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Friday, 9 May 2014

Uninor Provides Least Expensive Unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook Plans

In order to address the needs of youth and subscriber-base, Uninor has now shifted its focus from MB/GB based plans to service based offers. By offering unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook access at just Rs.15/month, Uninor has become first telecom operator of its kind. Users are excited about this internet plan and offer as it is making the connectivity even more affordable.

 Best Internet Plan Internet plan
This new scheme marks great changes in internet strategy of Uninor. This way, it seems that they are shifting to internet from data. They are engaged in making data usage as less expensive as possible for the consumers. Marketed as “Sabse Sasta WhatsApp” and “Sabse Sasta Facebook”, the new schemes of Uninor are pulling great attention from customers. From 1 hour to one month, subscribers can now enjoy limitless Facebook & WhatsApp access. These plans are starting from Re. 1 to Rs.15.

Thanks to these plans, without staying worried about data usage, you can stay connected with your loved ones 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is Uninor’s best internet plan to make internet usage most affordable for its customers and help them get connected to the world.

Most of the people in India use internet to access social media and messaging, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. They are planning to make internet usage more relevant and affordable to the customers. They are rolling- up these schemes in the states of Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and East and West UP.

Uninor has decided to kick-start its infrastructure and technology upgrade to accelerate the projected surge in online traffic. Development of dedicated resources, improvement of packet nodes and improving compression and transmission mechanisms are included in the project of capacity expansion. Uninor is also upgrading its infrastructure of network and making it capable enough to support double demand of internet usage.