Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pocket friendly phone calls packs

If you are looking for free phone calls, low call rates, low charges for roaming, pocket friendly internet plans, low international call charges, then you should go for the best prepaid plan. And the best prepaid plan comes with Uninor only. This network operator has on offer a horde of value packs at denominations starting from as low as Rs. 5. Yes, making phone calls to people who matter to you, happens without burning a hole in your pocket. No wonder Uninor made records becoming the market leader as of December 2011 statistics with the highest number of new subscribers.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Uninor sim cards prepaid benefits

There can be no better sims card in prepaid than Uninor. The increasing count of subscribers well substantiates the fact. Whether it is a free phone call or low-cost mobile internet, international calling at 1 paisa per second or getting extra talk time with online recharge at, you only gain a competitive advantage. Think about mobile internet plans from Uninor and you will come across MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 59, MyInternet 90. Under each of the mobile internet plan, you can enjoy free browsing to a limit with validity ranging according to the denominations. Once the free usage limit is crossed, charges are levied. Likewise there are dedicated local, STD, and international phone call plans with Uninor sim cards prepaid. For example, in the local phone call category, you have igain-17, igain-26, igain-33, igain-37, igain-46, igain-99, igain-22, igain-38, igain-197, igain-198, igain-550, and igain-551. Visit for more options.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Uninor STD rates and roaming in India

Here is a calling prepaid operator in India that has always slashed its local and STD rates with time. International call rates and roaming in India are no exception. This is the reason why GSM subscribers are increasingly choosing Uninor, making it the leader as of January 2012 statistics with it alone registering 2.49 million subscribers amid the total count of 8.44 million new subscriptions! Uninor calling prepaid cards have been witnessing active operations in only 13 of the 22 regions, yet recording maximum customers.

With Uninor calling prepaid, you can enjoy STD rates at 30 paise per minute, applicable for most of the regions of the country. When it comes to roaming in India, charges are less compared to its competitors. Yes, for incoming calls, charges for roaming in India starts at as low as 60 paise/min. If you happen to get an STD plan, you can enjoy low STD rates.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Increasing mobile tariff plans for cheap calls

Making cheap calls is not the wish of one but every mobile phone owner. Call rates in India have gone done to a great extent and all mobile service providers have decreased their mobile tariff, attracting new subscribers and retaining the existing gentry. As of January 2012 data, 8.44 million GSM subscribers were added with Uninor at the lead. Reasons are obvious. Uninor provides the lowest call rates in India and has on offer  a wide range of mobile tariff plans with denominations as low as Rs. 5. Yes, Uninor alone added 2.49 million subscribers to its kitty! Had this network provider been operational in all of the existing circles, the count would have further increased.

It is not only cheap calls that Uninor facilitates. You can enjoy free phone call, low roaming call rates in India, low international calls, and more. To have a look at the mobile tariff options, visit

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The ‘pay less talk more’ plans

Want to pay less and talk more? If you have a Uninor connection, you can indeed enjoy this facility. It is not just paying less and talking more. With a Uninor phone recharge, you can enjoy free phone call, unlimited music at a minimal denomination, low-cost international call rate, internet browsing, and lots more. Before you go for a phone recharge, do take a tour of the available packages. There are dedicated phone recharge options for local, STD, and international calls. Free phone call options are there in all of local, STD, and combo packs.

Which countries do you need to get connected to? If it is Canada, US, UK, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, you can enjoy international call rate at 1 paisa per second. The phone recharge packs from Uninor for international calling are igain-18 and igain-111. Visit, Uninor’s corporate site, for your online mobile phone recharge.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Special tariff plans for Uninor prepaid card

Special prepaid card tariff plans with denominations starting from Rs. 5, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 120 to Rs. 150, Rs. 300, Rs. 500 are available from Uninor. With the Rs. 300 prepaid card plan, you can call cheap, enjoying talk value of Rs. 355 with validity for life. The Rs. 100 plan lets you enjoy talk value of Rs. 115. Visit to know more about each of the aforesaid special mobile deals.

Music lovers have reasons to rejoice with a Uninor prepaid card subscription. Yes, besides enjoying low tariff plans, you can listen or make others listen to your and their favorite music for 100 minutes at only Rs. 30. This is the latest value added service offer from the house of Uninor.

One of the Uninor tariff plans is the Rs. 36 plan meant for STD calls. You can call cheap to STD circles at 30p/min for 30 days.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Cheap calls in India and ‘Feeling Lucky’ offers

‘Pay less talk more’ – this is the mantra behind Uninor’s fast success in the Indian market. Over 4 crore Uninor subscribers are enjoying cheap calls in India. With every online mobile prepaid recharge, you get extra talktime, no matter which of the four available denominations you choose – Rs. 80 phone recharge, Rs. 170, Rs. 340, and Rs. 470. Extra talktime you enjoy for the same include Rs. 90, Rs. 200, Rs. 410, and Rs. 580 respectively. If you know the tricks of choosing the right phone recharge plan, you can continuously enjoy making cheap calls in India irrespective of whether it is local or STD calls.

And then there are ‘lucky’ Uninor mobile prepaid recharge offers; for enjoying it, you will have to participate in the game. To enjoy talktime for free, just visit As part of Uninor’s ‘Feeling Lucky’ offers, get a minimum mobile prepaid recharge done and participate.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Getting the best value out of your money with Uninor

Who doesn’t want to get the best value out of their money, especially in terms of mobile phones! Cheaper the mobile tariff, and myriad the mobile deals, subscribers only get magnetized. You won’t get better than the best mobile deals in the market for sure except from the house of Uninor. Innovative plans exactly suiting the pockets of all subscribers are what this network operator introduces from time to time. It is not only low mobile tariff that you enjoy but also pocket-oriented mobile internet plans. While mobile deals may start at denominations as low as Rs. 5, mobile internet deals from Uninor may start at as low as Rs. 9. Low amounts do not mean that you enjoy less talktime or less browsing. You get more compared to what is offered in the market. There are dedicated mobile deals for local, STD, and ISD calls. Uninor mobile internet plans are no exceptions!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Uninor international call rates and India GPRS

Do you use a postpaid or prepaid card? If you are using a Uninor prepaid card, then you are indeed gaining a competitive advantage. For example, for some time Mumbai and Gujarat users enjoyed free incoming roaming. Calling at 2 paise per minute is still valid in most of the circles. And then there are plans that let you call at 29 paise per minute to both local and STD circles. Free phone calls and more are just part of many a Uninor prepaid card plan. You also enjoy low cost international call rates and cost effective India GPRS with Uninor prepaid card.

Choose any of igain-18 or igain-111 to enjoy low international call rates. Calling to the United Kingdom Fixed, China, Hong Kong, Canada, and USA can happen at1 paise per second. International call rates to Greece, Singapore, and Spain Fixed are 2 paise per second. Call rates vary from nation to nation. Visit to explore the international call rates to various nations.

When we speak about Uninor prepaid card India GPRS, you have numerous options to choose from. MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 47, MyInternet 59, MyInternet 90 – choose any to start enjoying Internet connectivity on your mobile.

Uninor calling cards and prepaid mobile recharge options

I must say innovative and low cost tariff plans come only with Uninor calling cards. You can call cheap to people who matter to you the most at even 2 paise per minute. These ‘cheap call’ plans are available in denominations ranging from Rs. 17, Rs. 22 to Rs. 33, Rs. 38, and Rs. 82 (15-30 days validity) depending on circles. There are countless other tariff plans meant for local, STD, and ISD circles. Visit to explore them all. Choose the one that suits your budget and preferences the best. There is always something new and surprising from this network operator. You will not regret using Uninor calling cards. Another prepaid mobile recharge plan worth mentioning is ‘Special Tariff Voucher of Talk Non-Stop Plan’. This ‘call cheap’ plan is available in denominations of Rs. Rs. 37, Rs. 38, Rs. 197, and Rs. 198. With the Rs. 197 plan, you enjoy free phone call of a maximum of 2000 mins. for local Uninor to Uninor and a maximum 700 mins. of local calls to other networks per month. And then the igain-39 prepaid mobile recharge plan lets you enjoy 1000 free phone calls to Uninor network and 99 free SMSs a day.