Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Online mobile recharge- the most possible alternative to paper recharge card

Are you still stacked in getting the mobile recharge done through paper recharge cards available in the market? Come on, it’s time to feel the change in the air. In today’s tech savvy world, everyone is heading towards new ways and solutions that have emerged in the world of mobile services with the growing awareness of internet and digital money. If you haven’t thought towards this perspective then it is the right time to switch your thinking.
Mobile Recharge 

With the ease of few clicks over the mouse, you can enter into the world of convenience and ease which lets you and your wallet have the peace of mind. The online mobile recharge emerged as the most possible alternative to paper recharge cards in terms of reliability, security and ease of processing. With the simple and sound support of an internet connection and mode of payment, you can easily carry on your long going talks with your friends and relatives. Even you can enjoy continuous chat over SMS with the recharge done online.

The online recharge facility proves to be cost effective also. This is in the sense that it allows saving up to a sound percentage over the top ups. Like, when you avail this alternative to recharge your mobile phone, you will always get some extra talk time. In short, you will only get the best value of your money with the recharge done through online mode.
Uninor introduced some remarkable recharge packages that offer optimum gain on every recharge top up. Like, if you go for exclusive online recharge initiates by Uninor, you will get quite good percentage of extra talk time. For e.g. on the recharge of Rs. 340, you will get talk time of Rs. 410 and so on.
With the instant online recharge system, you can easily gain up maximum talk time without any hassle. 

Monday, 22 April 2013

The BIG BROTHER of all talktime recharge plans: Uninor introduces the ‘Bada Bhai’ of all top up offers in UP East!

Talk actually becomes cheap: With a talk time recharge of Rs. 500, get Rs.100 EXTRA!

onlinerecharge offers
UP East has just witnessed the big bang in mobile recharge plans and top up offers! Uninor has actually got everyone’s tongue (talk time offer pun intended) by introducing the new Rs. 500 talk time recharge. So what’s great about this talk time recharge, you ask? One can easily get a talk time recharge for Rs.500 on any telecom network, with coupon recharge, vendor mobile recharge, and certainly get online recharge offers with express recharge. But in the curiously particular case of Uninor, you get talk time of Rs.600 with the talk time recharge of Rs.500. Now THAT’S a cool catch!

Imagine the worth of Rs.100 extra – a surprise canteen treat for totally unsuspecting friends, or a birthday gift contribution for someone close in the gang; 3 days to a week’s worth of petrol for your bike, or a weekday movie ticket at your favourite cinema hall. For many college goers, Rs.100 settles the bill of the college canteen which has been pending for the whole week, or might even buy a bunch of cool accessories for that girl in your friends circle that you have a serious crush on! In fact, for Rs.100 extra, you might even get to chat with her for a good amount of extra time! (Make sure you have enough topics to talk to her about – search the net, man!)

This awesome Rs.500 talk time recharge is also available online on the telecom operator’s website And if it’s your lucky day, you might even get some very cool online recharge offers with online recharge, not to mention the fact that online recharge is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

Uninor ISD, International Roaming services in UP East

Let’s look at the ISD Plans that help the subscribers of the UP East Circle connect with loved ones across the globe for less….much less!

In a world that is constantly plagued by increasing prices and decreasing bank balances, how many times have parents hardened their hearts and shortened their conversations with their son based in the United States or their daughter working in the United Arab Emirates? Truly, international call rates follow the ballooning ways of the world – they did not seem to bog down for mobile phone subscribers.
international call charges
Enter Uninor into the expensive, pocket burning, bill churning ISD scenario.

Now, you need to understand that the setting of call charges, and especially international call charges & international roaming charges, is not limited to your home telecom network provider. There are additional costs, taxes and charges involved based on the usage of various telecom technologies. So as much as the telecom operator wants to reduce the international call charges, it can only reduce the costs that it controls; and there are only a few that the telecom actually can. There is no way around it!

But taking to the international level, its commitment to provide its customers with the “Sabse Sasta” plans, Uninor has introduced the Rs.28 ISD pack for the UP East circle. Whereas normally the customer would be charged as international call charges Rs.6.4 per minute for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Singapore among others; and as high as Rs.11 for the United Arab Emirates; with this ISD pack costing Rs.28, international charges would be drastically reduced for most countries of the world (United Kingdom Fixed, Canada, USA @Rs 0.6/Min; Greece Fixed, Singapore, Spain Fixed, China and Hong Kong @Rs 1.2/Min; Malaysia, Romania Fixed and Thailand @Rs 1.8/Min; Russia Fixed, South Korea and Bangladesh @Rs 2.4/Min; Turkey fixed @Rs 3/Min; Nepal, Romania mobile, Greece Mobile, Bahrain, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia @Rs 6/Min; Philippines Fixed, Russia mobile, Sri Lanka, Japan, IRAQ, Oman Fixed, Bhutan, Kuwait and Australia @Rs 6.6/Min; United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Spain Mobile, Turkey Mobile, Yemen, Qatar Fixed @Rs 9/Min; UK Mobile, Philippines mobile and Qatar mobile @Rs 10.8/Min; Oman mobile, Myanmar, LIBYA mobile, Afghanistan and LIBYA Fixed @Rs 15/Min)

The Rs.28 ISD pack is available in the UP East Circle through both instant mobile recharge as well as online mobile prepaid recharge on the telecom operator’s website (where they have just introduced the all new Express Online Recharge Page to reduce make the online instant mobile recharge speedier).
Now that Uninor has managed to extract an instant mobile recharge pack to reduce international call rates. Uninor also offers cheap national roaming charges compare to any other network. international roaming charges is not too long a shot to expect. We’ll have to wait and see!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Are Mobile Roaming Charges Really Justified?

As everyone awaits the ruling body’s verdict on national roaming and hopes that roaming in India becomes free, let’s look at the argument that could well swing the argument in the consumers’ favour.
Roaming in India
When you are on prepaid roaming in India may be costly affair. While on an average, prepaid customers in the home network are charged 72p per minute for local calls and Re. 1 for STD calls, customers on national roaming may be changed anywhere between Rs. 1 to 1.5 per minute on outgoing calls, even more on incoming calls, sms roaming charges, roaming data charges vary as per the prepaid mobile service provider.

In a document on national roaming by a well known, national level telecom operator (which is publicly available on the TRAI website), the telecom giant makes many valid points in favour of making national roaming free for all.

First and most hard hitting among these is national roaming acting as an impediment to the constitutional rights to free movement of information, people and trade; which are hampered by the inflated mobile roaming charges. Even with the restraint enacted by TRAI in 2007, national roaming remains to burn a hole into prepaid connection users in India.

Another very valid point which comes across in mobile roaming charges being waived off is the boost to helpful socially and culturally beneficial services that require mobile communication and connectivity through the national region. Socially relevant services which require people to move throughout the geography of India would be better provided if roaming in India becomes free.
Speaking in common sense, and just a tiny bit of business sense, the telecom operators must have figured out that even with national roaming charges waived off, they will make much more than right now, as people tend to just go off the radar while on national roaming.

Roaming in India, by popular demand SHOULD be waived off, and the country should be treated as one big undivided territory – this seems to be the demand of the people as well as the telecom operators.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Uninor Celebrates IPL with Sports Recharge Pack

The IPL madness has begun. It's that time of the year when the lives of a billion plus people revolves around cricket. To entertain their customers Uninor has added a new pack called Sport Unlimited. Sports Unlimited is a one Stop Shop for countless Updates on all the happenings in the world of Sports! It is a subscription based service wherein the caller can access various options of services by simply calling in 52444.
The key highlights of the Uninor Sports Unlimited Pack are -

  • Plethora of Content: Categories like Live Scores, Match updates and News, Upcoming Series Schedule and Player of the week.
  • Easy Service Access: The service is accessible through an Interactive Voice Response System. Consumer dials-in to the service through a short-code and can browse and select options from the available categories.
  • Content is short, crisp and clear, pure Exhilarating Sporting Action!

 This is one of the best offerings by Uninor during this IPL season.

Now Uninor India prepaid users can enjoy easy mobile recharge, the online recharge of Uninor received a boosted number of hits because of this recharge offer.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Telecom Operators see Prepaid Recharge Offers the perfect hook for promoting Online Recharge

Telecom Companies forfeit middleman’s commission, Consumers get more through online recharge offers – it’s a win-win for both!

In exclusive recharge offers, telecom companies have found the perfect gratification to woo their prepaid consumer base towards the online recharge sections on their respective websites. Why do the telecoms want you – the prepaid mobile phone user, to recharge online rather than indulge in the age-old practice of going to the local recharge walla bhaiya and get it through cash? That’s a topic I have addressed in other articles. But let me briefly delineate a few of the reasons – it seems the telecoms want to save up on the commission of the middleman. This will be a direct benefit that the companies would enjoy if the consumers recharge online. Another reason for promoting online recharge – the provision twenty four seven recharge. The regular recharge practice is limited to office timings of the local recharge vendor. But in a consumer base that includes youngsters many of whom also buy and use night time packs, the companies have realised that a large portion of the consumer base are using mobile services at night, and thereby, would want to renew and recharge the service at time they are using it. Online recharge provides for this very purpose. Third – it’s environment friendly. This is because paperwork is drastically reduced with online prepaid recharge.
Now that you have been informed of the premise of the advantages of online prepaid recharge over regular recharge from the local vendor, let’s look at a case study related to prepaid recharge offers, both general and exclusive, which telecom companies are using to woo consumers to their online recharge pages.
Uninor recently made public an exclusive online recharge offer on any online recharge above Rs. 100, which entitled the consumers to couple movie tickets. This exclusive recharge offer, which was valid in Maharashtra & Patna circles, proved to be a blockbuster. The online recharge page of Uninor received a boosted number of hits because of this recharge offer, and to think that this was achieved with virtually no media spend –it is absolutely phenomenal. The only promotion of the recharge offer was through the telecom’s Facebook page and the regular banner on the home website Uninor has recently introduced 2 step instant mobile recharge facility for easy and quick recharge