Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Getting insured is as easy as Saying Hello!

There had been a time when bulged household telephones kind of meant like having a whole different level of status quo. Those days are long gone, cellular phones have matured to the point where people have started taking them for granted. Saying ‘hello’ on a cellphone is something everyone does even a hundred times a day and the telecom operators are putting their best efforts to make the process flawless. Telenor, a popular Norwegian telecom operator has been providing their service in India for quite a long time now and currently they are offering easy to avail life insurance on simple online recharge – could be an online mobile recharge.

Telenor has announced this life insurance feature lately for their 47.55 million subscribers in the Indian regions – most precisely the six operating circles Telenor operates in India.

About the Telenor Insurance
As we have mentioned earlier, availing this Telenor insurance is pretty much like saying hello on the cellphone. There’s no additional procedure for availing the Telenor Insurance, only a regular recharge of the account balance with small incremental values is all it takes. It’s a life insurance by nature, and the small amount subscribers chip in during every prepaid recharge is taken as the premium. When the insurance matures, it’s worth a whopping Rs. 50,000 which is sufficient given the nature of this insurance.

According to the CEO of Telenor India, the life insurance was designed to complement the life insurance needs of lower and middle income class people who might not want to go for a more complicated and lengthy life insurance policy. To facilitate this insurance service, Telenor works in collaboration with Shriram Life Insurance and MicroEnsure. To provide the service at upon any customer’s deman and to enlighten them up with necessary information, all Telenor touch points will have educated staff.

How to Begin

There’s an online platform in Telenor India’s website where one can just put in their Telenor India number and it will guide the subscriber through the entire process. Here’s the website.

There are two fields in the webpage, first one for the subscriber’s Telenor number and the second one is for a One Time Password (OTP). Upon filling up the first gap, subscriber needs to click ‘Send OTP’ and a password would be sent to the provided number for verification. When this OTP is entered on the website, the mobile number will be confirmed for the Telenor Life Insurance coverage.

Telenor Indian Insurance Claim Process
Not only the signing up, even the claiming process is a lot easier for Telenor India insurance policy over the typical insurance companies. If any case of a subscriber’s unfortunate demise happens, their nominees can submit the required documents to their nearest Telenor customer care centers where the executives will guide through the claim process.

Required documents for this process to work are – the SIM card of the demised subscriber, a death certificate if available and/or a police report in case of an accidental death.


Telenor wishes all their customers a healthy and happy life but in the rainy days, this Telenor India life insurance would certainly be a great help. 

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