Monday, 26 May 2014

With Just a Re. 1 Online Recharge Gujarat Whatsapps and Gujarat Facebooks

Uninor has introduced a new, super sasta prepaid plan in Gujarat. Just for Re. 1, the Gujarat circle subscribers can use Whatsapp or Facebook for a whole day!

In today’s day and age, what value does a one rupee coin actually have? If you see a rupee coin lying on the road, I bet you would not even consider its worth that much that you would expend 0.5% energy gotten from that awesome grilled chicken burger that you had as a snack when you went out with friends the previous evening. People use one rupee coin to fill up that hole in the envelope that they use to give money to the married couple on their wedding. The most miserly grocers today charge you only Rs. 420/- even if you have bought groceries worth Rs. 421/- and you lie to him saying you do not have a Re. 1 coin (I am not saying you lie every time. But if you have never experienced it, lie once for the sake of a social learning).

What is the best use you can think of for a one rupee coin? A coin toss in the local match? A decoration for your new wallet? A screwdriver (check it on YouTube, people actually use it as a screwdriver)? Whatever it is, a rupee coin today has more uses as a tool or as an ornament than value as money.

Launching this new internet plan in Gujarat, Uninor has clearly made a difference to this deplorable condition of the one rupee coin.

With the new “unlimited fun” online recharge Gujarat circle subscribers can now choose to use Facebook or Whatsapp (either, mind you, not both) at just a simple, nominal and pocket friendly fee of one rupee a day!

We would like to think that this prepaid plan in Gujarat is among (if not the) best uses of one rupee. Stay connected with friends – like, share, comment, spread the love. Check out the Unlimited Fun @ Re. 1 plan, and many others here:

Uninor Smart SMS Packs

Even in an era where IM apps like WhatsApp and We Chat have changed the course of our written communication on mobile phone, SMS are still used by a fairly good number of subscribers, especially by non-smartphone users.  Though they are short on features like ability to send multimedia files, they provide reliability to get your message across to the recipient. Operators are therefore obliged to continue providing new SMS packs on regular basis to their customers.

Keeping in mind the consistent need of SMS users, Uninor has wide range of offers for them. In just INR 7, they provide local and national Uninor to Uninor SMS at just 1p/SMS, while Uninor to other at 15p/SMS. This offer is valid for a period of 28 days in Maharashtra and Goa circle. A SMS package of INR 19 gives you 100 free SMS, local and national, per day.  This is only for messages made within the Uninor network. For Uninor to others, standard SMS charges of 15p/SMS are applicable. Again, the validity for this SMS pack is standard 28 days. These plans help Uninor promote and attract customers to their network.

There are combo plans also available from Uninor, wherein you can take benefits of other services like calling and internet along with free SMS. A recharge pack of INR 251 gives you 100 free SMS daily for a period of 90 days in UP East circle. For the first 30 days of this period, you also get 800 minutes of free calling all over India. For the next 60 days, you are charged 60p/min for local and STD calls. This offer gives you free calling along with the SMS package. Combo plans along with internet offers are also available. You can head over to for more information regarding these offers.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Uninor Provides Least Expensive Unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook Plans

In order to address the needs of youth and subscriber-base, Uninor has now shifted its focus from MB/GB based plans to service based offers. By offering unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook access at just Rs.15/month, Uninor has become first telecom operator of its kind. Users are excited about this internet plan and offer as it is making the connectivity even more affordable.

 Best Internet Plan Internet plan
This new scheme marks great changes in internet strategy of Uninor. This way, it seems that they are shifting to internet from data. They are engaged in making data usage as less expensive as possible for the consumers. Marketed as “Sabse Sasta WhatsApp” and “Sabse Sasta Facebook”, the new schemes of Uninor are pulling great attention from customers. From 1 hour to one month, subscribers can now enjoy limitless Facebook & WhatsApp access. These plans are starting from Re. 1 to Rs.15.

Thanks to these plans, without staying worried about data usage, you can stay connected with your loved ones 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is Uninor’s best internet plan to make internet usage most affordable for its customers and help them get connected to the world.

Most of the people in India use internet to access social media and messaging, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. They are planning to make internet usage more relevant and affordable to the customers. They are rolling- up these schemes in the states of Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and East and West UP.

Uninor has decided to kick-start its infrastructure and technology upgrade to accelerate the projected surge in online traffic. Development of dedicated resources, improvement of packet nodes and improving compression and transmission mechanisms are included in the project of capacity expansion. Uninor is also upgrading its infrastructure of network and making it capable enough to support double demand of internet usage.