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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

All Uninor employees in Bihar and Jharkhand will call customers on 23rd September

Bihar and Jharkhand joins all of Uninor and Telenor Group companies worldwide to celebrate Customer First Day

Uninor also announces its financial break-even in the circle and starts a 3-day roadshow across Bihar and Jharkhand
Patna, September 21, 2013: Each of the 520 Uninor employees in Bihar and Jharkhand will make calls to the company’s subscribers to take feedback on Uninor’s services on September 23rd. Across Uninor, employees will spend a day at the Uninor Call Centres, interacting with customer service agents and taking subscriber calls; go into the market to meet retailers and interact with customers and also offer surprise deals on all purchases at the Uninor stores. Employees of Bihar and Jharkhand join their Uninor colleagues across India and the over 30,000 Telenor Group colleagues across the world to celebrate the Customer First Day on September 23rd.
In Patna to announce this initiative, the company’s CEO Yogesh Malik also announced that Uninor has achieved profitability in its Bihar and Jharkhand operations. This is a significant achievement since Uninor offers the lowest tariffs in a circle that also has among the lowest ARPUs in India.
“We are proud of this accomplishment. While many wrongly assume that a low ARPU market makes for a difficult business case, we have proven that a mobile operator can serve the mass market with basic services and affordable tariffs, and yet achieve profitability. Sabse Sasta is a commitment from Uninor and Sabse Sasta will continue,” said Yogesh Malik.
Uninor serves 4.3 million subscribers with a network of 2442 sites and 50,000 points of sale in Bihar and Jharkhand.
Special offers to celebrate Customer First Day
As a part of the Customer First Day celebrations, Uninor has also launched a variety of new offers. Some of these include free unlimited internet for 7 days with every recharge of Rs. 100 and above. On a recharge of Rs 551, customer gets 50 STD minutes Free at Uninor shops and 5 % extra every time he recharges for a year with enrolment under Uninor Advantage Club from Uninor exclusive stores.
“This is the most important day of the year for Uninor. After all, we exist because of our customers. This year on the Customer First Day, Uninor employees in Bihar and Jharkhand will call or meet subscribers and visit retail shops,” said AEA Jameel, Circle Business Head for Bihar and Jharkhand. “Break-even is only a milestone. Our intention is to go far deeper and wider in Bihar and Jharkhand with Uninor’s Sabse Sasta services,” he added.
320 km road show led by the Uninor CEO
Uninor’s CEO, Yogesh Malik also began a 3 day road show across towns and villages of Bihar & Jharkhand. The team will cover a distance of close to 320 kilometers; starting at Patna and travelling to Bodhgaya and Ranchi – and several villages that fall en-route. During this road-show, Uninor team will meet its customers, retail and distribution partners and employees in various locations.
“This is the way Uninor works. It is our responsibility to go where our customers and retail partners are – understand what they need from Uninor and ensure we meet their expectations. For us every customer matters and customer satisfaction is the priority,” said AEA Jameel.
Uninor Daud to be flagged off at Gandhi Maidan in Patna
As a part of Uninor’s 3-day road show to the towns and villages of Bihar & Jharkhand, the company’s CEO along with the Circle Business Head A.E.A Jameel will flag off the Uninor Daud. With more than 1000 participants registering – this qualifies to be one of the biggest sporting event of this nature in the region.  The Uninor Run will take place at Gandhi Maidan in Patna on 22nd of Sep’13 at 6 am and will cover a route of over 3 kilometers. Participants across all age groups can join the run, as it is intended to create awareness on healthy living and perseverance.
“This run is not about Uninor, our business or our products. This is simply a way to encourage the people of the city to make an active effort towards healthy living and make positive changes to their daily lives,” said Yogesh Malik, CEO of Uninor.

About Uninor:

Uninor is majority owned subsidiary of Telenor Group – one of the major mobile operators with headquarters in Oslo, Norway.  Uninor’s cellular service are commercially available in the six circles of UP (West), UP (East), Bihar (including Jharkhand), Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Together, these circles account for more than 50% of India’s population giving Uninor the ability to serve every second person in India.
Uninor is a young operator that focuses on the mass market serving over 32.7 million customers. Uninor’s innovative products and services empower customers to enjoy the benefits of mobile telephony through its simple price proposition of - ’sabse sasta’ (lowest) tariffs for all basic services. The company is committed to profitable growth in this highly price sensitive and competitive market.  Uninor achieved break-even in the two circles of UP East and Gujarat – the fastest by any mobile operator in India. For more information, please visit

About Telenor Group:

Telenor Group is an international provider of tele, data and media communication services. Telenor Group has mobile operations in 12 markets in the Nordic region, Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia, as well as a voting stake of 42.95 per cent (economic stake 33 per cent) in VimpelCom Ltd., operating in 17 markets. Headquartered in Norway, Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with more than 150 million mobile subscriptions in its consolidated operations per Q2 2013, revenues in 2012 of NOK 102 billion, and a workforce of nearly 34,000. For more information about Telenor Group, please visit
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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The many benefits with Uninor prepaid

You will agree with me if I say that the best prepaid plan comes from Uninor only. I am myself a Uninor subscriber and have been availing many benefits. Whether it is enjoying a free phone call or low cost international call rate, getting extra talk time with online recharge or enjoying other value added services, you will never regret using the best prepaid plan from Uninor.

I have relatives in Canada and the USA. Using the Uninor STV igain-18 for Rs. 18, I enjoy international call rate to these countries at 1 paise/second. When it comes enjoying free phone call, there are dedicated STVs for local and STD circles. For example, igain-23, igain-29, igain-36 to igain-41, igain-53, and igain-123 are STVs for STD circles. Depending on the denomination you choose, you get several minutes of free phone call. Just visit to browse through the different offers and STVs.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pocket friendly phone calls packs

If you are looking for free phone calls, low call rates, low charges for roaming, pocket friendly internet plans, low international call charges, then you should go for the best prepaid plan. And the best prepaid plan comes with Uninor only. This network operator has on offer a horde of value packs at denominations starting from as low as Rs. 5. Yes, making phone calls to people who matter to you, happens without burning a hole in your pocket. No wonder Uninor made records becoming the market leader as of December 2011 statistics with the highest number of new subscribers.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Low cost roaming in India with the best prepaid plan

Want to enjoy the best prepaid plans to enjoy low-cost roaming in India? Yes, you can enjoy it with Uninor. Roaming in India for incoming roaming call to Uninor and other networks is 60 paisa per minute; outgoing Uninor to Uninor local roaming call rate is 60 paisa per minute. Outgoing Uninor to Uninor STD roaming call rate is 60 paisa per minute and to others is 80 paisa per minute.

Roaming in India between Mumbai and Gujarat did happen for free only with the best prepaid plan from Uninor. Yes, Uninor users from Gujarat and Mumbai did enjoy free roaming while traveling across the two circles. No roaming charges were levied for incoming calls and SMSs. For outgoing roaming in India in these two circles, a flat rate of 50p/per min was levied. No wonder Uninor is the best prepaid card. Explore the latest pocket friendly prepaid plans at

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Uninor Rolling Out Best Prepaid Plans

Using mobile at a very affordable price is now in our own hands. We can choose the best prepaid plan out of the hundreds of options available. But the question is what the best prepaid plan is for you. The one that offers unlimited talktime, free messages, Internet at low prices or one that offers roaming in India at the lowest prices.

The obvious answer would be the one that has it all. Uninor has rolled a number of prepaid plans, and one could be the best prepaid plan for you. If you travel a lot, then your best prepaid plan should be one that offers you roaming in India at the lowest rates. The Uninor plans for roaming are concise and roaming in India will cost you in accordance with the duration and network that you are called from or you call to. So what would your best prepaid plan be?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Roaming in India with the Best Prepaid Plan

You will certainly go for a prepaid plan that not only facilitates cheap calls, free phone calls but also low cost roaming in India. The Indian government has no wonder declared about doing away with charges for roaming in India. Till the move is implemented, you will always be charged for roaming in India once you go out of your circle. There are reasons why you should consider choosing Uninor. The best prepaid plan comes with Uninor only.

You have a wealth of options to choose from for local, STD, and ISD calling including Internet plans and SMS packs. Each Uninor plan can no doubt be termed the best prepaid plan. Charges for roaming in India start at 60 paise per minute.Generally call rates in India in STD circles are 50 paise per minute. And for roaming in India, you pay Re. 1.50 paise. Uninor charges for roaming in India are lesser.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Uninor Roaming in India and the Best Prepaid Plan

Soon roaming in India will be for free much to the advantage of the mobile users. At present the best prepaid plan is certainly from Uninor; in fact, every plan offered by this network operator is the best prepaid plan. Charges for roaming in India in STD circles for outgoing calls, i.e. from Uninor to Uninor are 60 paise per minute and from Uninor to other networks at Rs. 1.50 paise per minute. For incoming calls in the Uninor network charges for roaming in India are 60 paise per minute and other networks at Re. 1 per minute.

One best prepaid plan from Uninor is the discount plan introduced for the first time in India. It is a one of its kind plan. You enjoy discounts on all local calls based on time and location. Once you get this best prepaid plan activated, your mobile phone screen will flash the changing discounts.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Preferably Uninor

Undoubtedly, when it comes to mentioning the awe-inspiring ‘roaming in India’ benefits endowed by Uninor, the discussions go on endlessly. With considerably slashed prices of roaming in India, Uninor helps you stay associated with your family and friends even while traveling! Roaming for STD incoming calls from Uninor are charged 60p/min and from other networks cost 80p/min, and outgoing calls to any network cost Rs. 1.50/- only.

With Uninor’s best prepaid plan, prices topple down and subscribers receive nice price cuts. If you're amongst cell phone buffs harboring any thoughts to subscribe to a new network service then Uninor should be your preference! Besides offering you with best prepaid plans and offers, Uninor gives you chances to win exciting prizes through various contests. Currently going on contest is Uninor ‘Durga Puja Photography Contest’. On respective festive occasions, you can enter contest and win exclusive trolley bags, pen drives, and t-shirts.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Best Prepaid Plan and Mobile Internet Connection

Which is the best prepaid plan in your city at the moment? Of course the best prepaid plan is one that facilitates the user stay connected at the cheapest call rates and also get a mobile internet connection at unbeatable prices. Only Uninor offers such internet and mobile deals! Yes, if you compare mobile deals, you will find Uninor the best and the cheapest.

If you read reviews, blog posts and comments on web, you will be surprised to find that amid the mobile deals available in the market it is Uninor that offers the best prepaid plan. Yes, you can call a fellow Uninor user for only 2 paise per minute.

You can get a Uninor mobile internet connection for only Rs. 5. There are different internet plans available in denominations of Rs. 5, Rs. 9, Rs. 14, Rs. 24, and Rs. 90, each differing in free usage, free browsing, and validity.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Uninor Call Rates in India and Prepaid Roaming

Call rates in India are only going lower; thanks to the numerous telecom service providers offering the most competitive plans to attract customers. It has been for quite some time that I have been using Uninor. And at the moment, I don’t think so any other service provider will offer such cheap call rates in India. Be it prepaid roaming or just STD and local calling, the rates are highly affordable. It won’t affect your pocket at all.

Uninor starter includes lifetime validity; call rates in India start from 1p/sec with a slight difference in prepaid roaming. The denominations start from Rs. 5 to Rs. 500 which also includes free phone calls. Opt for any of i gain-10, i gain-20, i gain-500 and other plans. 

For Uninor to Uninor, the prepaid roaming charges are 60 paise per minute and from Uninor to other networks it is Rs. 1 per minute.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Roaming & Talking – Affordable!

Charges roaming’ for calls nationally are priced at a flat rate of 60p/min to 80p/min which are affordable and agreeable. And, there are ‘Talk-time transfer’ facilities available; you can recharge the mobiles of others instantly. Uninor GPRS calling rates and charges roaming are most bought deals among frequent travelers.

For Mumbai customers, Uninor will not take charges roaming for people traveling to GujaratUninor GPRS is ideally suited for Indian customer needs. Charges for roaming were and are indeed high. But with Uninor GPRS, you not only avail a whole lot of conveniences but also enjoy low charges for roaming.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Best Prepaid Plan is Now Here

Are you looking for the best prepaid plan that offers you the liberty to make free phone calls within the country or overseas or one that allows sending free text message to all? This is asking for too much but nevertheless, there are plans and offers that various mobile services in India offer. The India sim cards offered by various telecom players are loaded with many advantageous prepaid plans which when chosen wisely can turn out to be the best prepaid plan.
Following a few steps can help you choose the best prepaid plan and save a lot of money as well. Are you a texting lover or you love talking on phone for long hours? Do you have to stay online through phone 24x7 or chat more? Whatever the answer, choose a prepaid plan that lets you do the task you love the most at highly reasonable prices. Telecom players like Uninor also offer India sim cards that come with pre-loaded prepaid plans or pre-loaded advantages. So, surf the Internet for more of Uninor plans on India sim card features or talk to your dealer, and know more about the best prepaid plan available.