Monday, 14 November 2011

Uninor International Call Rates and GPRS Prepaid

Worried about the high international call rates? If you have a Uninor connection, you need not worry at all! Yes, there are dedicated plans meant for international calling offered by Uninor. These are igain-18 and igain-111. With the Rs. 18 plan, you can enjoy international call rates starting from as low as 1 paise per second to US, Canada, UK Fixed, China, Hongkong & Singapore, 4p/sec to Malaysia & Thailand, 6p/sec to Bangladesh, and the list goes on.

And with Uninor prepaid GPRS, you can choose from amid the various GPRS prepaid packs. MyInternet 5, MyInternet 9, MyInternet 14, MyInternet 24, MyInternet 59, MyInternet 90 – these are the Uninor prepaid GPRS plans to choose from.

For example, with MyInternet 90 GPRS prepaid pack from Uninor, costing Rs. 90, you enjoy free browsing up to 6 GB valid for 30 days. After free usage limit, charges levied are 20p per 20kb.


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