phone recharge can be done either online or at a retail store. When I was a new subscriber, I first viewed all tariff plans at its corporate site before doing a phone recharge.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Free Phone Call with ‘Talk Non-Stop’ Plan from Uninor

When we speak about Uninor calling cards there are different tariff plans for making cheap calls in India at the local, STD and ISD levels. Most of the plans facilitate making of free phone call. For example if you get the ‘talk non-stop’ plan, you are entitled to make a free phone call for up to 2000 minutes of local Uninor to Uninor and a maximum of 700 minutes of local to other networks per month.

For making cheap calls India, i.e. for STD, the call charges are only 50p per minute. Besides making free phone call, the user thus also enjoys making cheap calls in India circles. Cost of the calling card is Rs. 197 that comes with a validity of 30 days. If you use the Internet with this pack, you spend only 10 paise for every 10 kb. I bet this is one of the best Uninor calling cards.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Calling Cards and Call Rates in India

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t use a mobile phone. Millions of India sim cards are used by the millions of people across the country. Yes, not all India sim cards are of one particular network operator. Also called calling cards, the sim cards vary in terms of benefits offered such as talk-time, sms, internet usage, low call rates, validity, free phone call, and the like.

Call rates India today hover around the 50 paise/pm figure. Yes, there was a time, a couple of years ago when call rates in India for STD circles hovered between Rs. 2 and Rs 3 varying from calling cards to calling cards. Today there are numerous India sim cards available that users only get spoilt for choices. Of course, one that offers a whole lot of benefits besides cheap calling and free phone call will no doubt be chosen. Explore all cards and choose one.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Tariff Plans and Uninor Mobile Service Provider

All you guys availing the benefits of pre paid plans from this mobile service provider called Uninor must be well cognizant about all of its available tariff plans. The discount plan is the most unique not to mention the ‘talk non-stop’ plan. One of lowest tariff plans is the ‘Aaj ka panch’ pack for only Rs. 5. Valid for one night (till midnight on the same day”, you get full talk time with this plan. Likewise there are more tariff plans to choose from. Just visit the Uninor corporate site to browse through the pre paid plans and buy the one that suits your preferences the best at the same platform.

I have switched to this mobile service provider a couple of weeks ago after conducting enough research. Till today, the tariff plans are designed to the users’ advantage. Once you start using this mobile service provider you won’t switch elsewhere.